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Mother’s Day Gifts for Church Congregations

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Sweet Mother’s Day Gifts For Church Congregations that will mean so much. When you are looking to get Mother’s Day gifts for a church congregation, it may seem like a big task, but there are so many things to choose from that will please so many at once. It could be a mug, keychain, decal, or shirt, and please many of the mothers in your church. Check out some of these wonderful ideas below.

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Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts For Church Congregations

All the moms in the congregation are going to be so delighted with any of these presents. If you need something for dads, check out these gift ideas too.

“Choose Joy” Mug

Remind the mothers of your congregation to choose joy over impatience or sadness. Being a mom is hard, but God is always there for them.

Bible Verse Inspirational Keychain

God chose them to be holy, and they are dearly loved by Him, but sometimes they need a little reminder. Here’s some inspirational bible verses to show all the moms how valued they are.

“Throw kindness around like confetti” Decal

This is a fun way of saying to spread kindness, and if they put it on their car, then it is good advice for other drivers seeing it too.

“God is within her, she will not fail. Psalm 46:5” Throw Pillow Cover

God is within her, she will not fail, as a mother or wife, or anything else. He will always guide her.

“Pray more, worry less” Tote Bag

Sometimes praying more and worrying less is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. This tote serves as a fun (and practical) reminder. Plus it’s customizable!

Cross Bracelet

This cross bracelet will look stunning on all the mother’s wrists and is something they can wear to church as well.

“Raising Arrows Psalm 127: 3-5” Shirt

She is raising arrows, growing them now to send them out into the world later.

Bible Verse Bookmarks

These Bible verse bookmarks are great for keeping her place in her Bible as she studies.

“Psalm 46:5” Mug

God dwells within her and will protect her. This mug will be her morning reminder every day.

Strength and Dignity Tote Bag

Make carrying her own and her children’s things into the church building easier with this “Strength and dignity” tote bag.

“Faith Can Move Mountains” Bracelet

Remind her of how much faith can move mountains with a bracelet that says as much.

“Choose Joy” Decal

If getting a bunch of coffee mugs with this quote on it isn’t as feasible, a decal is a great way to go. She can put it on her own mug, her laptop, or her car.

“Loved 1 John 4:9” Shirt

God loved her so much that he sent his own Son into the world; what a great reminder is on this shirt.

“Her children arise and call her blessed. Proverbs 31.” Printable

She is blessed because she is a mom and because she has a chance to raise some beautiful human beings, even when it is challenging. This would be an adorable craft to do at Sunday school on Mother’s Day!

bible study pencil bags

Bible Study Pencil Bags

Women will find these little zip up bags handy for storing all sorts of things. From pencils and pens to cosmetics, you know every mom in your church will put it to good use.

“Blessed Mama” Decal

This “blessed mama” decal is great for the car or her laptop to show that she knows how blessed she is.

“Walk by faith, not by sight” Charm

Sometimes we walk by sight when we really should be walking by faith, but it is important to be walking by faith first.

Bible Verse Bar Necklace

Get a Bible verse about mothers or women on these Bible verse bar necklaces for the mothers in your congregation to wear.

Christian candle

Christian Candle

Candles are a pretty popular Mother’s Day gift idea, but I thought this one was nice because of the nice message on the label.

“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family” Quote Printable

The best way to change the world is to love and nurture your family. Thoughtful quotes are perfect church gifts for Mother’s Day. 

“Jesus & Coffee” Mug

Her mornings may start with Jesus & coffee so that she can be the best mom and wife she can be.

prayer box

Prayer Cards in a Tin

This little tin has 50 double sided prayer cards inside. Moms will appreciate the convenience of having them handy, plus the floral design with modern colors makes it a perfect accessory in a kitchen or office at home.

Bulk Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Church Groups

If you’re looking for some great bulk Mother’s Day gifts for the ladies at your church congregation or church group, look no further. Here’s some great options that can be handed out to all the moms – most are budget friendly, too.

cross magnetic bookmarks

Cross Magnetic Bookmarks

Bookmarks are handy for bible study or just anyone who likes to read. I love the cross shape, plus all the unique combinations of Christian messages and pretty floral that’s perfect for Mother’s Day.

Christian pen assortment

Assorted Christian Pens

If you need a small, inexpensive gift idea for the women in your church congregation this Mother’s Day pens are always appreciated. This set, which comes in assorted colors, have different Christian phrases and inspirational messages on each one.

bible verses mini notebooks

Mini Bible Verse Notepads

I like these because they’re relatively affordable to give to a large church congregation or one on a budget. Plus who doesn’t appreciate a handy notebook the moms can tuck in their purses or keep handy at home.

bible inspirational keychains for a church group bulk

Bible Inspirational Keychains

These keychains are a great deal for a bulk pack of 100 and look really nice too. There are 10 different quotes that come in the pack of assorted colors, which is nice if you don’t want everyone to have the exact same thing. What’s also great is that they’re not specifically for moms, meaning they can be given out on other occasions too.

bulk floral handkerchiefs for women

Women’s Vintage Floral Print Handercheif

These floral handkerchiefs make pretty, traditional Mother’s Day gifts for women of all ages. They also come in bulk packs ranging from 5 or 30 pieces so you can easily shop for church ladies’ groups of all sizes.

god tissue pack

Mini Tissue Packs

Moms always need a pack of tissues in their purse, especially if there are little noses nearby to wipe. These packs are a great bulk Mother’s Day gift for a church congregation that’s not just thoughtful too.

silicone bible quote bracelets with gift bags

Silicone Bracelets

This pack is great because it doesn’t just come with the bracelets, but the little gift bags too! Great for an easy gift that all the moms at church will appreciate.

Each one of these lovely gift ideas for Mother’s Day for church congregations will make a great choice!


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