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Birthday gifts for 11 year old girls

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My oldest daughter just turned 11, and shopping for gifts at this age can be a bit of a challenge. They’re almost a teenager, but not quite ready to let go of childhood. These birthday gifts are 11 year old girl approved and perfect birthday gift ideas for tween girls.

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Birthday Gifts For 11 Year Old Girs That Will Make Her Squeel In Excitement!

The only thing more fun than shopping for gifts is watching the person’s face as they open their new present. These great ideas are perfect for the tween in your life! 

String Art

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Craft kids are always a great, low-cost birthday gift idea for 11 year old girls. Look for something that suits their interests. Even better if you get something, the two of you can do together.


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A journal is an excellent way for young girls to keep track of what’s going on in their lives or just to express themselves. She’ll also be improving her writing skills, so it’s a win-win.

Unicorn Earbuds

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There aren’t many 11 year old girls who aren’t interested in unicorns. These earbuds are a practical gift (you can never have too many pairs of headphones) that she’s going to love.

Small Toys

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Although she might seem too old to be playing with toys at all 11, she’ll still appreciate some cuter ones that she can place in her room. This set has a bunch of squishes in it, which are popular among tweens.

Coloring Pillow Case

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If she likes coloring, she’s going to love this pillowcase. Your 11 year old can express herself by filling in the cute dinosaur pattern; however, she likes.


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With so many choices out there, it’s hard to decide what book to buy an 11 year old girl. This one has been popular, so check to make sure she hasn’t read it, but at 11, she’ll be the perfect age to enjoy this story.

Fitness Tracker

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Even non-athletic kids enjoy fitness trackers. Not only is it a great watch alternative, but she’ll also enjoy seeing how much she moves in a day, and hopefully, it will help her be more active.

Name Necklace

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I will never understand what it is with young girls and an obsession with their name, but trust me; an 11 year old birthday girl will love getting a custom necklace. This is especially nice if she has a hard to find name.

Printed Hoodie

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For the 11 year old who likes to be comfy (like mine), these fun hoodies come in every style you could possibly need to find something that suits her taste.

Unicorn Floatie

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Is she turning 11 in the spring or summer? This gift might just make it the best summer ever when she takes a giant unicorn floaties to the lake.

Birthday Pusheen

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So cute! Nothing says happy birthday like the popular, adorable cat Pusheen holding a cupcake and wearing a party hat.

Treat Baker

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How about instead of making her a birthday cake, you let her make her own delicious birthday treats? This treat maker is easy for an 11 year old to use and would be perfectly gifted with some baking ingredients to get her started.

Sports Art Prints

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Encourage your 11 year old athlete with these cute, custom art prints. It comes in a set of 3, and you get to pick both the sport and the colors of the print for a customized gift idea.

Clothing Gift Card

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For an 11 year old’s birthday sometimes you just can’t decide what to get, or you want to let her decide. Gift cards are great at this age because they can help teach her about costs and budgets at the same time. Choose something she’s interested in, like a tween clothing store.

Bath Set

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This set is natural and safe for your 11 year old’s growing body. It includes the personal hygiene products she’ll need at her age, including body wash, shampoo, and deodorant.

Lego Set

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Girls love Lego just as much as boys do, so don’t dismiss it as a great gift for 11 year old girls. Don’t just go for the pink sets either (unless that’s what she’s into); there’s a tonne of choices for every interest.


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It’s nice to have good quality markers for doing art projects now that she’s old enough to take care of them. This set is still made by Crayola, so they’re safe.

Pencil Case

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Where is she going to put all her new markers? In the cute pencil case, you bought her for her birthday, that’s where.


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Being girly doesn’t mean you’re not tech-savvy. This loom kit teachers her to weave using a tablet, so she’ll be creating woven pieces in no time.

Llama Art Print

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If your tween girl is starting to have a bit more grown-up style, but still likes cute things, this art print balances both. Have it framed and ready to hang for a birthday gift that she can enjoy for years.

Hopefully, these gifts make your 11 year old’s birthday special and aren’t too cool for her developing angst and moodiness.

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