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Inventive Gift Ideas for The Letter C

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Are you searching for gift ideas for the letter C? It can be seriously hard to find an unusual gift that the receiver will actually enjoy. Especially when you’re restricted by the letter!

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Gift Ideas for the Letter C

Luckily we’ve put in the hard work for you and created this list of 20 inventive gift ideas for the letter C. Take your pick! (Don’t worry, we have other letter guides too.)

Cards Against Humanity

Cards against humanity gift ideas for the letter C

If you haven’t played Cards Against Humanity before, you’re missing out. It’s a seriously funny game but not suitable for anyone that’s too sensitive!

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gift ideas for the letter C - Candle

Candles are a classic gift that always go down well. And lucky for you, they begin with the letter C!

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Coffee Gift Pack

Letter C themed gift idea - coffee basket

There are so many great things that begin with the letter C. Coffee is one of them! This indulgent selection will be adored by any coffee lover.

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Chocolate Making Kit

Chocolate making kits are inventive gift ideas for the letter C

Another great thing beginning with the letter C is, of course, chocolate. To make this gift a little more inventive, why not get them this Chocolate Making Kit instead of just another chocolate box?

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Cactus Necklace

This cactus necklace makes unique gift ideas for the letter C

This Cactus Necklace makes a cool, inventive gift! Give it to someone who’ll appreciate carrying a little bit of the desert around with them all day.

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Chalkboard Wall Sticker

Chalk is perfect gift ideas for the letter C

Give the gift of a Chalkboard Wall Sticker and you’ll be giving your friend an awesome new feature for their house! It’s so fun for jotting down notes, writing messages or even having a huge visitor book for everyone to see!

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Camping Survival Kit

camping survival kit as a gift idea that starts with the letter C

Die-hard campers will see the value in this wrist band Survival Kit. With everything they’d need to start a fire and get attention, it’ll see them through even the most stressful of outdoor situations.

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Camera Lens Mug

Camera lens mug - gift ideas for the letter C

This Camera Lens Mug is a cute gift for any budding photographer!

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Captain America Apron

captain america apron

Marvel Comic fans will be so excited when they receive this Captain America Apron. Just don’t be surprised it they do more pretend shield throwing than cooking while wearing it!

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Cajun Hot Sauce Gift

Cajun hot sauce as gift ideas for the letter C

This Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce is a great gift for anyone who loves keeping their food hot and spicy!

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Clue Board Game

They'll love clue - perfect gift ideas for the letter C

Clue is a board game that will never get old. If you need to get a letter C gift for a board game addict, you’ve got to get them this to add to their collection.

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Cider Kit

Unique gift ideas for the letter C - Cider kit

This Hard Cider Kit is a great gift for anyone loves to get creative in the kitchen and make their own drinks. Though just be warned, if you get them this, it’s all you’re going to be offered when you go round to their house!

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These beautiful Coasters will add a  splash of color to any dining table.

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Coconut Shell Piano

gift ideas for the letter C - Coconut shell piano

Take your friend on a journey to central Africa with this Coconut Shell Piano (or Kalimba!) It’s great if they love to play music but it would also make an unusual piece of home decor!

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Coloring Book

Colouring book gift ideas for the letter C

“Maybe swearing will help?” is the title of this coloring book! So if you know someone who gets a little stressed out, this is the letter C gift for them.

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Carry On Cocktail

Carry on cocktail perfect letter C themed gift idea

This Carry On Cocktail is such a fantastic idea! Your friend will enjoy creating their own first-class experience in coach with this Old Fashioned cocktail kit.

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Coding for Dummies Book

gift ideas for the letter C - Coding book

If you have a friend who is into gadgets but has no idea how to code, they’d appreciate this Coding for Dummies book. You never know, they might disappear with it into their room and come out next year as the new Mark Zuckerberg!

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Cat Coin Bank

Cat coin bank gift ideas for the letter C

This Cat Coin Bank is too cute! Help your friend save some serious pennies with this unusual gift.

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Cubicle Hammock

gift ideas for the letter C - cubicle hammock

It can be hard to make your office cubicle a fun place to be. Well, this adjustable hammock has just changed all of that. Help you friend sit back and relax at work with this brilliant foot hammock!

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Cookbook gift ideas for the letter C

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Know someone who loves to cook but needs some help eating their veg? This awesome Thug Kitchen Cookbook will help them to do just that!

More Letter C Gifts

When it comes to finding a gift that begins with the letter “C” it can take a bit of thinking. Fortunately, I’ve done the brainstorming for you, and have come up with some interesting, fun, useful, and just plain silly gift ideas. Check these out!

Cowardly Lion Socks

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Somewhere out there is a Wizard of Oz fanatic. In fact, there are probably multiples out there! Wizard of Oz fans are going to love this pair of Cowardly Lion socks.

Corn Dishes

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It’s always nice to have a set of “fancy” dishes, when entertaining. Check out this set of 4 corn dishes, made just for those fresh ears of corn, straight off the grill!

Calla Lilly Bouquet

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If you want an everlasting gift idea, why not a gorgeous bouquet of artificial flowers? Pop this beautiful bouquet of calla lilies into a nice vase, and voila!

Car Care Kit

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A car care kit is something that nearly everyone will be able to use! This kit includes products to help maintain both the interior and exterior of the car. Clever and practical gift ideas for the letter C. 

Copy and Paste Shirts

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For the recipient who has a kiddo, check out this fun set of copy and paste shirts! There’s a shirt for both mom or dad and the kiddo!

Coral Tabletop Fountain

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There is something incredibly soothing and relaxing about the sounds of a stream of water cascading down. A coral and seashell tabletop fountain is a super relaxing gift for that stressed-out friend of yours.

Collapsible Colander

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Are you looking for a gift for your friend who lives in the kitchen? They are sure to love this collapsible colander that can be stretched out over the sink.

Chiffon Scrunchies

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Yes, scrunchies are still a thing, and this set of chiffon scrunchies is super soft. This set includes 30 scrunchies in a vast array of colors.

Custard Dishes

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The great thing about custard dishes is that they can be used for more than just custard! These dishes even come with lids, so the custard (or other yummy goods) can be stored easily in the fridge.


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Let’s admit it. We all have those nights when nothing sounds good to eat. That’s when this best selling, Magnolia Table cookbook is sure to come in handy.


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Crocheting isn’t just something to keep retired folks busy, it’s a soothing activity that people of any age or gender can enjoy!

Corinthians Wall Sign

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There’s no better wall hanging than a favorite verse! Take a look at this quality, handmade, wooden sign, that is sure to become a favorite decor piece.

Coffee Mug Holder

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I bet you know a coffee fiend who would love to have this coffee mug holder in their life! This galvanized metal container is perfect for storing coffee, tea, or cocoa, and will keep the mugs hanging just above!

Colonel Popper

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Bagged, microwave popcorn is just, eh. And stovetop popcorn can be messy. Give the best of both worlds with this super easy, super clean way to pop tasty kernels in the microwave. Don’t forget to add a bag of your favorite kernels and popcorn salt with the popper!

Caddy for S’mores

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This is the ultimate fall gift, for those chilly nights when last-minute bonfires occur. However, in all honesty, this gift is great year round, because when the craving is there, microwave s’mores are better than no s’mores at all!

Calligraphy Set

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It’s never too late to learn a new hobby! This calligraphy set has all the right tools for a beginner, including detailed directions.

Camping Lantern

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The great thing about camping lanterns is that they don’t have to be used just for camping trips! They make for great additional light sources anytime, and anywhere. Even better yet, this lantern is 2 in 1, so it can transform into a flashlight!

Country DVD

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A true country music lover is going to love this Pure Country dvd, starring the king of country, himself, George Strait.

Cornhole Bags

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If your friend has a cornhole bag, it may be nice to get them a fresh set of cornhole bags. Those things can get pretty filthy after awhile. Check out these customizable bags that can be printed with logos or your photos!

Ceramic Spoon Rest

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Nothing beats handmade! These handmade, wheel spun spoon rests come in a variety of colors, and are ready to ship!


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Cranium is the ultimate party game that is perfect for just about everyone! Teams will take turns sketching, acting, and more, while competing against the clock and their opponents!

Cheetah Print Tumbler

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When plane tickets to see cheetahs in Africa just aren’t in the budget this fun cheetah print tumbler may just have to suffice!


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How fun would it be to eat a meal with these Star Wars-inspired chopsticks? This set includes both red and blue lightsabers when it just can’t be decided which side of the force to join!

Coin Collection Holder

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Coin collectors are going to love having a place to store their state quarters with this coin holding map. There’s even an option to include a full set of uncirculated coins if they don’t enjoy the scavenger hunt.

Cow Soap Dispenser and Vase

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This cow soap dispenser and vase is the perfect addition to any country styled kitchen or bathroom!

Which of these inventive gift ideas for the letter C are you going to choose? Which of these inventive gifts for the letter T are you going to choose? If you do buy any of these gifts, we’d love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments or find us at @ugifter on twitter and @uniquegifter on Instagram.

For more inspiration, here is the ultimate list of gifts that start with every letter of the alphabet.

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