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20 Gifts for Your Little Sister (Who’s Not Little Anymore)

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Little sisters are great as babies, worse as teens, and best when they decide to get rid of all that angst. The ride may be wild but at the end of the day, she’s still your little sister. Show your how awesome you are with these gifts for your little sister.

20 Gifts for Your Little Sister ( Who’s Not Little Anymore)

Gifts that will make her say thank you… 

unlike all those other times! 

I Love My Sister Mug:

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Make your sister love you with this mug.

Four Sisters Coffee:

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Give your sis some coffee for her new mug! The best way to keep your sister happy is caffeine.

What I Love About You Sis Journal:

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Pretend you love your little sister when you fill this out. Hide secret messages in the book like “Can you hook me up with your cute barista friend?”

Boyfriend Pillow:


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A great reminder for your little sis that she’s still single. But hey, she can’t cuddle her cat forever, so give her someone to love.

Little Sister Death:

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Get this for your sister when you just got over an argument. Silently smile when she opens the gift.

Wine Glass:

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Your sister is finally old enough to drink with you so celebrate! Responsibly and stylishly, obviously.

The Younger Sister to a Genius:

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Let your sister know that even though you are a genius, she is also somewhat important.

Go Girl:

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Your sister is older and empowered, so empower her to pee like a man.

Best Bitches Necklace:

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Your sister may be a b!tch sometimes, but so are you; and you’re both good at it. Proclaim your love through an affectionate profanity.

Coloring for Grown Ups:

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Let your sister enjoy her youth while remembering that her future isn’t all that bright. If she’s a real kid at heart, check out our gift list for things that kids have that are for now for adults too

Pepper Spray:

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Keep your sister safe and stylish.


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Buy your sister happiness: her own Netflix account…that you can mooch off.

Adele 25:

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Your little sister will need to cry soon, and this will expedite the process.

Mustache Earrings:

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When in doubt, always go with mustaches. Everyone loves a good mustache. Just not creeper mustaches.

Bathroom Guest Book:

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Help your sister class up her place with a bathroom guest book. I may or may not have this in my bathroom.

F*ck Feelings:

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Life is hard. Help your sister laugh while learning how to chill in this terrifying adult world.

DVD Pack:

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DVD’s are not of the past my friend. This set has three classics: Mean Girls, Clueless, and She’s the Man. Aka the best three girl power teen movies

Boss Lady Print:

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Remind your sister that she is both a boss and a lady.

Aca-Awkward Wall Cling:

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Gift your sister the gift of being funny and culturally relevant at the same time.

World’s Okayest Sister:

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Remind your little sister that even though she’s cool, you’re still cooler. <

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