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20 Gift Ideas for Coworkers

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If you’re working a full time job, then you probably spend lots of time with your coworkers.  In some cases, you may be spending more time with coworkers than your own family, sometimes making coworkers more like family than people you work with.  If that’s the case, purchasing gifts that are meaningful and productive is important.  Below are twenty thoughtful gift ideas for coworkers that should promote a productive and efficient environment, with your family away from home.

I always struggle to come up with gift ideas for coworkers. They can be so hard to figure out.

Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Programmable Coffee Machine

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Being to work in the morning hours of 7,8, or even 9 can be devastating especially to people who are not “morning people.”  Giving a coffee machine is a nice gift to give to a coworker who requires the morning cup of coffee to get going.  If the coffee machine is kept at the office, an added bonus is the coffee that can be shared with you!

Coffee mug

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A coffee mug goes great with a coffee machine especially  one that can continue to sit at the desk.  There is a variety of coffee mugs, looking for one that represents your coworkers personality is ideal and makes is personal and thoughtful.

Coffee or tea basket

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Coffee and tea baskets are an ideal gift for coworkers.  Most of the time, an afternoon “pick-me-up” is needed throughout the day.  Personally, I like green tea with caffeine is very healthy.

Desk calendar

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Coworkers ALWAYS need a desk calendar.  Desk calendars help to manage assignments and track important dates in turn making them very responsible and promoting productivity.

Purpose Driven Planner

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Even better than a desk planner, is the purpose driven planner.  This planner provides spaces to track goals, develop a plan, and even document the outcome.  The purpose driven planner is the perfect gift for the coworker that writes down everything, is determined, and driven.

Adult coloring book

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Adult coloring books are beginning to become very popular.  Adult coloring books can become a stress reliever.   Giving one as a gift to your coworker would help relieve the stress that can accumulate during the day.

Coloring pencils or crayons

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In order for your coworker to  actually relieve the stress, coloring pencils would be necessary.  An actual adult coloring book and coloring pencils combination would be the best gift.

Paper weight

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Paper weights make a nice gift especially for the coworker that is not as “tidy” as should be.  This paperweight blends is very unique since it looks like crumbled up paper itself.

Dry Erase board and markers

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I love my dry erase board!  I use mine to track my cases but others  can use it for their important reminders.  This one particularly, allows things to be tracked  weekly.

Desk  lamp

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A desk lamp is great for offering alternative light that could possibly improve the work setting and promote productivity.  This particular lamp has seven light options, one that should certainly meet the mood of the coworker.

Light therapy box

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Similar to a lamp, in that it offers additional light, light therapy boxes mimic natural sun light .  Light therapy boxes are ideal for coworkers that work in dark settings most of the time or work various shifts in turn confusing their internal sleep clocks. Light therapy boxes mimic natural sunlight and aid in keeping your body on a regular sleep cycle.

Audible membership

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An audible membership is a great gift for coworkers.  Audible is a digital book club membership and allows members to listen to a certain number of books per month on any device.  This would be great for that coworker that loves to read but does not have time.  Now they can listen to a book while doing work at their desk.

Ear buds

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Ear buds go ideal with an Audible membership to make a great gift.  However, if there is a coworker constantly on their personal phone or that listens to music or watch television then ear buds make a great gift and you can ever have too many.

Candy dispenser

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Just about everyone needs an afternoon “pick me up” If that pick-me-up comes in the form of a sweet treat then a candy dispenser is a great gift for the coworker’s work station.

Coat rack

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Coat racks make a great gift for any work space, weather cubicle, office, or desk, especially for the coworker that prefers to work in a tidy work space.


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Desk mirrors may be more necessary for female coworkers than male but nonetheless make a great gift.  Giving a desk mirror to a male may be less vain if it used more to see who may be entering their cubicle when their back is turned than for checking their appearance throughout the day.

Desk Organizer

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Desk organizers come in various shapes and sizes and it’s best that you find one that best suits your coworker’s needs.  I personally like this one because it’s more vertical than wide and takes up less space.

Water Bottle

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Most everyone desires to drink more water, even if they drink some regularly.  Water is already very refreshing but being able to add fruit to the diffuser adds an even more refreshing taste!


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I just feel that you can ever have too many umbrellas so I’m always grateful to receive one as a gift.  If there is a forgetful coworker, like myself, having an umbrella in all places (home, work, car, trunk) could prevent waiting periods in the car or soak and wet clothes from running in the rain!


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Did you know you could order gift cards on Amazon?  Me either but since you can why not order one for every coworker and hope that you get invited along to lunch!

These twenty gift ideas should make a special gift to one or all of your coworkers.  Whether you are giving a welcoming gift, retirement or birthday gift one or all of the items listed above should send the message that some thought was put into being perfect gift.

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