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Funny Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Adults

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When filling up your spouse’s, partner’s, adult children’s, or someone else’s stocking, it’s nice to put some fun stocking stuffers in there. But what do you add when they’ve outgrown toys? These funny stocking stuffer ideas for adults are the perfect gift for Christmas morning fun.

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Funny Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Adults

Christmas morning is going to be a lot more lively with these funny gift ideas. Whether silly, crude, gag gifts, or just downright funny, these are the best stocking stuffer ideas to make adults laugh.

Tipsy Elves Pooping Santa Wine Stopper - Great for White Elephant

Pooping Santa Wine Stopper

What better way to keep some of your holiday wine fresh than with a wine stopper? Adults who love to drink (or entertain) will appreciate it as a practical gift, but the festive yet crude design is perfect for laughs around Christmas.

1-Count Knock Knock Seriously? Sticky Notes, Office Memo Sticky Notepad, 3 x 3-inches each

Seriously? Notepad

Sometimes you need to write something down but it’s so ridiculous you don’t even want to record it. There’s also a handy checkbox to confirm “yes, seriously” in the case of definitely serious matters.

Favourite Asshole Keychain

Favourite Asshole Keychain

You need to give the assholes in your life the recognition and affection they deserve. This keychain is the perfect way to do that.

Accoutrements-12303 Bigfoot Air Freshener - Pine Scent

Bigfoot Air Freshener

If you want a practical stocking stuffer idea for adults why not slip an air freshener in their stocking? Of course, it has to be funny, so choose something like this Bigfoot air freshener… Apparently it smells like Sasquatch!

Funny Magnet

Cute funny magnets like this one make great funny stocking stuffer ideas for adults. They’re usually inexpensive and come with jokes and messages that can suit almost any person or sense of humour.

Custom Damn, I am good carpenter's handyman pencil funny gift

Damn, I Am Good Pencil

Great for the carpenter or DIY enthusiast! Slip one of these carpenters pencils inside their stocking as a practical gift idea and reminder that their skills are valued.

Oriental Trading Nose Pencil Sharpeners Pack of 3 Noses

Funny Nose Pencil Sharpeners

These are another practical but funny stocking stuffer gift idea. It’s a nose shaped pencil sharpener where you have to stick the pencil up the nostril to sharpen it. Too funny!

Funny make up bag

Make Up Bag

Do you have someone in your life whose make up are always on point? Give them this funny makeup bag in their stocking which says “I like my eyelashes as black as my heart and as long as the list of people I hate.”

BioSwiss Novelty Bandages Self-Adhesive Funny First Aid, Novelty Gag Gift (24pc) (Cinnamon Bun)

Gag Gift Bandages

Life is full of scrapes, bumps, and bruises. Make their next minor injury a little bit more fun by throwing some of these funny bandages in their stocking. They even have a “realistic” touch and feel texture!

Chill Pills

We all know someone who needs to take a chill pill. Throw a whole jar in their stocking for a funny gift idea.

Cards Against Humanity: Weed Pack • Mini Expansion

Cards Against Humanity Card Pack

If they like to play Cards Against Humanity (or if you have it under the tree as another gift), these foil packs make perfect funny stocking stuffers.

Funny Gag Mug

Funny Gag Mug

This mug is a great funny stocking stuffer for someone who you want to tease. If you follow the directions on the side you’re in for a bit of a laugh… If not from the recipient then at least the gift giver.

Air Guitar Strings

Air Guitar Strings

Here’s a hilarious gag gift for the funny stocking stuffer history books. No, it’s not empty – that’s a bag of air guitar strings. Hey, it comes with a free pick too!

Bacon Beaded Bookmark

Bacon Bookmark

A gift for someone who loves to read! It’s funny, and true that reading is bacon for the brain.

Song Lyric Kitchen Towels

Song Lyric Kitchen Towels

“Just beat it” and other song lyrics will make them laugh come Christmas morning with these funny kitchen towels. In case you’re wondering what’s so funny; they’re all puns.

Rectal Use Only Stickers (200 Pink Tabs) Funny Gag Joke Gifts - Prank Your Friends and Make Them Laugh (1.5' x .375')

Rectal Use Only Stickers

A funny stocking stuffer idea for the prankster in your life. They’re going to have so much fun sticking these “rectal use only” stickers to everything.

I love getting nailed by you hammer

Personalized Hammer

Immortalize your love for your partner with this hammer by adding a message like “I love it when you nail me”. You know, so they have some inspiration to fix things around the house.

How to Traumatize Your Children: 7 Proven Methods to Help You Screw Up Your Kids Deliberately and with Skill

How to Traumatize Your Children Book

This is a funny stocking stuffer gift idea for parents. As a pocket book, it fits perfectly into their stocking. As a joke, it gives parents a laugh and some helpful advice on how to (not) raise their children.

Popcorn Magnets

Popcorn Magnets

For a more “wholesome” funny stocking stuffer idea for adults how about these cute popcorn magnets? It looks like someone scattered it all over the fridge!

My wife is perfect T-shirt hilarious adults christmas gift

My Wife is Perfect Shirt

Sometimes you have to get your spouse something that they’ll absolutely love. This fantastic t-shirt will fit perfectly in their stocking and make everyone around you laugh.

Belly Button Lint Remover

Belly Button Lint Remover

A practical gift idea? Well at least this gag gift will get a few laughs as a funny stocking stuffer for adults.

Katamco The Original Toilet Timer (Classic), As Seen on Shark Tank. Funny Gift for Men, Husband, Dad, Son, Birthday, Christmas, Stocking Stuffer.

Toilet Timer

We all know someone who needs to hurry up (and get off their phone) while in the bathroom. This toilet timer will give them a strong hint that they’re taking a bit too long on the throne.

After Sex Towel

After Sex Towel

A funny gift for your partner. You probably shouldn’t include this in their stocking if they’re going to be opening around other people, though.

The Screaming Goat (Book & Figure) (RP Minis)

Mini Screaming Goat

Give this little goat a gentle press and he does what goats do best: screams.

Enjoy your coffee stamped spoon

Kind of Mean Hand Stamped Spoon

This hand stamped spoon will give the recipient all kinds of mixed messages. A funny gift for a partner or loved one with a good sense of humour.

funny stocking stuffer ideas for adults Christmas cozies

Christmas Themed Can Cozy

You have to have festive stocking stuffers, after all, it is Christmas. These are perfect funny gift ideas to throw in for someone who enjoys canned drinks so they can be festive while they enjoy the holiday cheer.

FUNNY GIFT! Supply Station Desk Accessory Holder by KitoDesign

Toilet Tape Holder

It’s a roll of something, that’s for sure. This fellow is quite the helpful multi-tasker and this is a practical, yet funny stocking stuffer idea.

Soy Candle

Soy Candle

This soy candle candle is lavender scented for maximum relaxation. It says “you suck less than most people” which makes it not just a funny gift, but also a sweet one.

Juvale Novelty Christmas Party Hats for Adults, Santa, Roast Turkey and Christmas Tree (3 Piece)

Funny Christmas Hats

You’ll know these hats were the right decision for the adults in your life when they pull them from their stockings Christmas morning and put them on. Get one for everyone!

Coal Mine Naughty Black Nugget Bubblegum 24 Packs

Lump of Coal

Sometimes Santa needs to punish even naughty adults. Make them laugh by putting a lump of coal in their stocking. Don’t worry, it’s actually made of bubble gum for a funny Christmas morning treat.

Parking Violation Stickers Notice (Pack of 50) Tow Warning You are illegally Parked Multi Reasons - Large Size 6' X 9' – GREEN

Parking Violation Notices

For the petty people in your life who get upset when people don’t park properly. Now they can issue their own (fake) parking violations when it suits them.

Working on my six pack bottle opener

Funny Bottle Opener

Bottles need to be opened, right? This funny bottle opener says “I’m working on my six pack” and makes a great stocking stuffer idea.

The World's Greatest Book of Useless Information: If You Thought You Knew All the Things You Didn't Need to Know - Think Again

List of Useless Information Book

This book brags “if you thought you knew all the things you didn’t need to know – think again”. With the narrow size, it’s perfect for a funny stocking stuffer idea for someone who has (and knows) everything.

Primitives by Kathy 23233 Floral Trimmed Box Sign, 4' by 3', Favorite Pain

Pain in the Ass Block Sign

It’s nice to slip some home decor items inside an adult’s stocking. This decorative block, measuring just 4” x 3”, a lovely gift idea for your favourite pain in the ass.

Dill Pickle Lip Balm – Pickle Gifts – Funny Gifts for Men – Flavored Lip Balm – Weird Stocking Stuffers – Funny Pickle Gifts – Dill Pickles – Unusual Gag Gifts – Unisex Gifts

Pickle Flavoured Lip Balm

Christmastime means the start of winter, and winter means harsher conditions and chapped lips. Save them from the weather by adding some lip balm to their stocking… Like this hilarious pickle flavoured variety.

Funny women's panties not tonight joke funny stocking stuffer ideas for adults

Funny Underwear

Whether you’re gifting to him or her, underwear is always a welcomed practical gift at Christmas. Of course, you should probably get them something funny, just saying.

GreatGadgets Classic Beer Holster, Leather, Espresso Brown

Beer Holster

They’ll be a beer quick draw master with this handy holster. Pair it with a case of beer under the tree for the best Christmas ever.

Bomb squad funny running shirt

Funny Running Shirt

This shirt says “bomb squad: if you see me running try and keep up” which is the perfect gift idea for someone who likes to run outdoors.

GreatGadgets Classic Beer Holster, Leather, Espresso Brown

Mama Shark Wine Tumbler

Mama shark needs a drink. This is one of those gifts that just keeps on giving and mama shark will love filling it up all year long once the baby sharks are in bed.

Cheese Knife

Who cut the cheese? They did with this beautiful stamped cheese knife that definitely doesn’t have a double meaning.

Funny Cooking Chef Apron for Men with Pockets BBQ Kitchen Work Aprons Birthday Father's day Creative Gifts for Dad

Let’s Cook Apron

This funny apron will fit perfectly in an adult’s stocking and protect their clothes while they’re in the kitchen. Let’s cook!

Smiley Fries Earrings

Smiley Fries Earrings

Just because they’re a grown up doesn’t mean they have to grow up. Help someone you love relive their childhood or pay homage to a favourite snack with these earrings that look just like smiley fries.

Crazy Dog Mens Ask Me About My Ninja Disguise T Shirt Funny Flip Costume Humor Tee Novelty Shirts for Men with Gag for Guys Black L

Ninja Disguise Flip Shirt

This funny shirt says “ask me about my ninja disguise”. On the inside is a ninja mask so when the t-shirt wearer flips the shirt up and places it over their head they’ll be in full ninja disguise.

List of Things I Hate Bumper Sticker

Bumper stickers are a fun gift idea for adults, but this funny one might be the best choice. It has a list of things they hate which includes “bumper stickers, irony, and lists”.

rub my feet or get lost women's sock gag gift

Rub My Feet Socks

Really, any of these novelty socks make great funny stocking stuffer ideas for adults, but these ones will make almost any adult happy to open Christmas morning.

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Whether or not they’re the “best” gifts is irrelevant, these funny stocking stuffer ideas for adults are going to have everyone laughing on Christmas morning. Talk about making the holidays bright!

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