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Stupid Stuff on Amazon

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I thought about giving this post a more tame title, but figured it most effectively conveyed the message.  Plus, if I am going to go hunting for stupid stuff on Amazon, that is exactly what I would put in the search bar!  There are a bunch of lists out there already on this topic, with some classics.  This list is (mostly) newer ones.

Some of these things may very well serve a useful purpose, but personally, I find them 100% mock-able.  Therefore, I present to you a curated list of things I find weird on Amazon.  Some may be the perfect thing for that secret santa or white elephant exchange you have coming up.  Many would also be beyond amazing as a way to give cash.  Can you imagine getting a Tuna Press for your wedding?  Only to discover that there’s actually $200 stuck inside?  (Note: If you choose to give a cash gift like this, I strongly recommend writing something in your card.  For example, “make sure to open your new Professional Tuna Press, as there is a surprise inside.”)

 Weird stuff on Amazon

One of these is not like the others??

Egg Cuber – Make Perfect Square Eggs !

I think this thing is the winner. It is what inspired this post.

Farberware Professional Tuna Press Box, Blue

There’s an unprofessional Tuna Press?

Handy Gourmet JB6107 Fat Magnet

Too bad it only has like 2 stars as a rating.

Full Motion Articulating/ Swiveling/ Tilting Tv Wall Mount Bracket For 40 Inch Sony Internet Tv

1 – Does that image look like a TV mounting bracket to you?

2 – $99,999.00  Seriously?

Clive Christian Imperial Majesty Perfume for Men 16.9 oz Perfume

Smell your best for only $435,000!  Don’t worry ladies, there’s a scent available for you as well.

Also, click through and read the reviews, they’re hilarious.


The 2007-2012 Outlook for Tufted Washable Scatter Rugs, Bathmats, and Sets That Measure 6-Feet by 9-Feet or Smaller in India

Hurry, your $495 will buy information that’s only good until the end of 2012, don’t miss out!


Presto Salad Shooter Electric Slicer/Shredder


Accoutrements Emergency Underpants


Canned Unicorn Meat

A classic!

Instant Irish Accent Breath Spray


Gnoschitt and Gnofun Pair of Biker Garden Gnomes Statue Motorcycle Leather 32 Inch Figures


Zombie Gnome – Large Gnombie


The following are all things that you use to apply salt and pepper to your food.  Have you felt compelled to shake a urinal over your dinner before?

Westland Giftware Coots Magnetic Coot and Toilet Salt and Pepper Shaker Set, 4-1/2-Inch


Westland Giftware Mwah Magnetic Mailman and Dog Salt and Pepper Shaker Set, 3-3/4-Inch

Big Mouth Toys Toilet and Urinal Novelty Salt and Pepper Shaker Set


Hand Painted Art, “The Lady”

While you may get more use out of your Clive Christian perfume, this $300,000 painting will last much longer.


1 Adv. Wetlands collar (Size: 19″) (Catalog Category: Dog / Collars – Nylon Collar)

Does your high roller pet just want to blend in? The $9999.99 collar in a wetlands camo pattern will be perfect for them!

Snuggie for Dogs in Pink Small – As Seen on TV


Jovani 7830, Lustrous Camo Hourglass Dress


DJ Cat Scratch Turn Table

Perpetual Kid DJ Cat Scratch Turntable







When you get bored with these, there are many other lists out there, including some classics like a tank.  I tried to stick to ones that I hadn’t seen very often (okay, except for the emergency underpants and unicorn meat).  There’s also lots of fantastic reviews on these things, I recommend reading the ones on the Clive Christian perfume for a laugh.

Do you know of any funny things on Amazon?

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