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20 Gifts for an Acupuncturist

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There are quite a few acupuncturist jokes, which is what I discovered when creating this list. They are actually really hilarious. If you need a gift for an acupuncturist, then this is the list to guide you in the right direction. There are many great choices here.

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Gifts for an Acupuncturist

“Acupuncture: a jab well done” Shirt

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Being a good acupuncturist means a “jab” well done!

Five Elements Chinese Words Wall Decal

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The acupuncturist in your life likely believes in more natural treatments and loves the earth, which is where this five elements Chinese words wall decal comes in.

“Acupuncture, proof that stabbing someone can make things better” Printable

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Do you ever feel like punching or stabbing someone? I’m sure your favorite acupuncturist does too, at times.

“I work on mostly naked people and get paid” Coffee Mug

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Not all of their work is on mostly naked people, but to get the acupuncture needles in the right places they need to see what they are doing without the person’s clothes getting in the way. They aren’t doing anything illegal, yet they work with mostly naked people and get paid for it.

“Blessed” Healing Hands Necklace with Birthstone

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Your favorite acupuncturist likely feels blessed. They have healing hands, with the capability to help relieve pain and discomfort. Personalize this necklace with their birthstone and it will be even more special.

Healer Word Art Instant Download

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Full of words for a healer, this word art instant download makes a great gift when framed or placed in a plaque for them.

“I’m not just an acupuncturist, I am a big cup of wonderful” Shirt

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They are not only an acupuncturist, but they are a big cup of wonderful for their patients.

Tiny Healing Hand Charm with Customizable Back

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This tiny healing hand charm with a customizable back will be their favorite gift ever. It will remind them that their hands have healed many.

Acupuncture Word Art Wall Decal

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Another word art, but who could possibly get enough of these? They are awesome! This one comes in the form of a wall decal for them to put up on the wall in their waiting room or office.

Unakite Tree of Life Copper Earrings

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These beautiful tree of life copper earrings will look beautiful on your favorite acupuncturist’s ears!

“Just chill” Black Cotton Pillow

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If they enjoy “chilling,” then they will love this pillow to add to their comfort level at home.

Organic Healing Muscle Cream

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This organic healing muscle cream will come in handy when their hands and body aches from being hunched over people all day.

“I stab people, what’s your superpower” Coffee Mug

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Back to the stabbing, huh? It is, after all, your favorite acupuncturist’s superpower!

Accupuncture Mug

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When life happens, like someone hurts their back, then acupuncture is there to help.

Yoga Eye Pillow

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A yoga eye pillow for better rest, and for relieving a headache and other aches and pains that they or their patients might experience.

Personalized “The work you do makes a difference” Bracelet

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While this is meant for a massage therapist, the picture and the sentiment work very well for an acupuncturist too, and they will appreciate it just as much.

“Best Acupuncturist Ever” Notebook

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The acupuncturist in your life is simply the best acupuncturist ever!

“Acupuncture world domination, but first coffee” Printable

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Each day they have the opportunity to take domination over the world, but by the time they are done drinking their coffee, the feeling has dissipated. This printable can be framed before given to them so that they can put it up on their wall at home or at work.

Eagle Claw Liniment

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For active hands that need relief after a day of helping others treat their ailments.

“I never dreamed I would be a super cool acupuncturist but here I am killing it!” Water Bottle

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When they were younger, they may not have dreamed of being a super cool acupuncturist, but they have certainly achieved that level now. Help them stay hydrated with this awesome water bottle.

Acupuncturists help others and some rarely get thanked for it. These gifts are an awesome way to say thank you or show them that you notice how hard they work, day in and day out!

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