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Best Gift Ideas for Los Angeles Chargers Fans

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Los Angeles Chargers fans don’t mess around with what they like! And that’s top quality merch and collectibles to commemorate their favorite franchise in the NFL. Find the hottest pieces of décor, apparel and inspired gift ideas for Los Angeles Chargers fans around! These are going to score you huge points with your favorite fans, family members and friends.

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The Best Gift Ideas for Los Angeles Chargers Fans

Chargers fans love one thing besides fast and aggressive football, and that’s top of the line gifts to left everyone know who they’re rooting for!

LA Chargers Decals

charger decals

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The perfect gift to give to a fan that wants to show off their love for the Chargers! Stick these decals on your car, laptop, or even a water bottle. 

LA Football Pillow Cover 

Best Gift Ideas for Los Angeles Charger Fans pillow cover

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This is an awesome custom made gift you probably won’t be able to find anywhere else! It’s the perfect addition to any couch, bed, or lounging area. 

Decanter and Whiskey Glass Box Set 

decanter and whiskey glass personalized box set

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This is the perfect gift any Charger’s fans home bar, or study! Hook them up with this personalized wooden box set that includes a decanter and two whiskey glasses! 

Gold Plated California State Charms 

Gold plated state of California charm

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Making an LA Chargers inspired charm bracelet? These pieces are perfect for the crafty fans out there, who can make the ultimate DIY Los Angeles Chargers gift!

La Chargers Cedar Bird Feeder

LA chargers bird feeder

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This feeder is made from an LA Chargers license plate! This handmade upcycled gift is ideal for fans with a nice yard!

NFL Chargers Logo Pattern Ribbon

charger logo ribbon

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This gifting ribbon comes in Chargers blue, and features the team’s iconic logo and name! Gift the maximum amount of team spirit with this one of a kind ribbon set for the perfect gift wrapping!

Chargers T-Shirt

  La Chargers T-Shirt

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What better way to show off your love for the LA Chargers than this classic Chargers T-shit! 

LA Chargers Fabric Storage Cube

LA Chargers fabric storage bin

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This thing is perfect for keeping all of your small Chargers décor, and tailgating gear in! Give it a special place in your home so everyone knows which NFL team you support!

LA Chargers Receiver Gloves for Youth

Charger receiver gloves for youth

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Train em’ young! These youth-sized NFL receiver gloves will turn your son or daughter into a future professional wide receiver! Great for hanging up, or tossing the ball around in the backyard.

NFL Rally Seat Cover

Chargers seat cover

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This is the perfect way to deck out your vehicle during football season! Let all of your passengers know your favorite team the moment they step into your car.

Los Angeles Chargers Tumbler 

LA Charger tumbler

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This Tumbler keeps your drinks warm, and your excitement for the Chargers at maximum capacity! This makes the perfect Los Angeles Chargers fan gift idea for the one who just can’t get enough coffee in a day.

Los Angeles Chargers Blanket 

Best Gift Ideas for Los Angeles Charger Fans Blanket

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This throw blanket would make the perfect gift for any Chargers fan! Keep them warm and cozy while they cheer on their favorite team. 

Los Angeles Chargers NFL Flag

Chargers Flag

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Styled as the Stars and Stripes, this epic flag takes inspiration to create a legendary way to show off your love for the chargers! Hang it out during your next tailgate!

Los Angeles Chargers Hoodie

LA Chargers hoodie

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This insanely cozy, and timeless grey hoodie features the Chargers color and logos for the perfect amount of team pride and comfort for your favorite fan!

NFL Chargers BBQ Set/Cooler 

Best Gift Ideas for Los Angeles Charger Fans bbq set and cooler

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As a new Los Angeles Chargers fan, this gift idea is everything you need to get started! This set comes with a complete BBQ set and a cooler! Hop right into the fandom and get tailgating with this perfect set! 

These Los Angeles Chargers fan gift ideas are fun, practical and funny ways to get into the fan base! Engage with your favorite team by commemorating them with any kind of merch, collectibles and fan gear like we’ve showed you here. Looking for more inspiration?

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