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Ideas for a Mens’ 30th Birthday Party

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Are you planning the most amazing 30th birthday bash for a man in your life? Then these ideas for a mens’ 30th birthday party are just what you need! We’ll help make this milestone birthday memorable for all the best reasons.

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Ideas for a Mens’ 30th Birthday Party

Turning 30 can be tough for some people, but it’s still something worth celebrating! Congratulations, you’re kind of a real adult now. Throw a party to ring in this new decade of life for your friend, boyfriend, or husband. Where do you start?

Get him a special 30th birthday shirt

Sometimes you have your 30th birthday at a bar or other venue. How do you let everyone know this man is 30 years old? By making him wear a special 30th birthday t-shirt, of course!

This is my 30th Birthday T-Shirt

This is my 30th birthday t-shirt

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It doesn’t have to be something begrudging, either, you can always say that he’s reached level 30.

Level 30 Complete Shirt

Level 30 complete shirt

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That sounds better, right? If that won’t work, get something that shows off his sarcastic side instead.

So Happy I’m Thirty Funny T-Shirt for Men

Sarcastic 30th birthday t-shirt

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Venues to throw a men’s 30th birthday at

You could even turn the venue into part of the party? Even though he’s 30, now is a great time to relive some of those childhood memories and have a little fun. Places like laser tag, go-karts, and arcades make great 30th birthday party venues.

Game on Party Idea

Game on t-shirt

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You could even book one of those party packages they make for kids for some extra childish fun.

Escape Room

Other great ideas include escape rooms,

Escape room 30th birthday party invitation

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Retro Games Party 

Retro game bars, bowling, and aerial adventure parks. Just make sure that what you choose is perfect for him and his friends so everyone can have a good time.

Tiki bar sign

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Throw a beer-themed 30th birthday bash

For some reason, “beers and 30 years” is a popular theme, so why not roll with it? 

Custom Invitations

Invitation for a beer themed party

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You can get some custom invitations printed and make things easy by ordering a party decoration set.

Beer Themed 3oth Party Decorations

Beer themed 30th birthday party printable decorations

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Cost of Beer Printable

The birthday boy and his guests will also get a kick out of seeing the cost of beer over the past 30 years.

Cost of beer over the years printable

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Add a special touch to your decor with some vintage beer signs or

Miller vintage bar sign

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DIY printables.

Beer themed 30th birthday party invitations

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Party Favors

Don’t forget the can cozies as party favors or pair with a case of beer as a b-day gift!

Cheers and beers to 30 years custom cozies

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Have a 90s themed 30th birthday party

Starting in 2020, it’s going to be 90s kids celebrating their 30th birthday (myself included).

90s Themed 30th Birthday Invitations

Throw him a throwback to the 90s themed birthday party complete with themed invitations,

90s themed birthday party invitations

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Retro 90s Party Decorations

custom can covers (great for beer), and

90s vintage beer cozies for a men's 90s themed 30th birthday party

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photo booth props.

90s photo booth props

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For an easy cake alternative, bake cupcakes (or pick up some from the store) and accessorize with the 90s themed cupcake toppers.

Retro 90s cupcake toppers

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Make it a level up themed 30th birthday

If he’s big into gaming, a level up theme might be a fun choice, especially if you’re planning to play video games or to hold the party at an adult gaming lounge.

Level Up Themed Beverage Containers

You can get all kinds of cool “level 30” stuff for drinks like beer can cozies,

Level 30 birthday beer cozies

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plastic cups,

Custom cups for a 30th gamer party

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and even shot glasses.

Level up custom shot glasses

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Gamer 30th Birthday Decorations

For decorations, this gamer themed level 30 banner is perfect

Gamer level 30 banners

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and there’s even matching cupcake toppers for an easy cake alternative.

Printable 30th gamer birthday decorations

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Level up 30th Birthday Card

Don’t forget to get him the perfect birthday card to go with this 30th birthday party theme!

Level 30 birthday card

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Plan a 30th birthday scavenger hunt

If you want to do something really different for your man’s 30th birthday party, you can plan a scavenger hunt party! You can make your own or purchase one that’s pre-setup for your area.

Printable scavenger hunt for a man's 30th birthday party

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Or you can set up a geocache to hide a birthday surprise.


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If his birthday falls around a holiday, that’s a great excuse for a themed scavenger hunt. You can make the hunt the entire party or just short enough to act as an icebreaker to get the party started.

Throw a surprise 30th birthday party

If you really want to do something amazing for his 30th birthday and he’s not planning anything for himself, make it a surprise party! Invite all his closest friends (and family) and get the party ready while he’s out of the house. Make sure everyone is there for a big surprise!

Surprise party planning printables

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Give him a solo cup themed party

Solo cups are kind of the staple for adult birthday parties, which makes it such a good party theme. You can buy a kit like this one with everything ready to go or put something together yourself.

Solo cup themed 30th birthday party

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Solo Cup Party Decorations

Although solo cups are pretty easy to come by you can accessorize with fun things like solo cup lights

Mini solo cup hanging lights

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or order some personalized solo cups.

Custom printed solo cups for a party

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Funny Solo Cup Party Temporary Tattoos

If you’re taking the party on the road, these personalized solo cup tattoos are a hilarious accessory for party guests.

funny customized temporary tattoos for a 30th birthday party

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Games to play at a men’s 30th birthday party

Let’s be honest; most adult birthday parties are pretty much the same when it comes to games. But since it’s such a special birthday, it’s a good opportunity to plan some fun activities or at least little games to play throughout the night.

Family Feud

Some cool ones might be to do a 90s themed Family Feud sheet

Birthday birth year family feud

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This or That

and see who can get the high score or challenge everyone’s knowledge of the birthday boy by playing This or That.

This or that printable party game

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Beer Pong

Or you can always play beer pong

Beer pong activity idea

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Ideas for men’s 30th birthday party favors

Who says 30 is too old for party favors? Everyone loves gifts at parties, including guests! But since we’re all around 30, it’s prudent to give out things like…

Hangover Kits

hangover kits are a great party favor idea for any birthday, but especially a men’s 30th birthday party. 

Hangover kits as party favors ideas for a mens' 30th birthday party

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Custom Birthday Boy Pins

to help them recover from the party the next day or these hilarious custom 30th birthday pins that you can order with pictures of the birthday guy on them.

Customized birthday boy pins

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Some other cool 30th birthday ideas:

custom 30th birthday snapchat filter

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30th birthday edition mad libs for men

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Birth year custom whiskey glasses

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  • Or get him some hilarious gifts so he’ll never forget his 30th birthday

Happy 30th birthday socks

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Hopefully, these ideas for a mens’ 30th birthday party will get your creative juices flowing. Just remember to have lots of friends, lots of food, and if you’re drinkers, plenty of alcohol and all will be fine.

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