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20 STEM Birthday Gift Ideas for an 8 Year Old Boy

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Want to get a birthday gift for an 8 year boy that really helps him out? Then a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) birthday gift is definitely the way to go. Whether you want to help him to get closer to his dreams or to achieve higher marks in class, here are 20 brilliant gift ideas that will do just that.

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STEM Birthday Gift Ideas for an 8 Year Old Boy

Klutz Lego Crazy Contraptions Craft Kit

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Boys who are obsessed with cars will love this kit! They’ll be able to try out some mechanical engineering skills as they construct the 16 Lego projects included.

Volcano Science Kit

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Who needs a trip to Hawaii when, with this kit, you can have your very own volcanic display at home?

Snap Circuits Rover Electronic Discovery Kit

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Help the 8 year boy you know prepare for a career at NASA with this Rover Electronic Discovery Kit. He’ll be creating an electronic rover from scratch. It might not be going to Mars just yet but the backyard’s a start!

Coding Bot Kit

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Ozobot is the perfect gift for a boy who love computers! He’ll develop some important computer science skills like problem solving while programming his very own robot.

IKOS Multi-Color Rainbow Building Blocks

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These fun building blocks will keep any 8 year old boy entertained for hours. They’ll give him plenty of practice with those essential STEM skills such as creative thinking and hand-eye coordination.

Star Wars Ant Farm

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Straight from the planet Jakku, this ant farm is a dream for Star Wars fans. They’ll be able to observe their new pet ants as they burrow through the planet’s alien soils and study their behaviour.

Sports Science Kit

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This brilliant Sports Science kit will get any 8 year old boy intrigued about science (even the boys whose only ambition is to be the next Adam Wainwright!)

Stepping into Science Kit

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With 25+ experiments this Stepping into Science Kit is a fun introduction to science. I mean, one of the experiments is making paper aeroplanes! What more needs to be said?

Wowee Electrokidz Music Series Melody

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Boys will love playing their favourite music and watching Melody dance to the beat. Along with the science, perhaps they’ll learn some new moves?

Engino Inventor Construction Model Building

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This Engino kit helps boys to build some pretty sophisticated models using pulleys, gears and motors. After constructing vehicles such as snow ploughs, dump trucks and forklifts they’ll basically be a mechanical engineer!

Egg drop kit

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This egg drop kit can get a little messy but that’s just part of the fun! Kids will love designing a parachute to save the egg from smashing. It’s also a brilliant project for developing creativity and logical thinking skills – all essential for any budding scientist.

Basic solar kit

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Inspire a future renewable energy engineer with this basic solar kit. Kids will be able to build a solar powered helicopter, ventilator and airboat. They’ll then have hours of fun playing with their creations!

Kitchen Science Kit

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Fancy a kitchen upgrade? With this kit you can turn it into a science lab! Kids will love learning how to write invisible messages and launch their own rocket.

Disgusting science kit

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This kit really isn’t for the faint hearted! Boys will learn how to make slimy snot, fake blood and even grow friendly bacteria! Seriously, what 8 year old boy wouldn’t enjoy that?

Big Bag of Science

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Get him hooked on science with this huge bag of experiments! From how compasses work to the composition of water, there’s an experiment in here for everyone.


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Know a boy who has big dreams about a tech career? Get him Dot! With just a little bit of coding knowledge he can turn Dot into loads of different gadgets.

Marble Run

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Marble Run is a timeless kid’s.classic. Boys will love creating different runs and watching the marble on its journey down. Marble Run will also help develop their creativity and hand-eye coordination – key skills for any budding engineer!


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This pen is such a cool idea! Kids will be able to come up with their own designs and then create them for real in 3D with this solidifying pen. The only problem is that you might need to start saving now for his next birthday (he’ll be asking for a real 3D printer!)

Rubix Cube

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A Rubix cube is another classic gift that is actually brilliant for developing scientific skills. To solve the puzzle kids will need to develop logical thinking, experimentation skills and resilience. All key for any STEM career!

Battle Bots

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This is a brilliant gift for any 8 year old boy. They’ll love fighting robots with their friends and you never know, it might inspire him to learn more about robotics.

Are you ready to really help an 8 year old boy out? Whether it’s making slimy snot or fighting robots, your gift will leave him feeling inspired and excited about what he can achieve. If you do buy any of these gifts, we’d love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments or find us at @ugifter on twitter and @uniquegifter on instagram.

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