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Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

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As if figuring out what to get your kids for Christmas isn’t bad enough… You have to come up with stocking stuffer ideas for kids too. Or at least you did! These stocking stuffer ideas are perfect for kids of all ages and both boys and girls.

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

As a parent of 5 myself, I know what sorts of things kids like. I also know that you don’t want to fill your kids’ stockings full of junk that will get thrown away or lost in a toy bin just a few weeks after Christmas. This list balances fun for kids and stuff parents won’t mind them unwrapping on Christmas morning.

Barrel of Monkeys

barrel of monkeys best stocking stuffer ideas for kids

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This classic toy is going to be a hit with kids of all ages! Even better if they’re Toy Story fans, since the monkeys are featured in those films too.

Dot to Dot Book for Kids

best stocking stuffer ideas for kids dot to dot art book

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Soft-covered activity books like this one fit well into kids’ stockings if you roll them up. I like this one because the dot-to-dot activities are holiday themed.

Reindeer Popper

reindeer popper toy best stocking stuffer ideas for kids

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Kids are going to love sending these balls flying across the room (and at each other). Plus who can resist a cute Christmas reindeer?

Stretchy Bananas

stretchy banana gift idea for kids christmas stocking

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Any kind of squishy food is a fun stocking stuffer idea for kids. These bananas are fun to play with, especially for busy kids.


Pair of binoculars best stocking stuffer ideas for kids

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Perfect for bird watching, looking at the stars, or spying on your siblings. A kid-sized pair of binoculars is always a huge hit (no matter your child’s hobbies).

Tooth Fairy Pillow

cute tooth fairy pillow best stocking stuffer ideas for kids

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I don’t know about you, but in my house the tooth fairy hates trying to find that tooth under a sleep kid’s pillow. Instead, tuck the tooth safely in the pocket of this mini pillow which makes a great (and practical) stocking stuffer idea for kids who are still losing baby teeth.

Kids’ Alarm Clock

Kid's alarm clock best stocking stuffer ideas for kids

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This alarm clock is perfect for kids who are trying to gain some independence. Help them wake up on their own when they return back to school after the holidays.

Mini Jenga

Mini Jenga stocking stuffer idea game for kids

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Jenga is fun but it’s much too big to fit in your kid’s stocking. Instead, choose mini Jenga as a fun stocking stuffer the whole family can enjoy later.

Cupcake Bath Bombs

Cupcake Bath Bombs for kids stocking stuffer ideas

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These cupcakes look good enough to eat! Drop these cupcakes in your child’s bath for a sweet smelling bath. The little garnish is also a mini soap so they can get squeaky clean.

Fidget Widget

Fidget toy kids stocking stuffer ideas

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Move over fidget spinner, this is a different kind of fidget toy. It spins and the rings can be repositioned for hours of enjoyment.

Snowman Nose

Funny kids snowman nose costume gift idea for stocking stuffers

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Do you want to be a snowman? This cute accessory would make a festive addition to your child’s dress up wardrobe and a perfect stocking stuffer.


Parachute toy stocking stuffer idea for kids

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Remember these toys from when you were a kid? Well these are the improved versions; they have no strings to tangle so they can be flown again and again.

Pocket Kendama

Pocket Kendama kids dexterity wooden toy game

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Kendamas are traditional Japanese toys. The goal is to try and land the ball in one of the cups on the side or, for a bigger challenge, on top.

Chewing Gum Holder

Funny chewing gum holder for kids

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OK it’s kind of gross, but it’s a solution for those kids who are always saving chewing gum for later on their bedside table.

Wind Up Christmas Toy

wind up dancing christmas toys

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These are a fun little stocking stuffer ideas for kids. Wind them up for hours of entertainment. I know my kids adore these little wind up toys, and would love getting some Christmas themed ones in their stockings.

Sensory Toy Set

Sensory toy set kids stocking stuffer ideas

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These multi-toy sets from Amazon are a great way to get all your stocking stuffer shopping done at once. Just pick up a kit and throw it all inside!

Kids’ Card Game

Smack it kids card game boardgame stocking stuffer idea

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You can find so many kid-friendly card games out there now besides Go Fish and Old Maid. This one will get kids excited with some fun, family competition.

Custom Nutella Jar Label

custom nutella jar labels for kids stocking stuffer ideas

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If you have a kid who’s obsessed with Nutella, adding a mini jar of it is a fun stocking stuffer idea. To make it even more magical, pick up a custom label with their name on it like these ones!

Play Doh

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You can never go wrong with Play Doh as stocking stuffer ideas for kids. Add a few pots of their favourite colour and make some accessories, too.

Fun Socks

fun cute animal kids socks

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Whether they have fun designs on them or even cool shapes like these animal socks, adding some socks to your kids’ stocking is a practical gift idea.

Fingerlings (Or Other Toys)

Fingerling toys kids stocking stuffer ideas

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Whatever happens to be popular right now is always a safe bet in your kid’s stocking. Especially if they watch Youtube and see all the latest crazes.

Kid-friendly Watch

Kid size mickey mouse wrist watch kids stocking stuffer ideas

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Kids love copying the grown ups. If you or your spouse wear a watch, why not get the kids one too? Choose something that’s kid-friendly. As a bonus it will help with their number sense and self-management!

Emoji Stress Balls

Emoji stress balls kids stocking stuffer ideas

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They’ll probably cause you stress when your kids inevitably throw these around, but at least they’re soft.

Liquid Motion Bubbler

Fun liquid motion bubbler toy

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These sensory type toys are great calm-down products for kids. It’s also just fun to watch the bubbles work their way down!

Personalized Pencils

kids personalized pencils set

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Tired of your kids losing their pencils? Want something fun to add to their stocking that they can also use? These personalized pencils are a super cute stocking stuffer idea. Order them in your child’s favourite colours!

Bath Fishing Toy

Toddler bath tub fishing toy game

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Why leave fishing for the summer? Kids will have so much fun trying to rescue these plastic fish from their bath.

Dinosaur Finger Puppets

Kids toy dinosaur finger puppets

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These are too silly not to include. Kids are going to love playing dinosaurs with these funny finger puppets.

Holiday Jigsaw Puzzles

Christmas jigsaw puzzle gift for stocking stuffers

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These little puzzle tubes are perfectly stocking sized. Even better, they’re holiday themed which will be fun for Christmas morning.

Bath Pipes Set

Bath pipes kids bath toy holiday gift idea

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They probably won’t fit in the box but unwrap these for a unique stocking stuffer idea for kids. These bath pipes stick to the side of the tub so kids can experiment running water through them in different ways.

Holiday Chapstick Set

stocking stuffer for kids chapstick

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Every kid I know seems to have chapped lips in the wintertime. Chapstick or lip balm is one of my favourite go-to stocking stuffer ideas for kids. Choosing a holiday theme like this set is a festive touch.

Mini Squigs

mini squigs children's holiday toy game

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These building blocks have suction cups on the ends, perfect for easy building. This set is a stocking stuffer sized mini version.

Mitten Clips

Mitten clips unique stocking stuffer for kids

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No more losing mittens and no dangerous strings running through your kid’s coat. Seriously, these are a lifesaver in the wintertime.

Wool Mittens

wool mittens stocking stuffer for kids

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If you need something to put on those mitten clips, why not add a new pair of wool mittens to your child’s stocking? Perfect for the upcoming winter months.

Kids’ Smart Watch

kids smart watch alarm activity tracker camera phone

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Another “be like the parents” gift idea. If you own a smartwatch, your kids are probably always trying to play with it. Get them their own!

Cute Keyring

Cute custom kids keyring gift idea

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Keyrings for kids make great accessories to add to their backpacks. Or use it as a zipper pull!

Candy or Treats

M&Ms candy for kids stocking stuffer ideas

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Nothing is more classic in a stocking than candy. Add some of your child’s favourite confectionaries for a tasty Christmas morning treat.

Bathtub Crayons and Markers

bathtub markers and crayons for kids

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Turn bathtub into a work of art! These fit perfectly in stockings and will make even the most bath-resistant kids excited for their next soak.

Solar System T-Shirt

Kids solar system T-shirt

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T-shirts are perfect stocking stuffer ideas, especially for kids. Usually they fit great in the stocking and still leave room for a few more treats and gifts.

Tiny Baking Set

Kids tiny baking set gift idea holidays stocking stuffers

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This tiny baking set may look like a toy but it packs a real punch. Literally, it’s real. It even comes with a recipe book so your kid can make some tiny desserts!

Mini Playset

Mini playset polly pocket toy for kids stocking stuffers

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This is modelled after the Polly Pocket toys from the 80s and 90s, but it’s actually from the latest Toy Story film. Even if your kid isn’t into the movie, though, this cute playset is a fun mini stocking stuffer idea.

World’s Smallest Tinker Toys

World's smallest tinker toys

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It needs to be small to fit in a stocking, right? Creative kids will love these tiny tinker toys that are perfect for on-the-go building.

Adventure Kit

Kid's adventure playset kids stocking stuffer ideas

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This is another stocking stuffer kit that will mostly cover all the shopping in one go. Add in all the pieces of this kit, plus a few treats, and the stocking is stuffed!

Magnetic Drawing Board

Magnetic no mess drawing board for kids

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If you have an artistic kid you’re probably already drowning in paper and finding crayons under the couch. These magnetic drawing boards are a great way to unleash creativity without the mess. I like them for the car!

Micro Drone

Kids micro drone gift idea

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This teeny-tiny drone still packs a punch. With 21 minutes of flight time and auto hovering to make flying easier, your kid will have a blast controlling it from their smartphone.

STEM Christmas Tree

Small STEM christmas tree holiday stocking stuffer idea for kids

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If your kids are interested in stem kits, or you want them to have more STEM exposure, this is a great Christmas gift (and stocking stuffer) idea. You add the LEDs to the circuit board tree!

Die-Cast Motorhome

small die cast motorhome stocking stuffer vacation christmas gift idea

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Is your kid looking forward to camping again this summer? This cute camper opens up to reveal a playset inside.

Knit Hat

Knit Hat for kids stocking stuffer

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Keep those little ears warm all winter with a brand new hat as a stocking stuffer idea. The pom-pom makes it extra cute on your child’s head.

Bath Dropz

Crayola shaker bath drops for kids

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Sort of like a bath bomb, these mini bath drops colour the bath water. They’re fragrance free so it’s a perfect alternative for kids with sensitive skin.

Reusable Straws

reuseable straws gift idea for kids stocking stuffer

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Kids love to use straws. Help save the planet by getting them their own set of reusable straws to eliminate single use in your home.

Yeti Water Bottle

Yeti water bottle holiday gift

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Kids can never have too many water bottles. Whether they need it for school or they take it in their bedroom, this high-quality sipper is durable, spill proof, and dishwasher safe.

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Now that you have all the stocking stuffer ideas for kids it’s time to make that Christmas magic happen! All these gift ideas are sure to bring magical smiles for you (or Santa Claus) on Christmas morning.

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