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Stupid Stuff on Amazon

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I thought about giving this post a more tame title, but figured it most effectively conveyed the message.  Plus, if I am going to go hunting for stupid stuff on Amazon, that is exactly what I would put in the search bar!  There are a bunch of lists out there already on this topic, with some classics.  This list is (mostly) newer ones.

Some of these things may very well serve a useful purpose, but personally, I find them 100% mock-able.  Therefore, I present to you a curated list of things I find weird on Amazon.

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Funny, Stupid, and Silly Stuff on Amazon That Make Unique Gifts

Some may be the perfect thing for that secret santa or white elephant exchange you have coming up.  Many would also be beyond amazing as a way to give cash.

Can you imagine getting a Tuna Press for your wedding?  Only to discover that there’s actually $200 stuck inside?  (Note: If you choose to give a cash gift like this, I strongly recommend writing something in your card.  For example, “make sure to open your new Professional Tuna Press, as there is a surprise inside.”)

dill dough stress reliever

Dill Dough Stress Reliever Putty

Know someone who is always stressed? Well throw them a dill dough! I mean throw them this Dill Dough stress reliever putty. What were you thinking? Not only is this fun to squeeze and play with but it’s also scented! Who doesn’t want to smell dill while they work out their stress.

screaming goat toy

Screaming Goat Figurine

Your office attire is not complete without a screaming goat figurine. I’m sure you’ve had those moments where you could just scream out, well now you can…in a funny way. Press this battery operated goat figurine and listen to it let out a blood-curdling scream. The perfect way to let out your frustration in a funny way while keeping it professional.

tortilla wrap blanket

Tortilla Wrap Blanket

Haven’t you always wanted to roll yourself up like a little burrito after a long day? Well now you can, literally! This tortilla wrap blanket is not only super soft but it looks just like a round tortilla! The best part? They also offer a pizza, chocolate chip cookie, and a waffle blanket option. 

lobster slippers funny stupid stuff on amazon gift

Lobster Slippers

Check out these crustaceans! Your feet deserve the very best and these are not only super ridiculously-awesome but they are made of high density, high elastic, AND water-resistant material! Um, could these get any better? Well they could, because they come in THREE color options! (Shark option also available).

cute funny banana duck plush toy

Banana Duck Plush Toy

Every occasion needs a banana duck. I mean really…haven’t you always wanted to hug a duck…that’s also a banana? No? Well now you do, I guarantee it. This super soft cotton based duck is almost 20 inches tall which makes it the PERFECT huggable friend. This adorable fruit themed duck comes in two colors. Hurry go add it to your cart before they are all gone!

lifelike inflatable cow

Inflatable Cow

You can’t make a list of “stupid” items on Amazon and not include this amazing inflatable cow. What would you do with this cow you ask? Beats me. Am I buying it, absolutely, already in my cart. Bring it to the beach, your next pool party, or just have it chillin on the couch next to you. Believe me when I say this will be the bets purchase you’ve made all year! This guy is MOOOtastic.

silicone crab utensil rest from oxo

Silicone Crab Utensil Rest

Picture this, you’re cooking your famous spaghetti and meatballs and need to place your wooden spoon down to check on your garlic bread cooking in the oven, But oh no..where do I put my sauce covered spoon down without making a mess? How about this handy dandy Crab utensil rest! This adorable little crustacean makes the perfect little cooking companion! (Even better if you are rocking those lobster slippers from above).

gracula carlic crusher kitchen tool

Gracula Garlic Crusher

Sticking with handy kitchen tools you need today, this adorable Gracula Garlic Crusher is a must have, like yesterday! Every good home cook needs a way to crush some fresh garlic, why not crush it with something like this. Not only can he crush some garlic, you can also use it on ginger, nuts, chilli, and herbs. AMAZING. I know what everyone’s getting this holiday season from me.

cute bread timer light

Toast LED Night Lamp

Everyone needs a good lamp beside their bed and I can’t think of anything more perfect than this adorable LED toast night light. Easy touch off and on function, auto shut off, and just plain cute. Yup you need it. How many people can honestly say they have a toast night light?

funny potty fisher game stupid stuff on amazon

Potty Fisher Toilet Fishing Game

I’m sure you know someone who takes an eternity on the toilet. SO why not have them do something useful like practice fishing? This toilet fishing game makes the perfect gag gift for that toilet lounger in your life.

giant french bread pillow

Bread Shape Pillow

Have you ever sat on your couch and thought “man this couch is missing something…” well we know exactly what’s been missing for your living room. This oversized bread pillow! This french bread pillow is soft, huggable, and very detailed. Don’t go drooling all over it now!

angry mama microwave cleaner

Angry Mama

They may look funny but these Angry mom microwave disinfector works amazing! I have one and it makes cleaning your microwave super easy. It’s also a pretty funny gift to give someone, although you may end up in the dog house for a night or too it’s totally worth it once your partner or mom realises what a dream cleaning the microwave will be after using this angry mama.

car french fry holder

Car French Fry Holder

I’m not sure I’d personally classify this as a “stupid” item on amazon, more like ingenious! I’m sure you have found yourself snacking on the way home and having a tough time balancing fries and ketchup, or nuggets and dip. Well this car french fry holder will solve that problem. Making life just a little bit easier.

funny gift beer belly fanny pack

Beer Belly Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are back in style! So obviously you need this beer belly waist pack. Why? Because it’s hilariously-awesome and a true fashion statement piece everyone will be jealous of! Don’t worry this is totally adjustable to fit all body types and even has a smaller pocket inside it to hold all your treasures. 

stupid stuff on amazon cvs receipt scarf

CVS Receipt Scarf

The perfect shopping accessory obviously is this receipt scarf, that’s double sided! Made from 100% fleece this scarf is not only fashionable, it’s comfortable! Don’t worry it’s also unisex so don’t be afraid to buy one for yourself and your partner and rock it at your next grocery trip! Everyone will be sooo envious.

fun basketball hoop coffee mug

Basketball Hoop Coffee Mug

You know that saying your mom or dad probably said to you a billion times as a kid? “Don’t play with your food!”. Well now you can and not get in trouble, we promise. This amazing basket hoop and mug is the ultimate play while you eat. Fill it up with your favorite hot beverage and use the hoop to toss in marshmallows, chocolate, or whatever your heart desires! Let your inner kid finally get to play with their food! 

hilarious mullet socks

Mullet Socks

These are so ridiculous…you must buy them. I’m sure you have someone in your life that is a sock enthusiast that has pretty much every sock under the sun, making it hard to find them the perfect pair. Well these would be the ultimate gift! Unique, funny, and oh so fashionable.

funny chicken earrings

Big Boot Chicken Earrings

Know someone who loves earrings? Well then you definitely have to get them these Green chickens wearing boots, not just any boots…gold sparkly boots! EVEN BETTER. These acrylic earrings are lightweight and perfect for hitting the town. WHat makes them even better, they have FOUR color options. How will you pick just one?

finger weightlifting gag gift

Finger Weightlifting

Majority of jobs these days involve using your fingers to type away, so why not get your fingers in shape with these mini finger weightlights. Hilarious and dare I say pretty practical these are a must grab. So go on buy them and get your fingers ripped!

mini wacky waving inflatable tube guy desk version

Mini Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy

Every good office desk needs their own wacky waving inflatable tube guy! I’m sure you’ve seen the big version of these guys dancing in the wind outside a car dealership or a store having a large sale. Obviously your desk is lacking and needs one of these, especially if you are in sales. Potential clients will see this dancing little guy and immediately want to make a deal with you.

sushi socks set

Sushi Socks Set

Want to give someone a beautiful box of sushi and leave them disappointed when they can’t eat it? This fancy sushi box looks good enough to eat, but it’s actually an assortment of colorful sushi socks instead of food. Perfect for practical gift giving that will last a lot longer than a meal!

disco ball bracelet light up

Disco Ball Bracelet

It’s a party on your wrist! Available in four different colors for all your disco-loving friends, this bracelet has a rechargeable battery so it’s always ready to set the mood.

port a potty shot glasses

Porta Potty Shot Glasses

Ain’t no potty like these potty shot glasses! They come in a set of two, perfect for a couple or doing shots with a friend. Don’t worry, the bathrooms are gender neutral so they’re great gifts for guys, gals, and theys alike.

funny animal foot socks

Novelty Animal Feet Socks

Ever wanted to have cat feet? Now’s your chance with these amazing socks – they look equally as stupid on too. To help show them off, consider wearing these novelty socks with your favorite pair of sandals for a complete look.

Did you enjoy this stupid stuff on Amazon as much as we enjoyed finding these unique items? I hope so! If you still need ideas, you might also like these 20 Food Gag Gifts or 20 Hilarious Donald Trump Products That Actually Exist for all your “unique” gifting occasions.

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