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STEM Birthday Gift Ideas for a 2 Year Old Girl

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Do you need to buy a birthday gift for a 2 year old girl? If so, why not buy one focused on developing her key STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) skills? You’ll give her a headstart in her education and maybe even kick off some scientific aspirations! These STEM birthday gift ideas for a year year old girl rock! 

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Stem Birthday Gift Ideas for a 2 Year Old 

Who is looking for that perfect STEM birthday gift idea for a 2 year old? When it comes to shopping for a two year old, you just can’t go wrong when you buy a STEM gifts. Keep reading to discover some of the best STEM gifts out there. 

Start Up Circuits

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Yes, 2 year old girls can be engineers! This brilliant toy will teach kids that a circuit is a circle. By swapping the parts they can complete the circuit and make the toy glow, spin, and whistle.

Fish & Count

STEM Birthday Gift Ideas for a 2 Year Old Girl

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Kids will learn basic maths skills with this fun fishing set. It’s filled with soft and squeaky sea creatures that toddlers can match, sort and sequence.

Princess Pine’s Divine Block Castle

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This divine set contains 22 painted blocks that 2 year old girls can use to design and build their own beautiful princess castle.

Wooden Animal Puzzles

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As well as educating children in key marine biology facts (i.e what a starfish is), these beginner jigsaw puzzles will help develop logical thinking – another essential skill for scientists!

Wooden Bead Rollercoaster

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A classic toy for toddlers that also does an important job of developing their logical thinking and fine motor skills. All necessary skills for any rollercoaster engineer.

Magnetic Building Blocks

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These magnetic building blocks make it easy for 2 year old girls to build a rival to the Empire State building. There won’t be anymore collapsing towers and tears as the clever magnets hold it all together.


STEM Birthday Gift Ideas for a 2 Year Old Girl

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Toddlers will be bitten by the maker bug when they start playing with Playdoh! There will be no limit to their imagination as they mold, squish and squash their first designs.

Lego Duplo Wild Animals Set

wild animal set

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Who needs another trip to the zoo? This wild animal Duplo set will teach toddlers all they need to know about exotic animals, where they live and what they eat.

Stack and Sort Board

STEM Birthday Gift Ideas for a 2 Year Old Girl

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It’s never to early to start learning maths! Kids can start sorting shapes and get counting with this stack and sort board.

Wooden Pattern Blocks

wooden pattern blocks

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Geometry is all around us and this toy proves that! It’s a great way to get kids to start recognizing shapes in the world around them. Even you’ll learn that a dog can be made from a circle, oval and a triangle -try and guess what goes where!

Rain Cloud Tub Toy

rain cloud tub toy

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This ingenious little rain cloud toy will add an extra splash of fun to bathtime. I mean it basically explains the water cycle and I didn’t learn about that until I was 13!


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These wobbly and colourful tobbles are great to stack, balance and sequence. They’ll help kids to develop their hand-eye coordination as well as their fine motor skills. Brilliant!

Smart Animals Deluxe Track Set

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This eye-catching track set is brilliant to get 2 year old girls engineering! First, they fit the track pieces together to their own design. Then they race the cute animal characters all around it.

Animal Rescue Shape-Sorting Truck

shape sorting truck

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Future vets can get some practice in with this animal rescue truck set. As well as preparing them for future animal emergencies, they’ll develop the more essential skills of shape recognition and fine motor skills.

Bristle Block Bucket

bristle block bucket

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With these Bristle Blocks, any two year old girl can become an architect. The blocks easily stick together so they can take their prototypes with them wherever they go.

Grippies Building Set

grippies building set

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These grippies are purposefully made to help toddlers develop those essential STEM skills. Girls will have hours of fun getting creative and sticking these easy-to-hold blocks together.

Touch Swipe Baby Phone

touch swipe baby phone

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Prepare the 2 year old girl you know for her future position as a Google VP with this baby phone. Just make sure that she has some device-free time though, OK?

Fill, Flow, Spin Bath Toys

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Want to get a 2 year old girl curious about physics? These bath toys will definitely do that. As this colorful set gets filled with water, it will flow through the colourful tubes and set off spinning mechanisms

Learning Laptop

learning laptop

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Need some help writing that report you’ve got to do for work? Get that 2 year old girl this learning laptop and she can do half the work for you! Sorted.

Zoo Animal Building Blocks

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With simple designs to follow, this magnetic building block set will help toddlers to make models that actually look like exotic animals. No more trying to work out what on earth it is that they’ve made!

Which STEM Birthday Gift Ideas for a 2 Year Old girl will you choose?

Whether you choose building blocks for a little engineer or a number game for a future mathematician, they’ll love their new toy. If you do buy any of these gifts, we’d love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments or find us at @ugifter on twitter and @uniquegifter on Instagram.

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