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Best Birth Month Flower Gift Ideas for May

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The last month of spring brings us sunnier weather, blooming flowers, and plenty of growth in our gardens as the chilly months of early spring fall away. It also brings us days to celebrate – Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, even Cinco de Mayo! Edwin Way Teale said, “The world’s favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May” and it’s easy to see why when the temps warm up and everything is blooming around us! In searching for the best birth month flower gift ideas for May, we’ve come up with some thoughtful and heartwarming finds. 

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Best Birth Month Flower Gift Ideas for May You’ve Got to See

May has two birth flowers – Lilies of the Valley and Hawthorns. Lilies of the Valley typically represent purity, luck, and happiness. Lilies of the Valley are typical wedding bouquet flowers and are known to have significant biblical meaning. Hawthorns are another type of flower imbued with just as much symbolism. Hawthorns are a symbol of fertility and hope, producing white, red, or pink flowers.

Botanical Background for Lily of the Valley & Hawthorn

Lily of the Valley: This perennial flower, otherwise known as convallaria majalis, begins growing in the early spring. They grow best in partial shade and evenly moist soil. Lilies of the Valley are herbaceous rhizome plants that create extensive colonies by spreading underground stems.

Hawthorn: Scientifically known as crataegus monogyna, hawthorns are part of the rosacea family. Hawthorns typically grow from thorny and branchy shrubs that are decorative as well as helpful to protect small birds and mammals. The flowers are extremely fragrant and grown well in a variety of outdoor conditions.

20 Gift Ideas for May Birth Flower – Lily of the Valley & Hawthorn

' Lily of the Valley' Flower Motif Long Dangle Drop Statement Earrings for Women

Lily of the Valley Long Dangle Drop Earrings for Women

These simple drop earrings are a simple statement piece to add to any woman’s collection.

Fragonard - Fragonard Lily of the Valley Room Fragrance Diffuser - Multi Coloured

Fragonard Lily of the Valley Room Fragrance Diffuser

If someone loves the smell of Lily of the Valley, this is a great idea for dorms, bathrooms, or offices where a flame isn’t safe.

1898 Lilies of The Valley in Purple Royal Egg Glass Ornament 4 Inches

Lilies of The Valley in Purple Royal Egg Glass Ornament

This gorgeous glass ornaments celebrates the lily of the valley for your friend or family member’s holiday display! 

AAA Floral Lily Of The Valley Luxury Hand Cream 60ml

Luxury Lily and Shea Butter Hand Cream 

This velvety smooth hand cream is a practical way for your favorite may baby to brighten up their day. 

Gift Baskets For Women Body & Earth 10pcs Spa Gifts For Women, Lily Gift Baskets Bath and Body Works Gift Set For Women with Bubble Bath, Body Lotion, Birthday Gifts for Women Mothers Day Gifts

Lily Themed Gift Basket 

This May lily flower themed gift basket might be just about the easiest way to surprise a botanist, lily enthusiast or May birthday present recipient in beautiful fashion! 

MYEARS Women Butterfly Necklace Gold Open Small Pendant 14K Gold Filled Simple Dainty Thin Italian Cuban Link Curb Chain Everyday Jewelry

Women’s May Flower Necklace 

Here’s a lovely accessory to accompany just about any outfit! The elegant lily of the valley coin necklace is understated and thoughtful. 

Woods Of Windsor Lily Of The Valley Body Dusting Powder With Puff for Women, 3.5 Ounce

Woods of Windsor Lily Dusting Powder 

This is a luxurious gift for lily lovers, it’s a setting powder that’s perfect for anyone who can’t have enough beauty products in their life. 

Missouri State Flower The Hawthorn Print

FUN FACT: The hawthorn is also the state flower of Missouri! Makes a great souvenir option for travelers, anyone who loves hawthorns, or lives in Missouri.

Hawthorn Plant Stickers

Perfect for decorating water bottles, laptops, or even someone’s gardening supplies – really just anywhere they would want to put a sticker!

CELEBRATION HERBALS Hawthorn Leaf & Flower Organic 24 Bag, 0.02 Pound

Hawthorn Leaf & Flower Organic Herbal Tea

Toss a box of this caffeine-free tea into any gift! Perfect for a gift box of food or other cozy treats for the home.

20 English Hawthorn Tree Edible Fruit Flower Mayflower Crataegus Laevigata Seeds

Washington Hawthorn Mayflower Shrub Tree Edible Fruit & White Flowers Seeds

If someone has a green thumb or loves to add new landscaping to their property, let them plant their own hawthorn shrubs!

Lunarable Periwinkle Headband for Women, Spring Flowers Lily of the Valley Snowdrops Bluebell Campanula Daffodil Tulips, Elastic Comfy Hair Accessory Knotted Head Wrap Everyday Use, XS-S, Multicolor

Lunarable Periwinkle Headband with Spring Flowers

Anyone who loves bright springy colors and flowers would appreciate a headband like this one.

Customized Lily of the Valley Ink Stamp

For someone who loves lilies of the valley or even writing letters, this customized stamp is a perfectly unique option!

Lily of the Valley Incense Sticks

If lily of the valley is one of someone’s favorite scents, this is a great way to bring that scent into their space!

Povitrulya Counted Cross Stitch Kit for Adults 'Lily of The Valley' - Embroidery Set with May Lily Flower Bouquet

Lily of the Valley Embroidery Kit

Get crafty with a kit like this one! If someone is crafty and loves this spring flower, this a fun option for them to create something of their own!

seeds for growing may birthflower lily of the valley

Lily of the Valley Seeds

Gardeners and flower fanatics might actually like to plant their own flowers at home!

Hawthorn Blossom Notecards

Help someone spread a little spring cheer with this spring flower on this set of notecards.

Hawthorn Berry Necklace

The hawthorn berries & flowers are a sign of good luck and hope, so why not wear it out and about?

Monogrammed Lily of the Valley Towel

Customize this towel for the recipient and it’s just right for their bathrooms or kitchens.

Lilly Boxwood Wreath

This artificial wreath is a great blend of floral and greenery that makes it perfect to enliven a space with a little bit of spring!

Enjoy the light and bright blooms of the hawthorns and lilies of the valley! Whenever you see them, get ready for sunnier days and blooming gardens – spring (almost summer) is on the way!

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