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Gift Ideas for the Futurama Fan

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Good news, everyone! We’ve discovered a plethora of gifts for the Futurama fan in your life! For a show with such a massive fan base, there is no way that there isn’t going to be countless amounts of merchandise available. When it comes to a situation like that, it’s going to be tough to nail down that perfect gift! We completely understand and that’s where we’ve come to save the day.

Fantastic Futurama Gifts PIN

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Fantastic Gift Ideas for the Futurama Fan

While we weren’t hopping from planet to planet to find these gifts, it doesn’t make them any less stellar. We’ve scoured the internet and come up with presents to please the most die-hard fan of the series and we’re certain that there’s one or two here that is going to be absolutely perfect for the Futurama fan in your life, so relax and join us on this list of 25 fantastic Futurama gifts!

Futurama LootCrate July 2016 Planet Express Ship Model Q-Fig from QMX by QMX Mini Masters Vehicles

Planet Express Ship

Buy on Amazon

Flying right out of July of 2016’s loot crate, this replica would look awesome sitting on a collector’s shelf. Coming in at 5.5 inches and including its own display base, it’s a pretty rad gift!

Turanga Leel Futurama Stickers Aloa Mars Philip J. Fry Sticker for Kids Laptop Skateboard Toy Stickers (Futurama)

Futurama Stickers

Buy on Amazon

We’re scratching our heads and wondering what this 50 piece sticker pack doesn’t include.

Futurama All Hail Hypnotoad Medium Vinyl Figure

Hypnotoad figurine

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True Futurama fans will recognize this little fellow on the spot! Give them the gift from their favorite episode with this Hypnotoad figurine!  

Bender Buddha | Dark Steel 4in.

Bender Buddha

Buy on Amazon

While we can’t really agree that Bender is the most Zen personality that we’ve ever come across, we’ll fully admit that this is one of the most unique pieces we’ve seen. It’s a Bender Buddha statue!

Absurd Ink Planet Express - Coffee Mug (Blue)

Planet Express Mug

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Sip coffee in total style with this amazing planet express coffee mug.

Futurama Poster Retro Vintage Funny Metal tin Sign Outdoor Kitchen Decor Bar Pub Club Cafe Home Indoor Home Wall Decor Art Sign Post Gifts for Man 8x12 Inch

Metal Tin Sign

Buy on Amazon

Straight from one of the saddest episodes of Futurama! Maybe gift them some kleenex with it too.

Loo Show Futurama Planet Express Casual T-Shirts Men Tee Black

Planet Express T-Shirt

Buy on Amazon

What can you really say about this shirt? It’s a minimalist way of being awesome. Featuring the Planet Express logo, it’s a very stylish way of expressing love for the show!

Futurama Slurm 2-Pack Loot Crate July 2017 Exclusive

Slurm Can Cozy

Buy on Amazon

Turn any drink into SLURM! With this two pack of can cozies.

Funko Mopeez: Futurama - Leela Plush

Leela Plush

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Everyone’s favorite mutant cyclops gets a plushy makeover! Fresh from Funko, this 4.5-inch adorable version of Leela is guaranteed to get a smile out of any Futurama lover!

Toynami Futurama Series 5 Calculon Figure

Calculon Figure

Buy on Amazon

The most famous soap opera actor in the cartoon universe has arrived in action figure form! Calculon is going to look amazing quoting cheesy lines and being super melodramatic on your friend or family’s shelf!

Futurama: The Complete Series

Futurama Complete Series (DVD)

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Does that fan in your life own the complete series? If not, you’ve got them covered with this phenomenal gift here! The entire Emmy winning series wrapped in an awesome looking box!

Absurd Ink Benderbrau - Pint Glass

Pint Glass

Buy on Amazon

Drink beer with this hilarious Bender pint glass!

Fu-turama Bender Mouse Pad Anime 12x10 inches Custom Mousepad Gaming mat Bite My Shiny, Metal Ass

Bender Mousepad

Buy on Amazon

Bender is always cool but we’ll admit that on this mousepad, he looks slightly ominous. Can’t say that it’s not par for the course with his character sometimes though! Perfect for that fan that spends hours at their desk or home computer.

Funko Mopeez: Futurama - Dr. Zoidberg Plush

Zoidberg Plush

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A Funko plush makeover? Why not Zoidberg?! Every fan’s favorite crustacean doctor gets his very own plush model and anyone who loves the show will definitely love this little guy!

Rich Bender Keychain for Fans Keys Holder

Rich Bender Keychain

Buy on Amazon

Bender is way too cool to pass up!

URBANFIND Men's Workwear Jacket Regular Fit Outerwear Full Zip Bomber Jackets Red US XL

Fry’s Jacket

Buy on Amazon

They can dress just like their everyday hero Fry!

CafePress Futurama Why Not Zoidberg Mug Unique Coffee Mug, Coffee Cup

Why Not Zoidberg Coffee Cup

Buy on Amazon

One of the most memorable and repeated catchphrases from the show on a stylish caffeine receptacle! Owning a very cool coffee cup? Why not your futurama fan?

Bender-Face-Futurama's Sticker Cartoon Vinyl for Cars Trucks Laptops (7'x6', 2pcs)

Cartoon Vinyl for Car

Buy on Amazon

Stay back baby! Bender is watching after all.

The Night Before Xmas: A Futurama Christmas Story


Buy on Amazon

Movie over night before christmas book, this will be your new yearly traditon to read.

Screen Legends Futurama Blind Bag Party Favor 3 Pack - Bundle with 3 Futurama Keychain Mystery Figures Plus Bookmark | Futurama Bag Clips for Kids

Blind Bag Party Favor

Buy on Amazon

These are fun! Try and collect them all today!

Futurama Philip J Fry Not Sure If Meme Narrows Squints Eyes Animated Comedy TV Show 1.1' Enamel Pin Badge

Fry Not Sure If Meme

Buy on Amazon

Classic meme alert! This pin is beyond hilarious.

Futurama Birthday Party Decoration, Include Philip J. Fry Birthday Banner, Latex Balloons, Cake Topper for Futurama Theme Fans, Kids Fans Birthday Party Supplies

Party Set

Buy on Amazon

What better way to show their love for their favorite show than a complete party set!

Funko POP TV: Futurama - Fry Action Figure

Fry Funko Pop

Buy on Amazon

A Funko Pop version of Fry? Shut up and take my money! A very cute and cool version of fry, this Funko Pop is gonna look great on your fan’s shelf in all of its bobblehead glory!

ALIZISHOP Baby's Futurama Climbing Clothes Bodysuit

Baby Onesie

Buy on Amazon

You mean your gift recipient’s baby isn’t into the show?! Well, you’ve obviously gotta change that! This onesie features that famous logo and is a stylish way to turn their baby into a living advertisement for the show.

FUTURAMA Planet Express Embroidered Hook fastener Patch (2.5 inch)

Planet Express Patch

Buy on Amazon

If you’ve got a friend that’s a fan of the series and wants to give their wardrobe some cartoon pizazz, look no further! This Planet Express patch is guaranteed to look nifty on jackets or any piece of clothing they decide to apply it to.

We don’t work for Planet Express but we’re pretty certain that we’ve managed to deliver the best of the best when it comes to great gift ideas. Did you find anything that you plan on snagging up for that Futurama lover in your life? Maybe you found something that you might enjoy owning yourself? Feel free to let us know or even if you want to just let us know that we nailed it with this list! Hit us up on Twitter (@ugifter) or Instagram (@uniquegifter) and thanks for checking out 25 Fantastic Futurama Gifts!

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