Gift Ideas for Your Wife's 30th Birthday (that she'll actually like) -

Gift Ideas for Your Wife’s 30th Birthday (that she’ll actually like)

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At 30 years, she has already conquered her 20s, and she needs to be showered with love and honored appropriately. So, what are some gift ideas for your wife’s 30th birthday?

The 30th birthday will make her start thinking about old age. So, your gift needs to remind her that age is just a number and she holds a special place in your heart. Also, keep in mind that at this stage she probably has many responsibilities; including family, work, and children.


So, make her 30th birthday memorable by expressing your love with the following gifts.

She’ll love you for it. And if you need to impress him instead, we got a gift guide for the hubby too. 

The One Wine Glasses

These wine glasses are perfect for gift ideas for your wife's 30th birthday.

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These glasses, designed by master sommelier Andrea Robinson, are extremely versatile. Whether it’s malbec on the couch on a Tuesday, or a Burgundy at dinner on Friday, these glasses will make her smile.

Personalized Stationery

Stationary is nice for gift ideas for your wife's 30th birthday

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Personalized stationary is one of those things that can really make you feel posh. It’s also quite likely that she will be reflecting on her life and relationships as she turns 30, and stationary is a good way to connect and maintain those relationships in a meaningful way, no matter the distance.

Customized Portrait

Gift ideas for your wife's 30th birthday include anything customized.

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Photos are known to speak volumes. In fact, they are more powerful – compared to words – and are vital for commemorating an event, especially if it involves that special someone. A photo of her choice (fruits, garden, homemade products) will suffice. But if you can, get a picture of her when she was still a baby or a recent photo, but without her knowledge. You could also go for a picture of her with you or of the two of you together at a recent event.

Leather Travel Bag

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A handmade genuine leather bag will be appreciated by any woman. It creates an impression that you are keen because you have ignored the ordinary bags that are found in the market. The pockets will come in handy when she needs to travel, and the uniqueness will make her love it more.

Smartphone Printer

This gift ideas for your wife's 30th birthday helps her capture those memories in a snap.

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Memories are precious, and once in a while, she will need to print photos directly from her smartphone or tablet. This printer will make that happen anywhere and at any time.

Wine Tasting Set

This gift ideas for your wife's 30th birthday helps her sample all the wines.

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At age 30, wine is probably a priority and she needs to be able to sample different wines. (Yes, needs!) This tasting set contains unique wine glasses that are designed to highlight the wine’s flavor and texture. If she loves wine, she definitely needs these elegant wine glasses.

Hilariously Named Wine

Fun wine makes the gift ideas for your wife's 30th birthday list for sure.

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Why yes, that first bottle is called Cougar…. now that she’s 30, you can tease her and call her a cougar! She can still drink the bottle, though.

Pie Plate

This gift ideas for your wife's 30th birthday helps her be the hostess with the mostess.

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Does your wife have a Fiesta Ware fetish? Perhaps she is into Le Creuset and their glorious assortment of colours, instead? Celebrate in style by making her favorite pie, in a brand new, lifetime lasting pie plate.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Gift ideas for your wife's 30th birthday that help her organize are awesome.

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A tab is a lifesaver because she has several things going: she needs to store her photos, surf the web, and look at her emails. With this device, she can carry out all these tasks with ease. She can also enjoy music with a battery that lasts up to 10 hours.

Jewelry Box

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Customize her jewelry box with a beautiful engraving and make it treasurable. A personalized message will make this box stand out, and she will be glad to store her treasured belongings in this piece.

Grown Ass Woman Mug

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This diner mug is painted ‘Grown Ass Woman.’ It is a fun gift that reminds her she is grown and she is a woman. If you want, you can personalize the mug with your own message.


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With a cozy and comfortable duvet, she is going to have the hardest time getting out of bed. This will keep her warm at all times. Best presented with breakfast in bed!

Bicycle Wine Rack

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Because she needs something that she can use to carry her wine with. The rack can easily be attached to most bikes and can hold the bottle in place. And better, the rack is made out of tan leather, which guarantees it a longer life span.

Espresso Maker

This gift ideas for your wife's 30th birthday will help her stay wide awake.

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Coffee forms an important part of her daily routine, and getting her a coffee maker will maker feel appreciated. This coffee maker is easy to clean and looks lovely. It is time to have a home setup worthy of a barista.

Fancy Teapot

Gift ideas for your wife's 30th birthday include fun ones like this.

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Appletree Design is known for its colorful ceramic pieces. That is why this decorative pot makes a great gift. It is constructed with durability and unique color. It will help her add some fun to her kitchen.

30 Things To Do When You Turn 30

  Why not get her some motivation for gift ideas for your wife's 30th birthday?

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A work of art is known to have a lasting memory, and that is exactly what this book is capable of achieving. This book is a collection of essays from people like Amy Powell, Paige Davis, Timothy Ferris, and Chris Webber, among others. It is going to teach her several valuable lessons because it is dedicated to those who have clocked 30 years.

Pop-up 30th Birthday Greeting Card

gift ideas for your wife's 30th birthday include fun pop up cards.

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This fun card is pleasing to the eyes. It also has space for your own message and can make a great gift for your 30-year-old sweetheart.

Birthday Jewelry

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This is a perfect gift for her 30th birthday. It is made up of beautiful glass pearls, rhinestones, and a sterling silver lobster clasp that all add to its beauty. Then it has a disc that has been engraved with the words ’30 and Flirty.’ This gift can serve as a great souvenir and is ideal for a modest budget.

Mirror Set

This gift ideas for your wife's 30th birthday will add some pizzazz to the home!

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Undoubtedly one of the most treasured gifts that you can get a 30-year-old woman. These mirror set will look impressive on the walls and can be placed in varying arrangements to give the house a unique look. She will have the option to either hang the mirrors separately or bring them together to form a collage. Most importantly, the mirrors will blend with a number of colors and décor because they are inspired by modern art.

Cashmere Robe

This gift ideas for your wife's 30th birthday will keep her comfy!

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A soft fabric will keep her cozy and will add warmth during chilly mornings. Its faux-fur collar will also add an elegant touch and the belt enable her to make the right adjustments for her body. Let her drape herself in supreme coziness with fabric that feels great against her skin. After all, she deserves all the comfort.

Not a Day Over Gift Set

Not a day over 30 gift set

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Ever heard the phrase “you don’t look a day over 30?” Well this gift set insists you isn’t a day over.. Plus it has a cute marble design that is so in right now.

Stylish Wall Art

stylish wall art

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Something trendy for her office or the house make great 30th birthday gift ideas for your wife. Not only will it improve your space, she’ll also be able to look back and remember the milestone birthday.

Thirty & Thriving Socks

Thirty & Thriving Socks

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These socks are a fun addition to a 30th birthday gift, especially for your wife. Just make sure she has plenty of time with her feet up to show them off on her birthday.

High Quality Luggage

high quality pink luggage

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Ideally these will be paired with a 30th birthday trip, but even if you can’t get away right now some nice luggage is a must as you enter your 30s. Pick up one suitcase in her favorite size or a nice set. Something with a unique color or print makes it easier to find on the luggage carousel!

Trendy Drink Coasters

 drink coasters

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Pick out a set that matches your home or your wife’s personality. Drink coasters make great additions to home bars but also look great sitting on the coffee table.

Fancy AF Cocktails

fancy cocktails book

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Speaking of home bar, why not help your wife get her mixology on? Cocktail books are perfect gift ideas for your wife’s 30th birthday, especially if you pair it with a bunch of ingredients to get her started.

Our Bucket List Journal

bucket list book

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A lot of the time wives are looking for something to do with their partners, not just for themselves. Once you reach 30 you’re usually wanting to settle down and set some long term goals. This journal is a perfect way to do that as a couple so you can work together to make both your dreams come true.

Personalized Mug

personalized mug

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It doesn’t have to be personalized (although it’s a nice touch), any cute mug will do as a gift idea for your wife’s 30th birthday. Please don’t only get her a mug, but definitely include a unique or inspiring one in her gifts!

Good Quality Makeup Brushes

make up brushes

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If your wife doesn’t already have a set of great makeup brushes, consider getting her some as a 30th birthday gift. They make applying makeup a lot easier and more enjoyable. Plus she can experiment with some more trendy styles that way.

Video Games

Xbox one system

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You’re never too old to play games! Use your wife’s 30th birthday as an excuse to get her a video game or game console she’s been wanting for awhile.


Calvin Klein bra

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Look, your wife doesn’t want sexy lingerie for her 30th birthday. But she does want something comfortable that she can wear around the house. Get her that.

Something From the Kids

personalized name necklace

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If you have kids don’t forget to include something special from them for your wife’s 30th birthday. Something stylish like this necklace with the kids’ names makes for a great keepsake.

Good Quality Headphones


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In this day and age headphones are a must. Pick up a new pair for your wife in a style (and brand) that she loves. Whether it’s Beats, Airpods, or over ear headphones she’ll love that it’s something that’s just for her.

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

reusable makeup pads

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If you want practical gift ideas for your wife’s 30th birthday look for anything that she can use to pamper herself. These reusable makeup remover pads are a welcomed addition to her evening routine. Again, don’t just buy these – maybe make up a self care or makeup gift basket instead.

Funny Self Care Journal

funny self care journal

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30th birthdays are a time for personal growth. Help encourage your wife to let the past go with this (funny) self help journal.

Infusion Water Bottle

infusion water bottle

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A great water bottle makes everyone’s day better, especially if you can add some fruit or mint to the flavor. This would also be a great gift if your wife is into exercising and fitness, too.

Floral Earrings

Floral Earrings

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These pretty handmade earrings are made from real flowers coated in resin. You don’t have to choose this gift for your wife’s 30th birthday, but definitely consider some kind of thoughtful or unique jewelry as a gift idea.

Is You 30? Wine Glass

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Ideal for wives who are turning 30 with just a little bit of sass. Pair it with her favourite bottle of wine.


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When you’re in your 30s it’s hard to find the time to read, but anyone who enjoys it still tries to squeeze it in. A kindle is great because it’s compact and can fit in her purse so she can pull it out whenever she has a free moment. They’re also waterproof – perfect for the beach or vacations!

Your wife only turns 30 once, so you should really make the best of it. Hopefully these gift ideas for your wife’s 30th birthday hopefully will help you find something she’ll actually like.

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