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Easter Gift Ideas for Teen Boys

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Besides chocolate, what on earth do you get teen boy for Easter when it comes to gift ideas? Here are some gifts that he will not roll his eyes at or shove under the bed, I promise.

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Easter Gift Ideas for Teen Boys

I’m going to be real with you; while I was putting together some of these easter gift ideas my own teenage son was looking over my shoulder. I’m happy to report these are teen boy approved!

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Gamer Gift Basket

This gamer themed gift basket comes customized and pre-filled so you can make easter super easy this year. This would also make a great long-distance gift from grandparents for teenage

Giant inflatable bowling set

Giant Bowling Set

Easter usually means it’s time to play outside and that means it’s time to get out the giant inflatable bowling set.

Hex bug robot

Hex Bug

Remote control anything is a lot of fun for a teenage boy but it’s even better if it’s a tiny bug to freak people out with.

Lego set

Lego Set

Your teenager has moved away from the childish Lego sets and colorful pieces. Get him something challenging like the architecture series.

Cute desk bunny

Desk Bunny

This cute bunny will stand guard on your teen boy’s desk while he does homework (plays computer games). The ears are scissors!

boys sport watch


Even though we all have cellphones there’s something special about having a nice watch. Get him something that fits his personality: sports if he’s into that, or more formal if he likes to dress up.

Chore tracking for teenage boys

Did You Feed The Dog? Chart

Giving a teen boy this gift might just change his life. The chart reminds him what he needs to do every day and you just slide the indicator over to check it off. Easy to tell what has, and hasn’t, been done yet.

Bunny kingdom board game

Bunny Kingdom Game

Bunny Kingdom combines adorable bunny figures with in-depth drafting and territory control elements for an interesting strategy game.

portable power bank

Portable Power Bank

He’ll never be able to use “my phone was dead” as an excuse to not reply to you with this gift.

Big ball of whacks creativity set

Big Ball of Whacks

Even teenagers need time to fidget and play to help them think about a task, or just wind down.

Hot dog maker appliance

Hot Dog Maker

Now that your teen boy is cooking on his own why not make his life a little easier, and tastier, with a hot dog maker.

Plug in video game system

Video Games

Pretty much any game he wants is a great Easter gift. Or you can pick up something like this retro Pac-Man arcade game that plays a bunch of classic games.

Inconsequential Dilemmas flowcharts pack

Inconsequential Dilemmas

This book is filled with flow charts to help resolve the inconsequential dilemmas that plague your teen boy’s life. Some include: Should I change the channel? And can I eat food off the floor?

Easter Basket

If you’re putting together an Easter basket for your teen boy, especially if there’s younger sibling in the house, grab something handmade like this basket on Etsy. Just because he’s older doesn’t mean he won’t get a kick out of seeing his favorite character on the side.

How to Rob a Bank game

How to Rob a Bank

Board games are always a great gift for teen boys. This one he can play with friends where one person is the robber and everyone else plays as guards.

Cool aviator sunglasses


Help him fight off spring sunshine when he emerges from his room or basement by gifting these stylish sunglasses.

Customized Treat Jar

This is a fun twist on giving easter candy. Fill it up with your teenage son’s favorite treats for easter. After it’s empty he can reuse it to store snacks and other goodies.

Fun donut mug easter gift ideas for teenage boys

Donut Mug

Unfortunately most teens already drink coffee, so why not give him his own special mug to brighten each morning (or afternoon on the weekend).

drone gift idea for teenage boys


Get him outside this spring by giving your teen boy a drone for Easter.

Magnetic poetry set

Magnetic Poetry

Get some laughs going in your kitchen with a unique magnetic poetry set. There are all different kinds so pick one that’s suited to his interests!

Crap list funny to do list

Crap List

It’s hard for teen boys to stay organized. Help him out by giving him a special place to write down all his important crap.

food and snack gift basket

Gift Basket

Sometimes it’s just easier to buy an assembled Easter basket. This one is full of things a teen boy would like and it’s all ready to give!

Being a teenager is hard so it’s nice to make them feel loved and thought about, especially when they’re too old (or too young) for most of the fun stuff.

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