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20 Sympathy Gift Ideas for Loss of Dog

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When someone loses a loved one, it is hard to know how to console them or to even just send them condolences in a way that they appreciate. If someone you know loses their dog, one of these sympathy gifts will make them feel loved and maybe a little consoled. Nothing will bring their pup back, but there are things that may give them some comfort.

Comforting Sympathy Gift Ideas for Loss of Dog

“Thanks for everything, I had a wonderful time” Picture Frame

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A picture frame with the picture of their pup, that says, “Thanks for everything, I had a wonderful time,” is a great reminder that they gave their dog a great life.

Dog in a Doghouse Necklace with Initial Charm

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Order this dog in a doghouse necklace with the initial of their beloved pup and they can hold it close to their heart for a long time.

“Forever in my heart” Decal with Name and Dates

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Their dog will be forever in their heart, and this decal with the pup’s name and dates they were alive will go great on their car or home window.

Biblical Proof Animals Do Go to Heaven by Steven H. Woodward

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This book has been known to bring comfort to those who have lost pets, and will be a comforting one for them to read in their time of grief.

Cremation Pet Memorial Pendant Necklace with Wings and Name Charm

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If their pet has been cremated, they can literally carry a bit of their baby with them wherever they go, in this memorial pendant necklace.

“Stars are openings in Heaven where a beautiful soul shines down” Candle

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The stars in the sky are an opening in Heaven, where the beautiful soul of their pup shines down.

Willow Tree Angel of Comfort Figurine

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This Willow Tree angel of comfort, holding a pup, will bring them some consolation while they are grieving the loss of their dog.

Pink Rose Quartz Dog Paw Ring

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A simple, yet comforting ring with a dog paw print on it, has the potential to bring them comfort with less of a sting.

Pet Memorial Shadow Box Frame

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Their dog’s collar, leash, tags, and whatever else they may have used everyday, are mementos that they might want to keep close and in sight for awhile after their dog passes.

“Those we love don’t go away. They walk beside us everyday.” Heart Shaped Bowl

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The dogs we lose don’t go away forever, they walk beside us everyday in some form or another. Your friend who has lost a dog can keep anything they feel like doing so, here in the heart-shaped bowl.

Plantable Paper Dog Bones

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Paper dog bones that your friend can plant and grow something from it can be a lovely landmark for them to visit, especially if they can’t bury their own pet or have them cremated.

“No longer by my side but forever in my heart” Keychain

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Their dog is not by their side anymore, but it will forever live in her heart.

Custom Engraved Pet Memory Dog Tag Necklace

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A picture of their pet, custom engraved into this pet memory dog tag necklace will be like carrying a picture of their dog around with them wherever they go.

Custom Pet Pillow from Portrait

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A lookalike on this custom pet pillow can bring them comfort in the toughest times while they are grieving. It can rest on their couch or in their bedroom.

Lavender Scented Eye Mask

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Help them find some relaxation with this lavender scented eye mask. It might even help them sleep while they are recovering from the loss of their dog.

Pocket Angel Rock

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Another little piece of memory that they can take with them. They can even pull it out whenever they feel the need to do so.

“Dogs leave paw prints on your heart” Shirt

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Every dog leaves paw prints on our hearts! They mean a lot to us and give much to us in the short amount of time they spend with us.

Pet Memorial Personalized Sterling Silver Ring

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Their pup’s name on the outside or inside of the ring, and with the paw prints and angel wings on the outside to carry their lost dog with them all the time.

Personalized “Forever in my heart” Pet Picture Frame

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This personalized “forever in my heart” pet picture frame, set up in their home, will keep them company and bring them comfort.

“She has crossed the rainbow bridge” Personalized Coffee Mug

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If their dog is a girl, this personalized coffee mug is a great fit to give her solace that their pup is in a happier place.

When we lose someone, it isn’t just something that we will get over. Even if some time has passed, your friend will appreciate a sympathy gift after losing their dog. That dog will be in their heart forever no matter what.

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