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Best Eco-Friendly Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

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Trying to figure out what to add to your kids’ stockings but tired of all the plastic junk? These eco-friendly stocking stuffer ideas for kids are here so you’ll actually feel good about what you buy for the kids this Christmas.

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Eco-Friendly Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

Some of these kid’s stocking stuffers are just eco-friendly versions of traditional stocking stuffers, while others are new ideas that will help lesson your family’s environmental impact this holiday season.

Upcycled Tooth Fairy Pillow

Parents will appreciate this gift idea next time the kid loses a tooth. No more searching under the pillow for it! It’s made from upcycled denim, cashmere, and merino wool for a cute eco-friendly stocking stuffer idea for kids.

Zip Up Pouch

This would be cute in an older child’s stocking to use at home or take to school. Made from eco-friendly re cycled materials you can get these all kinds of kid-friendly designs.

Felt Food

Handmade felt food makes fun eco-friendly stocking stuffer ideas for kids because it means avoiding plastic that could otherwise end up in a landfill… Forever.

Recycled Newspaper Pencil Set

These wood-free pencils do their part in saving the earth, that’s for sure. They’re made from recycled newspaper and perfectly sized to make great eco-friendly stocking stuffers for kids.

Handpainted Weather Peg Doll Set

Natural Peg Dolls

You can find all kinds of painted and unpainted natural peg dolls out there. Pick up a set as an alternative to plastic toys this Christmas.

Reusable Handkerchiefs for kids

Reusable Handkerchiefs

Kids are always needing to wipe their noses, especially in the winter months. It’s about time we brought back reusable handkerchiefs! Even better, these are made from upcycled cotton shirts.

Eco-friendly Snack Pouches

How many plastic bags can your family save by switching to reusable snack pouches? Probably quite a few. Add these to the kids’ stockings for a practical eco-friendly gift idea.

Natural Hemp Bracelets

These would be a perfect eco-friendly stocking stuffer idea for older kids. Made from natural hemp, they’re trendy but still safe for kids to wear.

Organic Cotton T-Shirt

If you want to stuff a t-shirt into the kids’ stockings this Christmas, opt for organic cotton and eco-friendly inks.

Puppet Craft Kit

Puppet Craft Kit

This craft kit is a perfect way to get kids excited about upcycling fabrics! It includes everything you need to make the craft, including the reclaimed wool.

Reusable Water Bottle

Even if you’re already a reusable water bottle family, Christmas is a great idea to gift your child a spare.

Lacing Toy

Made from natural wood, this eco-friendly toy is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. They’ll love lacing it again and again!

Helly-Hansen Kids Hh LIFA Merino Wool 2-Layer Thermal Baselayer Set

Merino Wool Thermal Underwear

Merino wool is not only softer than regular wool but since it comes from sheep it’s truly a natural and eco-friendly fiber.

Eco-friendly Jump Rope

This cotton braided jump rope has carved wooden handles, perfect for kids to practice their best jump rope tricks with. Plus you can feel better knowing it’s environmentally friendly and not made from cheap plastics.

Reusable Water Balloons

They might have to wait a while to use these eco-friendly stocking stuffers for kids but they’re well worth it. Instead of filling them, these water balloons absorb water for latex-free summer fun.

Natural Bath Products

You can buy your favorite brand or take this opportunity to experiment with something new. Either way, substitute paraben filled soaps with something more eco-friendly.

Zero Waste Cutlery Set

This set includes a trio of bamboo cutlery is perfect for on the go eating. Instead of using disposable utensils when eating out with young kids, keep one of these sets in the diaper bag.

Softy Straws Wide Premium Reusable Silicone Drinking Straws

Reusable Straw

If you really want to get the kids a stocking stuffer that helps save the environment, a reusable straw is definitely it. When you think about how many hundred straws most kids have already used in their lifetime you can see how impactful this small change will be.

Wooden Toys

Hape brand is a great choice for someone looking for cute, eco-friendly wooden toys for kids. This little animal set is small enough to make a great stocking stuffer!

Wooden Dominos

This classic game is also an ideal eco-friendly stocking stuffer idea for kids. These handmade dominos are made from birch and treated with linseed oil instead of harsh chemicals.

Bee's Wrap - Assorted 3 Pack

Reusable Sandwich Wraps

Like the reusable treat bags listed before, these will save countless plastic bags over the course of a school year. Plus they come in cute, kid-friendly designs.

EverEarth Tools

This garden toolset is a perfect addition to your family’s environmentally-conscious lifestyle. Why not use these garden tools to plant a tree this summer?

Wildflower Seed Bombs

These are so fun for kids! Each seed bomb is made from recycled paper and will grow into beautiful wildflowers when planted. Zero waste and good for the bees!

Wooden Pull Toy

This would be so cute in a baby or young toddler’s stocking. This little dodo bird is hand carved from birch wood, treated with linseed oil, and painted with milk paint.

Bamboo Cups

If you’ve been trying to find an eco-friendly alternative to plastic cups these are the answer. Made from bamboo, they will biodegrade one day, unlike plastics.

My Little Forest Board Book

If you need eco-friendly stocking stuffer ideas for babies this one is definitely going to delight on Christmas morning. The book is about the environment and is made from 100% recycled materials.

Rabbit Toy

You’ll feel good when this little guy hops into your kids’ Christmas stockings. Its hand-made from natural materials for a truly eco-friendly gift.

Biodegradable Toothbrush

Toothbrushes contribute to a lot of the world’s disposable plastic use, but your kids still have to brush their teeth. These eco-friendly, biodegradable kid-sized toothbrushes make great stocking stuffers for an environmentally conscious family.

Shape Puzzle

These wooden puzzles are small enough to fit inside a kid’s stocking and make a fantastic eco-friendly gift. Not only is their production environmentally friendly, but they also teach young children about nature.

Reusable Food Pouches

Although these are often used for baby food pouches, even older kids would enjoy these as a practical eco-friendly stocking stuffer idea. Fill them with treats that come in food pouches, like applesauce.

Repurposed Book Journal

This is an excellent eco-friendly stocking stuffer idea for tweens. The cover is made from the recycled cover of a vintage book and inside are blank sheets ready to be filled in.

Felt Fishing Game

Kids will spend hours trying to catch these adorable fish! Kids as young as 2 can catch the fish with the magnetic fishing rod, and you’ll feel good knowing it’s not made from plastic.

Wooden Food and Beverage Set

If you don’t want felt food, wooden play food is a great alternative to plastic too. This set is made from hardwood and eco-friendly dyes.

Number Matching Game

Games are ideal eco-friendly stocking stuffer ideas for kids because they can be played with again and again. This matching set also helps teach kids their numbers, so it’s educational too!

Organic Headband

Instead of buying a cheap headband for your daughter’s Christmas stocking, pick up something that’s made from organic materials like these jersey head wraps.

Rainbow Wall Hanging

You might have to stretch it out to make it fit but this wall hanging would make an adorable eco-friendly stocking stuffer for kids. Made natural materials, it will add a boho touch to a kid’s bedroom or playroom.

Recycled Crayons

Ever wonder what people do with broken crayons? Well instead of throwing them out, melt them into new crayons for a fun recycling project. Or just pick up some ready-made ones (from 100% recycled crayons, of course) as a stocking stuffer idea.

Upcycled Mittens

As the weather cools off for winter, it’s a good idea to add mittens to your list when shopping for eco-friendly stocking stuffers for kids. These are made from upcycled clothes for trendy, warm kid-sized mittens.

Recycled Paper Beads Kit

This kit is a creative way to get kids interested in recycling. You insert scrap pieces of paper and they get turned into paper beads that they can then use for other crafts.

Unwrap it to fit it in a stocking.

Real Wool Children’s Leg Warmers

Made from super-soft, eco-friendly alpaca wool these legwarmers are the best in comfort and kid fashion.

Second-Hand LEGO

If you have a LEGO obsessed kid, but don’t love them producing more plastic to feed the addiction, this is a great way to give old toys a new life while also saving money. Kids will appreciate getting a whole bunch of new LEGO people (instead of just one) in their stocking!

Upcycled Kids Clothes

This handmade onesie is the cutest eco-friendly fashion item! Made from upcycled fabrics, it uses a vintage t-shirt to make a cute toddler outfit that everyone will love.

With these eco-friendly stocking stuffer ideas for kids, you can feel good about your Christmas shopping and your family’s environmental impact. But, without sacrificing the holiday fun, of course!

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