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Thank you Gift Ideas for Daycare Workers

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Daycare workers are definitely essential to many parents’ lives. It’s pretty tough to thank them properly for the hard work and impact they have on, but these thank you gift ideas for daycare workers are a good start.

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Ways to Thank the Daycare Workers in Your Life

If there’s a daycare worker in your life who’s gone above and beyond for your family, or you just want to show appreciation for caring for your child, then these gifts are nice little thank yous. Add in a thoughtful card or note for a memorable gift idea.

very hungry caterpillar thank you book

Very Hungry Caterpillar Thank You Book

This is a preschool classic, so most daycare workers are going to be familiar with the Very Hungry Caterpillar. It’s a super cute book that lets a child thank their teacher for all the important things they’ve been teaching them at daycare.

A Little Wish for my Teacher

Daycare workers are teachers too! Say thank you by giving one a little wish from your child. The ideas is that they make a wish and then when the bracelet breaks it will come true.

a teacher changes the world thank you gift ideas for daycare workers

A Teacher Changes Sign

Even though they’re teaching young minds, daycare workers are still making an impact on the kids in their lives. This sign is cute and they could display it at home or inside the daycare.

Every Day I’m Chasin’ Them Shirt

This funny shirt thank you gift idea is a perfect addition to a daycare worker’s wardrobe. It’s funny because it’s true! 

thank you for helping my grow gift for daycare workers

Wine Bag

Daycare workers love their job, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to unwind sometimes. Give yours a bottle of wine as a thank you gift idea – and don’t forget to put it in a cute wine bag like this one!

Personalized Sign

This is a really nice thank you gift idea for a daycare worker, nanny, babysitter, or any childcare worker. It arrives personalized, which is a nice touch.

tokens of appreciation cards

Token of Appreciation Card

These little token of appreciation cards are so cute as thank you gift ideas for daycare workers. Not only is there a nice message, the token actually comes off as a small keepsake. It comes in a set of 10, too, which means you don’t have to leave anyone at the childcare center out.

Play Wood Sign

If you want to thank daycare workers at a childcare center, why not give something that they can hang up in the building? This play sign would look great in any space to add a bit of style to a childcare space.

starbucks gift card holder

Gift Cards

Sometimes it’s nice to force daycare workers to treat themselves. Gift cards for coffee, take-out, or even the liquor store are nice touches. Some also like to have money to buy childcare supplies, which is a great group gift for your child’s daycare staff.

Daycare Printable Sign

This cute sign is available to download and print for a last minute gift idea. Most daycare workers will appreciate reminding parents what their values are by hanging up posters like this one.

funny daycare worker coffee mug

Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs are always great gift ideas. This one has a funny message and is a great way to help inspire a daycare worker on a difficult day.

Tiny Human Tamer T-Shirt

Another cute t-shirt thank you gift idea for the daycare workers in your life. This one says ‘Tiny Human Namer’ which is a pretty accurate job description.

canva tote bag gift for a daycare worker

Canvas Tote Bag

Tote bags are super handy for daycare workers who probably have a lot of supplies to lug back and forth to work. They’re also just great for using around the center to hold important belongings, paperwork, and so on. 

Appreciation Gift Set

This one covers all the bases a daycare worker needs: Something for before work, and something for after. You could give this one its own or pair it with a bottle of wine and some high end coffee. 

shh it's naptime hanging sign

Shh, It’s Naptime Sign

A total lifesaver for a newer daycare worker who might not have thought of this! It encourages parents to enter quietly so they don’t wake the other children.

poisonous plants guide for parents and childcare workers

Helpful Books

Your daycare worker is probably well versed when it comes to caring for kids, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t always something to learn. This one is great for rural daycares or ones where the kids spend a lot of time outdoors.

daycare worker drink cup

Drink Cup

What’s nice about this one is that a daycare worker can use this as a water bottle throughout the day. The handle makes it easy to hold, and it’s non breakable just in case.

Custom Candle

Candles are great thank you gift ideas for daycare workers, but this one is definitely unique. Get it customized to have your child’s picture on it for a unique gift idea.

Travel Mug

This travel mug is absolutely true and a great way so say thank you to a daycare worker in your life with a gift. Plus it will keep their coffee warm and safe from little hands!

teacher willow tree angel

Teacher Willow Tree

Depending on the type of daycare worker you’re thanking, this sculpted Willow Tree statue might be a welcomed gift idea. The angel is holding an apple, which of course represents teachers. And we all know daycare teachers are basically angels with all they give and do.

Custom Doormat

This is a great gift idea for daycare workers who have their own home daycare or daycare center. Get it customized with their facility’s name to help welcome families. It’s a gift idea they’ll literally use every single day!

Hopefully the daycare workers in your life appreciate the thank you gift ideas you come up with. Most childcare providers love what they do, but it’s still nice to be reminded of how important you are sometimes too.

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