Do you have any friends that are ridiculously into Halloween? Get them one of these 13 super spooky Halloween gift ideas and make their day!

13 Spooky Halloween Gifts

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Monster Survival Kits

Buy or make your own version of monster survival kits such as the Zombie Survival Kit, Werewolf Bite Kit, Vampire Bloodsucking Bite Kit, and so on. Include things someone might need in such kits including candy (for the shock!) and a note explaining what each item does to help counteract the effects.

Ouija Board

Ever play with one of these? Well it might be fun to give one as a gift and get together to see if you can communicate and connect with the spirits in the afterlife. At the very least, it’s a fun and entertaining distraction on the spookiest of nights.

Séance with a Psychic

Along the same idea as the Ouija board, maybe you should consider hiring a professional instead of doing it yourself. There are plenty of local psychics located in your local phonebook (of all places!), and booking a séance with a psychic could be an interesting diversion for the night. Call upon someone you both knew while they were alive and experience a little afterworld communication at least once in your life.

Skull & Crossbones Scarf

These skull printed scarves initially designed and sold by Alexander McQueen are rather popular in the high fashion world and almost everyone and their sister owns one. If you can’t afford the real thing (which retails around $270 USD), you could certainly buy a similar looking imitation on high street for cheaper.

Halloween-Themed Food

When in doubt, give food! Cupcakes with a Halloween theme are always a surefire winner especially if you get creative and use dark brown chocolate crumbled on top as dirt, and fashion little tombstones out of icing to create your own creepy confection.

Horror Film Set

Head to the store and buy a selection of horror films that you know will be sure to please someone. A few classic suggestions: Carrie, Interview with the Vampire, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Dawn of the Dead, Silence of the Lambs, and The Shining. Whichever ones you pick, they will be a great way to spend Halloween together.

Bloody Shower Curtains with a matching Bloody Bath Mat

Buy creepy household décor like curtains décor that look like someone has been stabbed in your bathroom that have handprints painted in red, smeared down its sides, along with a matching bath mat in white that turns the colour red when coming into contact with water, leaving a fresh red footprint.

Voodoo “The Ex” Knifeware


Speaking of creepy décor, why not have it be functional as well? The ever popular set of knives by Raffaele Innello that are placed into a block shaped like a man could be a whimsical, Halloween-appropriate gift.

Skeleton or Skull

Yes, a real skeleton or skull! Not necessarily human of course, but perhaps a study in taxidermy with a skeleton of a small animal, carefully preserved and able to be placed on display.

Tarot Cards

Buying a stack doesn’t mean you’ll immediately develop the Third Eye to be able to predict people’s futures, but it doesn’t mean you can’t at least try!

Crystal Head Vodka

This premium vodka is growing in popularity and makes quite a show piece, packaged in a clear skull bottle!

Halloween Cookbook

From cute pumpkin cupcakes to creepy crawly worms, pick up a Halloween cookbook as a gift so your recipient can host the best Halloween party on the block.

Creepy Cookie Cutter

Spiders are so much better when they’re edible, aren’t they?


Have you ever given any Halloween gifts? What did you give?

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