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20 Last Minute Gift Ideas

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You’ve done it again… You forgot to get a gift for someone and now it’s the last minute! So, instead of panicking each time, how about ordering some of these gifts for those times you forget? Then you would have them on hand for those times you need something like, right that second before you have to be out the door!

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Here are the 20 Best Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Collage Picture Frame 4×6”, holds three pictures

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This is a gift that would be perfect for almost anyone especially if you have a few pictures lying around of memories you have had with them or of their pets, they will love this gift even more and will be so happy that you put thought into it… So much so that they will not know you waited until the last minute!

Jane Austen Quote Printable

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Printables are especially perfect because you can instantly download and print them right after you purchase them, even the day of their birthday or party. Slap it in a frame or make it into a card and write a touching letter inside to show them how much they mean to you.

Popcorn Grown from Organic Seed, 1-2 lb bags

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While popcorn might seem like an odd gift, it’s a thoughtful last minute gift if you add a little something… like a list of recommended movies to watch while eating it or a recipe for flavored popcorn.

Custom Photo Mug

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This custom photo mug is a cute idea. Choose a picture they love or of people they love to put on the mug and they will cherish it.

Aromatherapy Handmade Shower Bombs

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Give the gift of a luxurious shower with an aromatherapy shower bomb in the scent that you think they will most enjoy!

All-in-One Makeup Set

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A makeup set will seem like a bigger gift than it is, and so much thoughtful even when you wait till the last minute. If you have a lot of ladies in your life, then having this set on hand will likely come in handy one of those times you need to grab something up quick!

Plaid Blanket Scarf

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Another nice gift to have on hand to give to the lady in your life, throw it in a gift bag with some tissue on top and you’re out the door!

Scrapbook Album

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Keep a scrapbook album on hand to fill with photos, memories, quotes, and notes for your friend or loved one’s birthday.

Life is Better at the Beach Pillow

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Who doesn’t love the beach? For the friend who loves the beach more than anyone else, they will really enjoy this life is better at the beach pillow to lay their head on.

Bullet Journal Stencil

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Bullet journaling is all the rage right now, with so many people taking advantage of the creativity and organization it offers, which is why this stencil to really design their bullet journal to their liking will be appreciated!

Vanilla Sugar Whipped Soap & Sugar Scrub

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Sort of like the shower bombs, anything that helps your friend pamper themselves will most likely be a hit. This vanilla sugar whipped soap and sugar scrub will help them perk up their skin and glow in a good way!

Rubik’s Cube Game

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A gift to give your friend a challenge, while still being neutral enough to be a simple gift for any friend!

Mkono Colorful Plastic Flower Planters

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Colorful planters are beautiful decoration, and you might even consider planting flowers in the planters yourself before you gift them to your friend so that they will have beautiful flowers to grow and look at once they bloom!

HANGRY Kit- Sweet & Salty Snack Sampler

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Who in your life gets hangry? This hangry kit with sweet and salty snacks will help your friend stave off the hangry effects and is a wonderful gift to have on hand to give last minute.

Brown Chevron Print Coasters

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This is a gift that would be nice for someone who loves protecting their furniture from cup sweat and water rings!

Premium Gourmet Assorted Nuts Basket

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Nuts for a friend, but still waited until the last minute? Be sure to give them this premium gourmet assorted nuts basket to enjoy!

Eye Pattern Notebook

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Cute… or creepy? This eye pattern notebook would be handy to have stuffed in the closet for those times you need to grab it up quick to give to a friend! Tell them that you had your eye on the notebook for them for a while!

Floral Stamp Set

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If you have a friend who likes stamps or flowers, this floral stamp set is a nice thing to order or have to give at the last minute. They can decorate their notebooks or stamp some stationary, or anything they like with the stamps.

Sanders Sundae Best Assorted Dessert Toppings

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Sundaes are yummy… If you have a friend who enjoys dessert, as most of you do, this box of assorted dessert toppings for sundaes would be a really nice gift.

We all have those times we don’t have a gift at the last minute, and running to the store can be a pain… Whether this list of gifts simply gives you an idea for next time or helps you to have a gift for this time, it should help you to have a gift on hand for the times you simply don’t have time to spare!

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