So Your Best Friend Is Engaged?

So Your Best Friend Is Engaged? Here’s What You’ll Need to Buy

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So your best friend is engaged, now what do you do?!  Undoubtedly, there are going to be some costs involved. Here are a few of the things you can expect to buy over the next few months. Start planning and saving now!

What You'll Need to Buy When Your Best Friend Gets Engaged

Weddings can be tonnes and tonnes of fun, but they can also be very hard on the pocket book.  You may not need to spring for everything in this list, but these are common wedding expenses, especially for those close to the bride or groom.

An Engagement Gift

Engagement Gift Bubbly

Celebrate with your friend by picking them up some bubbly, a few wedding magazines, or putting together something fabulous.

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Bachelorette Gift

Bachelorette Party Gift

Beyond chipping in for the costs of the bachelorette party (which may be an entire weekend!), many bachelorette parties also feature gifts for the bride.  Traditional bachelorette party gifts include lingerie or something scandalous.

Bridal Shower Gift

bridal shower gift

Bridal showers have hosting costs, if you are in the wedding party or are the one playing host.  They are also all about gifts.  Stick to the registry and pick up something fun and functional.

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Wedding Party Attire

wedding attire

If you are in the wedding party, you will most likely need to spring for a full new outfit, including a dress, jewelry, and shoes. Even if you are not in the wedding party, your wardrobe might need a new piece or two for the wedding.

Wedding Day

wedding day costs

Even for weddings down the street, there are lots of wedding day costs for best friends!  They can include food (in the morning or while you are waiting for the reception), hair, makeup, a taxi home, airfare or transportation and a hotel.

Wedding Gift

A Wedding Gift

Last, and certainly not least, there is the wedding gift. Pick something off of the registry, or, if you are feeling very brave, go with something original.

Now you should be prepared for most of the wedding costs that might come you way, now that your best friend is engaged.  Start saving today!

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