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20 Inventive Gift Ideas for the Letter L for Adults

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So you’re in charge of finding a gift that starts with the letter L, and you’re starting to freak out a bit. Never fear – this list of gift ideas for the letter L that will save your sanity and ensure you find the perfect present.

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Gift Ideas for the Letter L

These L-themed gift ideas are perfect for unique gift exchanges, letter-themed scavenger hunts, and pretty much any time you need gift ideas for the letter L. If you need other ideas for letters, we have a ton like this one.

Letter Writing Set

Fancy letter writing set L gift

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Letter writing has lost its trendiness over recent years, with people now favouring emails, texting or social media to stay in touch. It’s hard to deny, however, the thrill of receiving a handwritten letter in the mail. This letter writing set will bring back that thrill, and look beautiful while doing it.


Lollipops make great gift ideas for the letter L

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Who says lollipops are just for kids? These purple, sparkly, oh-so-posh lollipops are available in a variety of flavours and are (almost!) too pretty to eat.


Sexy Lingerie gift ideas for the letter L

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Could I really write an L-themed gift guide without including lingerie? I don’t think so. Lingerie can be sexy, playful, and fun, and this classic black set will, ahem, please just about anyone.


Lanterns are perfect gift ideas for the letter L

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Lanterns will bring warmth, light, and beauty to any outdoor setting, and these are no exception. All handmade in a range of colours, these gorgeous lanterns would make the perfect L-themed present!


Lockbox practical gift starting with the letter L for adults  

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Lock boxes are practical, and keep some of your most documents and memories safe for years to come! 

Lion Wall Print

Lion picture perfect gift ideas for the letter L

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Kings of the savannah, lions are fierce, powerful, and strong. This funky geometric print brings that power to life, and will definitely bring any wall to life. This print is also available in a range of different sizes to cater for every sized home.

Lunch Bag

Lunch kits are the best gift ideas for the letter L

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Reduce your rubbish and your cost on the Earth with this cool, reusable lunch bag. Made with waxed canvas, it’s totally waterproof and easy to clean. This waste-free bag is large enough to fit a generous lunch, and will last for years to come.

Luggage Tags 

Luggage tags adult travel gift idea starting with the letter L 

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If you want to get really creative, gift them a trip with tickets folded into one of these awesome luggage tags! 

Lens Set

Lens set gift ideas for the letter L

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If your friend is a budding photographer, or maybe they just need that perfect Instagram snap, this phone lens set is for them. This set comes with wide angle, fish eye and macro lenses, each easily interchangeable and with a cool holographic clip.

Leaf-Patterned Table Runner

pillow - unique L themed gift idea

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No matter what the occasion – house warming, birthday, Christmas, you name it – this gorgeous patterned table runner will please anyone. This on-trend piece of decor will bring a splash of island vibe to any home.


Locket - gift ideas for the letter L

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Lockets have been used for years as keepsakes, often ending up as family heirlooms. This stunning copper locket adds a new twist to the classic design, with two real roses featuring inside the glass.

Linen Tea Towel

Linens make great, unique gift ideas for the letter L

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This tea towel is not only made from 100% linen and is individually screen printed, but it also pays a punny tribute to a defining voice of pop: Britney Spears. Does it get any better than that? I didn’t think so.

Lemongrass and Ginger Tea

gift ideas for the letter L - Lemon tea

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If your friend is a tea fan, this beautiful organic lemongrass and ginger tea will be the perfect L-themed gift! It helps aid digestion, calms the nerves, soothes an upset stomach, fights colds and can even ease insomnia.

Louis Vuitton Wallet 


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Totally unaffordable? Absolutely. The most luxurious letter L gift for adults? Definitely. 



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Love Heart Hanging Planter

Love - gift ideas for the letter L

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This adorable wicker love heart planter would look fabulous filled with succulents or air plants! They come with added instructions to make the planting process foolproof.

Lime & Coconut Candle

Lime and Coconut Candle - gift ideas for the letter L

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The lime and coconut scent of this candle is sure to transport the recipient to a lush, tropical island full of pina coladas and foot rubs. In their minds, of course. The burn time is 40+ hours, so the dream can continue for weeks to come.

Lip Balm

gift ideas for the letter L

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Lip balm in a cute, sliding tin? Flavoured like wild orange and peppermint? All natural? Suitable for all skin types? Check, check, check and check! This sweet, hand crafted lip balm is good enough to eat!


gift ideas for the letter L - Leggings

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Let’s all agree that leggings can totally be pants, okay? They’re so comfy, warm, and, in the case of this pair, funky! These 60s-inspired printed leggings are so cool your friend will never want to take them off!

Liquor-Infused Toothpicks

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Yep, you read right. These ultra-cool toothpicks are infused with real, top shelf liquor and come in a range of different flavours, including aged bourbon, Jagermeister, and gin & juice. We’ll take one of each!

Leather Keyring

Leather keyring - gift ideas for the letter L

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Make lost keys a thing of the past with this chic and stylish leather keyring. Not only would it suit men and women alike, but it can be personalised with initials, and it comes giftwrapped.

Laptop Decal

Laptop decal - gift ideas for the letter L

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Face it – all of the blank space on laptops are just crying out for stickers! This sticker is made from vinyl and is super long lasting, so it will remind anyone of the important things in life for many years to come.


Legwarmers - gift ideas for the letter L

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Who said the 80s was dead? Bring them back with these awesome alpaca legwarmers, guaranteed to ooze Flashdance vibes, just with slightly less fluoro. Which is not a bad thing. Team them with the leggings above for an extra retro look!

Loofah Soap

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Get so fresh and so clean and exfoliated with this loofah soap! It can be used all over for a gloriously smooth feel. Also, it’s lemon scented for a bonus L-word!

LED Strip Lights

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These strip lights are fantastic. Add some color to your space. Use them on countertops, bars or in your game room. Either way, they will look fabulous.

Luxury Bath Towels

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Imagine how relaxing it is to take a hot shower and to towel off with these luxury towels. Great gift for any adult!

Label Printer

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If you know someone who is addicted to organizing and using labels this is the perfect gift idea! Make labels for everything like shelves, files, or anything else you can think of.

Laptop Stand

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These laptop stands are ideal for comfort while using the computer. Fits all sorts of laptops including notebooks.

LEGO Harry Potter Castle

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Yes, even adults love LEGOs! Especially, when it comes to Harry Potter. You seriously can’t find a cooler gift idea for a LEGO fan.

Letter Board

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This letter board is perfectly rustic and would be a fabulous addition to farmhouse decor. Letter boards are also wonderful gifts for people obsessed with Helvetica font. . You will probably want one too!

License Plate Cover

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This license plate cover has tons of bling and is incredible! When you give this as a gift, they will love it.

Leather Wallet

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You can have this leather wallet personalized! Perfect gift for any occasion. It’s a good idea to change out your wallet once in a while anyway.

Last Name Sign

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I love these last name signs because they are so incredible looking! Classy, stylish and great for all sorts of decorating themes.

Leather Journal

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You can give this leather journal to men or women. It’s fantastic and would be perfect for the person who loves to write.


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This Moroccan lamp is vintage and so gorgeous! You can’t go wrong with something so pretty. Provides extra light without being too much.


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Such a beautiful rustic longhorn wall hanging! Don’t worry, it’s not real, it’s a faux longhorn. Give this to a longhorn fan and watch them smile from ear to ear.

Lumbar Pillow

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Customize this adorable lumbar pillow with coordinates. It could be the location you live, place you got married, or even where you had your first date.

Lace Robe

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Elegant and classy these lace robes are a wonderful gift idea. Perfect for any occassion and completely romantic.

Lindt Swiss Luxury Chocolates

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This amazing chocolate tastes so rich and creamy. It’s perfect for any holiday or even “just because.” Try some and you will be hooked!

Loving these lovely and luscious L-themed presents? We hope so! Let us know if you purchase any of these awesome items! We’re @uniquegifter on Instagram and @ugifter on Twitter.

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