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Easter Classroom gifts for Kindergarten Students

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Whether you’re a teacher or a well-meaning parent, it’s fun to buy gifts for your kid’s class. Especially when they’re in kindergarten! Bring some Easter fun to the classroom with these gifts for kindergarten students.

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Easter Classroom Gifts for Kindergarten Students

These gifts are all age appropriate for the 5 or 6 year olds that you usually find in a kindergarten class. I also tried to include a variety of options for different budgets; I know teaching isn’t always a well paying profession!

These are also great ideas for your child’s kindergarten classroom if you want to give everyone a little something for your kid.

Kids play doh clay easter eggs

Clay Easter Eggs

Kindergartens love playing with modelling clay. These eggs have some clay inside and a fun Easter themed mold for them to shape it with.

Personalized Ears

Little kids wearing bunny ears is so cute! Get each student in the kindergarten class their very own set of personalized bunny ears.

assorted rubber duckies for easter

Rubber Duckies

Kindergarteners aren’t too old for baths yet so why not add some Easter fun into the mix. These little duckies are disguised as Easter bunnies, eggs, and lambs.

Burlap Tic-Tac-Toe Eggs

These handmade Easter egg felt games are perfect to play with small treats or mini Easter eggs. The pouches hold the candy inside for a fun surprise.

egg shaped stamps for Easter to give to a kindergarten class

Egg Stampers

These egg-shaped stamps each have colorful Easter pictures on them that are perfect for kindergarten students.

Crocheted Chicken in a Egg

These are so cute and perfect for kindergarteners to play with! They’re soft so no one will mind if they get tossed around or make a cute addition to imaginative play.

Pre Filled Easter Baskets

If you want to get the kindergarten students their own Easter baskets this is a great way to take care of everything in one purchase. Great for small classes or to give kindergarten aged kids in your life.

Bunny Juice Boxes

These personalized bunny juice boxes come pre-assembled and can be ordered in bulk for an easy, and a little bit more healthy, Easter treat. Good for giving out to the whole class at an Easter party!

Pre filled Easter surprise eggs

Pre-filled Surprise Eggs

I guarantee every kindergarten student in that classroom has seen the surprise egg videos online. They’re going to love opening their very own!

Assorted bendy bunnies for kindergarten Easter classroom gifts

Bendy Bunnies

Give them out by themselves or include them in some kind of Pinterest-style project.

Mini Bunny Bath Bombs

A fun way for little kids to get washed in the tub! These Easter favors come ready to give. There are a variety of kid-friendly scent options too.

assorted egg maracas for kindergarteners

Egg Maracas

Finally eggs they can shake and play with that won’t break! Kindergarteners will love making their own music, teachers maybe not as much.

Personalized Stuffed Bunnies

Kindergarten students love seeing their name on things! These mini bunnies are perfect sized to give to the class.

Easter Egg Crayons

Coloring… Easter style! This is a great non-candy gift idea for a holiday that involves way too many treats.

assorted bulk mini stuffed bunnies for a kindergarten classroom easter gift

Stuffed Bunnies

These bunnies are too cute not to include on this list. They come in a few colors and come in a bulk pack so they’re easy to give to the whole kindergarten class this Easter.

Picture frame Easter craft for kindergarten students

Picture Frame Craft

These picture frame craft kits not only make a fun project for kindergarten students, they’re also a great keepsake item for them to bring home to their family.

Coloring Cards

Instead of doing a gift give them a fun activity to do instead. These coloring page cards come with crayons so they’ll be ready to color right in class.

Easter eggs with mini stuffed toys inside

Stuffed Toy Eggs

These Easter eggs come prefilled with little stuffed toys. Kindergarten students will love opening them up to see what’s inside.

Easter shaped sidewalk chalk for kids

Sidewalk Chalk

Usually by Easter the weather is warm enough to go outside and kindergarten students will be lining up to get out there. Give them some fun Easter shaped chalk to make their spring more colorful.

Teacher Shirt

Don’t forget about the teacher when buying gifts for the kindergarten classroom! This shirt can be customized.

Buying Easter gifts for your kindergarten students doesn’t have to be eggstravagant to have a hopping good time! Don’t forget to check out these Easter Gifts for Kindergarten too.

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