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20 Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend’s 50th Birthday

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Buying a gift for your 50 year old BF is alot more difficult than it sounds. This is your potential life partner and for this reason only the greatest gift ideas will do the trick.

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Below we’ve outlined the best Gift ideas for your boyfriend when he turns the big Five Oh! And if you need some more ideas, check out this list for the hubby


Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend’s 50th Birthday

Pinback button

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For the dreaded F word effect.

Creative bell toys

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For those times when speaking is just too much to say what you really want.

Jalapeno Grill Rack

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This rack will help to j\get his culinary skills on fleek.

Leather watch

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This watch have him on time for every date with you.

Tower of Treats

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This delectable tower of treats will have him like putty in your hands.

Designer Cufflinks

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These cufflinks will have him tied to you for eternity.

Handmade leather suspenders

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These suspenders are not only snazzy, but nifty too.

Canvas Laptop bag

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Give him this bag to remind him of you every time he goes to the office.

Personalized hammer

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A great reminder to the person borrowing this hammer who to return it to. Or it could be the hammer’s new name (If you’re love naming objects)

Mug – Stay wild

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Sometimes he needs a reminder to stay real.

Wish Jar

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Help him stay focused on his goals… It’s never too late.

Cordless Drill

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Give him this gift so that you can have your own personal handyman.

Golf ball set

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You would driver any Tiger Woods wannabe insane with this Rock.

Sterling silver cross

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This gift will have him grateful for the spiritual reminder.

Chakra Healing bracelet

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This bracelet will have his heart chakra balance and calm as long as he is wearing.

Soy tea light candles

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Pair this with awesome meditation lesson and the bracelet… And you’re good to go.

Canon DSLR

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This camera will help him capture your moments together.

Sling Hammock

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Any 50 year old will love this hammock for lazing around on the sunshine.

SnowSports Cargo pants

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These pants will keep him warm in icy cold weather when you’re not around.

Fruit and Veg juicer

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This great gift will help him get all those needed nutrients as quickly as possible.

There you have it – a list of gift ideas for your boyfriend’s 50th birthday. Which one do you think he’ll love the most?

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