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Gifts for Talk Like a Pirate Day

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Avast there, ye scalliwags! September 19 be Talk Like a Pirate Day -all hands hoay for a rousing party, or swing from the hempen halter!

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I’m not sure if people do throw Talk Like a Pirate Day parties but we certainly observe it in our circles, and isn’t a pirate party good for any day of the week?

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Pirate’s Booty Snack Puffs

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No party snack board is complete without a crockpot full of Lil Smokies and these cheddar puffs, certainly not a piratical one!

Treasure Map Invitation

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Send out a properly personalized invitation to the treasure hunt.

Pirate Piggy Bank

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Doubloons need a home, and so do kids’ dollars and cents. Get them started on the habit of saving their booty early.

Parrot Pirate Rubber Stamp

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The most frustrated bureaucrat would enjoy rubber stamping with this rubber stamp. If only this could be an official signature.

Kid’s Pirate Shirt

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It’s like Mom always says….!

Personalized Girl Pirate Tee

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Order your own personalized pirate shirt – you have the option of iron-on or dye sublimated tees.

Pirate Dog Harness

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A pirate puppy – the landlubber’s version of the pirate’s parrot. But much less profane.

ARRR Matey Mug

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Technically you could only accurately use this once a year but it’s totally worth it.

The Beatings Will Continue Sign

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I’ve seen this in more than one cubicle and it’s funny *every single time.*

Pirate Hooks

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What pirate party is complete without pirate hooks to snag the food? None of them, of course!

Costume Buccaneer Tricorn Hat

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Swashbuckle in style with your very own tricorn hat.

Pirate Coat

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Aiming for the true period look? Don this handmade coat crafted from cotton, brocade, and silk with real buttons and pockets.

Skull and Crossbones Headband

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For your next run on that special day, keep that hair and sweat out of your eyes with this pirate headband.

Pirate Mouse Ears

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For the crossover fan of Disney and pirates – mouse ears!

Pirate Compass

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Whether for Pirate Night on a Disney cruise or your own Pirate Night at home, these compasses can be customized with your name and message.

Custom Replica Pirate Wanted Poster

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Plaster your walls with Wanted posters of all your Talk Like a Pirate scallywag friends!

Resusable Snack Bag

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We believe in rewarding guests for venturing across bridges and through traffic. Send your party guests home with a little snack bag that can be used over and over.

“To err is human” Tee

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Yarrrrr, this will always be punny to me.

Doubloon Replicas

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Send your friends on a quest for the sunken treasure full of these doubloons (and perhaps some chocolate coins?)

Enter at Your Own Risk Sign

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Welcome your guests with a frosty drink and a fair warning!

Do you celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day, or do you believe pirates belong to Halloween and Disney cruises?

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