20 Gift Ideas for Mother-In-Laws

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If you’re luck, you have an amazing mother-in-law that you love hanging out with and you need to shower her with gift ideas for mother in laws. If you’re not so lucky, hopefully one of the following gifts will smooth out any tension that exists between you and the woman who brought your wonderful spouse into the world. She did at least one thing really, really well. 

Gift Ideas for Mother-in-Laws

These gifts are all perfect ideas for your husband or wife’s mother – AKA, your mother in law. When choosing gifts for your MIL make sure you look for things that suit her personality or that she can really use. These ideas will help get you started.

Amazon Gift Card

Amazon gift cards are great gift ideas for mother in laws
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Everyone loves a gift card. This is an especially good gift for a hard to please in-law. But, be warned, she might give you grief about you giving a gift card.

Vitamix Refurbished Blender

Your mother in law will love a blender - gift ideas for mother in laws
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Your mother-in-law is a phenomenal cook and has mentioned that she would love a Vitamix, but it’s too expensive. You know that it’s a great gift because you know that she already wants it. Score.

Mini Presso Espresso Machine

Espresso machines are the best gift ideas for mother in laws
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Your mom-in-law loves to travel and complains about having to drink bad coffee in foreign locals. The mini presso espresso machine makes a perfect espresso every time. She just needs to remember to add hot water and squeeze.

Namaste Bitches

Funny mug gift idea for your mother in law - she will love it!
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Whenever you stop by your mom-in-law’s house, she teases you about your love of yoga. Take her to your next class and gift her with this mug as a tongue-in-cheek reminder of some well-spent quality time.

Just a Train Ride Away T-shirt

Nice t-shirt gift ideas for mother in laws
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Sometimes it’s nice to share how happy it makes you to have extended family so close. This t-shirt is a great way to remind everyone that you’re blessed to have them one train ride away.

Amazon Echo

Your MIL will appreciate an amazon echo as a unique gift idea
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Your mother-in-law isn’t that techie, but has fallen in love with the Amazon Echo. Help her answer all of her questions with this great gift for the holidays.

Kindle E-reader

E-readers are perfect gift ideas for mother in laws
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Your mother-in-law is sweet enough to visit you several times a year. The Kindle will make her next flight a lot easier and lighten her load so that she doesn’t have to carry her favorite book on her next trip.

Asus Chromebook

Your mother in law could use a Chromebook as a gift
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Your mother-in-law needs a new laptop but only really browses online. She will love the Chromebook, but be prepared to walk her through the ends and outs of Chromebook life.

Spinner Hardshell Lightweight Suitcases

Travelling MILs (Mothers in law) love suitcases - gift ideas for mother in laws
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Show your mother-in-law how much you love having her visit and give her the gift of suitcases. She will know that she is always welcome to visit with a gift like this.

Best Mother-In-Law Ever Mug

Best mother in law ever mug - gift ideas for mother in laws
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You can never have enough mugs. Start your mom-in-law’s days off right by sharing this declaration every morning.

Rosie the Riviter Socks

Cool socks gift idea for your mother in law
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Your mother-in-law always gives you socks. These socks are great for the next time you go hiking with each other.

Knee High Unicorn Socks

Fun gift ideas for mother in laws - socks
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Sometimes it’s fun to give your awesome mother-in-law a whimsical gift that she wouldn’t normally pick up for herself. These unicorn socks are perfect for that.

Mother of Dragons Hoodie

Mother of dragons hoodie perfect mother in law gift idea
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This is the perfect gift for the mother of 4 adult children who also happens to be obsessed with The Game of Thrones. She will love you forever.

Calm The F*ck Down-Coloring Book

Calm down funny adult colouring book gift idea for your MIL - gift ideas for mother in laws
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The first time you met your mother-in-law you were shocked to find out that she had a potty mouth just like you did. This coloring book will be great for bonding time when her child makes you crazy.

Instant Pot

Your mother in law is going to love getting an insta pot - gift ideas for mother in laws
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For the home cook who wants to have the most up-to-date cooking tools in their kitchen. She will be the envy of all of her foodie friends.

Love and Lemons Cookbook

Nice cookbook gift idea for your MIL - gift ideas for mother in laws
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Every time your mother-in-law has you over for dinner she cooks the same thing. Every.single.time. The Love and Lemons Cookbook is a great way to spark some cooking creativity for the next family visit.

Notorious RBG

Your MIL (mother in law) will love this great book as a gift idea
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Your mother-in-law is a badass lawyer. This book exploring Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s life is a great stocking stuffer for the personal who enjoys reading.

Foot Spa Bath and Massage

Nice spa gift idea for your mother in law - gift ideas for mother in laws
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Your mother-in-law works hard for her money. Give her the gift of a great foot bath to soak her feet after a long day helping other people.

Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Foot Soak

Freshen your feet - gift ideas for mother in laws
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Include this refreshing foot soak when you give the gift of the foot bath.

Gardening Kit for Women

Gardening enthusiast mother in laws will love this great gift
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You’re gifted with a brown thumb, but your mother-in law is gifted with a green thumb. Give her this lovely gardening kit before the next growing season begins.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a fantastic mother-in-law in your life hold her tight and spoil her every chance you get.