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20 Male High School Graduation Gifts

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That special person in your life is graduating high school, and he needs the perfect gift to get him off to a great start and moving onto the next step in their lives, whether that be college or something else entirely. That being said, what is perfect for male high school graduation gifts? They have a lot of potential and sometimes they don’t realize it. Help them celebrate their graduation with a gift that will help inspire and motivate them as they move forward. If you’re looking for female graduation gifts, we have that too! 

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Congrats Graduate! 

These gifts will help em shine. n

“Work hard and be nice to people” Quote Poster

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Working hard, while also being nice to people at the same time, is the key to being successful. This quote poster is a wonderful thing for him to hang up on his wall and remind him to keep working hard.

“#imdone” Shirt

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Yay! He’s done with high school! This #imdone shirt will help him celebrate that fact!

How to Think Like Shakespeare Book by Scott Newstok

grauation present book about shakespeare

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Give your high school grad something he can take with him to college with this clever novel. It will give them a new way to engage with learning, while helping to establish some useful habits. 

“Adventure Awaits” Necklace

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Adventure is awaiting those who graduate from high school or are finishing one stage in their lives and moving onto the next. Since this necklace is simple and masculine, it is the perfect gift for that boy who is ready to tackle the next adventure.

The Moth Presents All These Wonders: True Stories About Facing the Unknown by Catherine Burns and Neil Gaiman

After graduation can be scary so this male high school graduation gifts is perfect.

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Help him face the unknown with this book that will help him face the unknown with wonder and motivation. We have some more gift ideas if he’s a fan of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman

I’m Ready, Bright Future, Life is Good, I Did it!, and Watch Out World Pens

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He will certainly need pens as he goes into college, or pursues a career, and this set with motivational sayings on it may just give him the umph he needs to accomplish whatever is set in front of him.

“And so the adventure begins” Coffee Mug

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Another reminder that adventures are coming for him, and if he enjoys drinking coffee, he will love this mug to drink coffee from in college or before work.

“The tassel was worth the hassle” Tumbler

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Help him remember that all his hard work in high school was worth it with this tumbler that will also help him stay hydrated in college.

“People with goals succeed because they know where they are going” Quote Pillow

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Perfect for the dorm room and to inspire him that if he has goals as he moves forward, he will succeed.

“Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable” Notebook

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He can be unstoppable, if only he believes in himself. With this notebook, he will be able to remember that. Plus it will help him keep notes and get his homework done in college.

“Dream it then do it” Pencil Set

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Pencils are another tool that are needed for college, and this pencil set has the bonus of one very specific inspirational message: “Dream it then do it!”

“Ready for anything” Travel Mug

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Travel mugs are great for drinking coffee on the go, like for when they are hurrying from one class to another and coffee almost always helps remind us that we are ready for anything.

“Goal Crusher” Shirt

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He is a goal crusher already, after all he crushed his goal of graduating high school, but in case he needs a reminder, this “Goal crusher” shirt is a perfect graduation gift!

The Graduate Survival Guide: 5 Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make in College by Anthony O’Neal and Rachel Cruze

This male high school graduation gifts will help him get off on the right financial foot.

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There will always be mistakes that we should avoid, get him off on the right foot with avoiding the wrong mistakes with this survival guide book.

Rapid Ramen Cooker

This male high school graduation gifts will help him get started in the kitchen.

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For the dorm room cooking, this rapid ramen cooker will certainly come in handy, especially if he already loves Ramen.

CHULUX Single Serving Coffeemaker

This male high school graduation gifts helps him get started in the morning.

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Having coffee on hand is important, to keep him energized and ready to tackle those classes, and this single-serving coffeemaker will be the perfect addition to his dorm room to make up a cup whenever he needs one.

Cambridge Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This male high school graduation gifts let's him bump the beats.

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To crank up that music without a boombox, and to be able to listen to whatever music he likes, this bluetooth speaker will allow him to listen to his music anywhere in style and without earphones.

Personalized Notebook

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A notebook personalized with his name or initials will get his college life off on the right track and empower him to do well in his classes.

“Fueled by Ramen & Student Loans” Shirt

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Yet another ramen gift, but this one in shirt form. He will certainly be fueled by ramen and his student loans to keep him going.

“Work hard, play harder” Wall Decal for Dorm

This male high school graduation gifts will look great great on his wall.

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Remind him that a life without play is not good for anyone with this wall decal to encourage him to work hard and play harder!

LEGO Solar iPhone Charger

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A LEGO solar phone charger for his iPhone will keep his battery life up even when he doesn’t have access to an outlet, as he will be running around a lot and may not be able to charge it the traditional way.

He has accomplished something very big while graduating from high school, and for an occasion as big as this, a gift will certainly make it even more awesome and be a great reward as well.

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