20 Thank You Gifts for Pet Sitters - They'll Really Appreciate Unique Gifter

20 Thank You Gifts for Pet Sitters

Our pet sitters take care of our furry babies, and sometimes that work isn’t easy! Why not buy them a thank you gift once in a while to show our appreciation? Here are some thank you gifts for pet sitters that could be some ideas for the animal lover who takes care of your pets. We’ve also got even more ideas for the next time you need to shop for your pet sitter

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20 Thank You Gifts for Pet Sitters

Let them know you and the cat say thanks!

“The best things in life are furry” Pawprint Car Magnet

This magnet makes a great thank you gifts for pet sitters.

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A paw print and quote for your pet sitter’s car. It is such a nice way for them to show that they love pets!

10 Assorted Blank All-Occasion Notecards with Dogs

Thank you gifts for pet sitters for when they need to leave a note.

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Note cards with dogs on them, so you can write them a thank you note each payday or whenever you feel like it. When they’ve done an exceptionally good job or gone out of their way to help you, these are the perfect note cards to write such a note!

Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul

This book would be a meaningful thank you gifts for pet sitters.

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Chicken Soup books are such a good read and the Pet Lover’s Soul one is especially full of lovable stories about pets and their owners.

“Cats, Books, Life is Sweet” Tote Bag

Thank you gifts for pet sitters that make life sweeter.

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A pet sitter could definitely use a tote bag to carry their supplies when they visit your house and this cute little book is a great gift for your pet sitter that also loves to read books!

Stuffed Dog 12”

A stuffed pet is always a good thank you gifts for pet sitters.

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Even for adults, stuffed animals can be an adorable gift. This stuffed dog would be a cute idea for your pet sitter to hold onto!

Sterling Silver Birds Necklace

This necklace is a delicate thank you gifts for pet sitters.

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Perfect gift for your pet sitter that helps take care of your birds!

Cat Paw Palettes Keychain

Thank you gifts for pet sitters include this delightful key chain.

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A simple keychain can be a nice gift too and this cat paw keychain is perfect for your cat sitter! Your cat sitter probably owns cats of their own so be sure to check out this list just in case they are missing anything. 

Ceramic Cat Sculpture

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Decorations for your pet sitter’s house can be a nice gift as well, that way they can put it on display!

Horse Silhouette Painting

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Even if your pet sitter doesn’t take care of horses, chances are that they might like horses. This horse silhouette painting is so beautiful and if they like them, they would love to have it to hang up in their house.

Birds on a Wire T-shirt

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This shirt with birds on a wire is a great pick for your pet sitter who takes care of your birds or who loves birds. It comes in a lovely shade of purple!

Siamese cat Tumbler Cup

This cute cup would be a great thank you gifts for pet sitters.

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Tumbler cups are all the rage these days, and this one has a Siamese cat on it. It’s adorable and everyone needs a cup to drink out of!

Paw Print Journal

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A journal with a paw print on it is a cute idea for your pet sitter. Journaling is therapeutic and beneficial, or they can use it more like a notebook to jot down ideas or take notes.

“I Just Love Birds. Okay?” Coffee Mug

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Another one for your favorite bird pet sitter! A nice coffee mug with a quote that would be perfect for them, “I just love birds, okay?”

Cat Wearing Sunglasses Sweatshirt

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This sweatshirt is both cute and hilarious! Get it for your pet sitter to wear when it’s colder!

Leather Bracelet with Cat Charms

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Does your pet sitter like to wear bracelets? Get them this leather bracelet with cat charms on it to wear proudly!

Colorful Cat Painting

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Another painting, but perfect for your favorite pet sitter! This cat is colorful and pretty and would make a nice and touching gift!

Cat Figurine

Thank you gifts for pet sitters include this cute cat!

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This cat figurine is an adorable gift idea for your cat sitter to display at their house and remind them what an amazing person you are!

Beagle Puppy Mousepad

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A Beagle puppy on a mousepad, what a cute idea! Anyone who uses a computer and a mouse could use a mousepad!

Ring with Cat Ears

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Jewelry is always a good idea for women. This ring has cat ears on it and is so adorable!

“Tea, Books, Naps, and Cats” Coffee Mug

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Coffee mugs are so useful! Your pet sitter can drink tea, coffee, hot cocoa, you name it with this one!

Saying thank you to your pet sitter can be something as simple as telling them thank you or giving them a thank you card, or it can be a gesture such as getting them a nice gift like those listed here. Any one of these gifts would be a nice way to show your appreciation!

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