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Wonderfully Geeky & Nerdy Stocking Stuffer Ideas

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Trying to come up with geeky and nerdy stocking stuffer ideas can feel a bit tough. Especially if you’re not really into those geeky and nerdy things! Hopefully these fun stocking stuffer ideas will be the inspiration you need for amazing holiday gift giving. 

Will it fit in a stocking? Debatable. Is is a wonderful gift for any gamer that is guaranteed to stoke some nostalgia? Absolutely.

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Wonderfully Geeky & Nerdy Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Whether you’re trying to pad out stockings for your geeky kids or your nerdy spouse, there’s so many great gifts out there that will fit inside a stocking. So brush up on their favorite fandoms and find the perfect Christmas stocking stuffer gift idea this year. Let us know what you think about these geeky and nerdy stocking stuffer ideas! 

Pokedex Wireless Phone Charger

This is a Pokemon reference, but also a practical gift idea. Who doesn’t need another phone charger? The way it holds your phone like a replica of the show (great emergency battery!) is a nice touch.

Ps5 Controller Tree Ornament

I love using stockings as a way to gift someone ornaments for the Christmas tree. A controller of their favourite game console (like this PS5 controller) is a perfect geeky gift idea.

Alcohol Molecule Flask

For the chemistry geeks in your life! Not appropriate for kids, but adults will sure love this nerdy flask in their stocking. Add a small bottle of their favourite booze in there too.

Rupee Magnets

Need a geeky and nerdy stocking stuffer idea that won’t cost much, but also has some practical use? Get them a magnet with something funny or geeky on it, like these ones that look like Rupees from the Legend of Zelda.

Schottenfreude: German Words for the Human Condition

Schottenfreude Book

This tiny book is perfect stocking stuffer size! Perfect for a language geek who will get a kick out of all the made up words inside.

The Legend of Zelda nerdy christmas gift idea

Ocarina Necklace

If you’re trying to pick stocking stuffers for a video game geek or a Legend of Zelda fan, they’re going to love this one. It’s an ocarina from Legend of Zelda, a cute accessory for any geek in your life.

Polyhedral Dice Set

Although you can gift them any polyhedral dice set in their stocking, it’s even better if you choose something cool. This dice set is a great choice, or look at what they’ve been drooling over lately.

Animal crossing video game themed scrub nerd gift

Video Game Themed Scrub

If you want to pamper a geek with their stocking stuffers things like sugar scrubs are the way to go. But don’t gift just anything! Look for something geeky, like this Animal Crossing themed scrub.

Personalized Lego Minifigure

These are a cool stocking stuffer idea for Lego fans. Order the whole family for them to display!

VICKYDGE Anime Ball Grinder, Large Spice Grinder 2.2 Inch

Dragon Ball Z Herb and Spice Grinder

I have to admit, I don’t quite know why they’ve made an official Dragon Ball Z herb and spice grinder. But what I do know is there’s a geek out there who needs this in their stocking this Christmas.

Goosebumps Pencil Pouch

Whether they’re a book nerd, a horror geek, or just trying to relive their childhood, this Goosebumps pouch makes a neat stocking stuffer. To make it better, fill it will nice pens or pencils!

Star Trek Fridge Magnet

Trekkies and sci-fi geeks can feel like they’re boldly going where no man has ever gone before every time they enter the fridge thanks to this magnet.

Sailor Moon Inspired Necklace

If she’s fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, and never running from a real fight she might be Sailor Moon. Anyone who loves Sailor Moon will also love this inspired necklace, which would make an amazing geeky stocking stuffer.

Batman: Bat Signal (RP Minis)

Mini Bat Signal

Work is tough, but you can help them make it easier by adding a mini Bat Signal to their stocking. That way when they need Batman’s help, you know, like when there’s a boring meeting coming up, they can turn it on.

Cubone Skull

Cubone skulls are a pretty morbid part of Pokémon lore but that won’t stop a Pokéfan from loving this on their desk or shelf. Get the smaller size for a stocking stuffer idea.

Cool Fridge Ninja Star Magnet, Decorative Whiteboard Magnets for Office, Home & School, Funny Anime Theme Refrigerator Magnets for Kids - Bullseye Office

Ninja Star Fridge Magnets

These office magnets will make it look like the person you gifted these to is a ninja master. Who threw ninja stars into the filing cabinet? They did.

geeky & nerdy stocking stuffer ideas star charts

Mini Starfinder

An aspiring astronomer or even a seasoned astronomy geek will love this mini starfinder. Handy for those screen free moments where you want to look up constellations, plus easy to take with you when you’re out on nighttime hikes or camping.

Board Game Enthusiast Magnet

If their board game collection isn’t on display this is a nice way to show off their board game love in your kitchen or the office. If you don’t like these options you can also get a custom one made!

Geeky Wallet

Wallets are a great practical stocking stuffer idea for adults and kids. This one happens to be made from comic book prints, perfect for the geeks in your life.

Superfight History Deck: 100 Historical Themed Cards for The Game of Absurd Arguments |Family Friendly Game of Super Powers & Super Problems, for Kids Teens Adults, 3 or More Players, Ages 8+

Superfight Geeky Expansion

This is the classic geeky card game. If they don’t already have the base game you’ll need to stick that under the tree, but if they do then a stocking stuffer is a great excuse to pick up an expansion pack.

Funny nerd quote cross stitch framed

Warrior’s Death Cross Stitch Pattern

Whatever geeky reason they might love this this cross stitch would be lovely hanging in their home or office. Either download the pattern and make it yourself or if they’re crafty, add the pattern and the thread in their stocking.

Kawaii Computer Pillow

This cute, nerdy computer gift idea will make them go “aww” on Christmas morning. A perfect friend for a backpack or bag!

Deadpool Cup Cozy

Deadpool will help save the planet, one disposable sleeve at a time. Also can be worn as a wrist band because why not.

HAPPYPOP Funny Space Socks Science Socks for Men Boys Crazy Socks, Astronomy Gifts Space Gifts, Math Socks Nasa Socks Engineer Gifts Silly Socks for Men

Geeky Socks

The sky’s the limit with geeky socks out there, but why not go beyond the sky with space socks? Geeks will love the cool prints on these, which are great for work.

Minecraft bow tie geeky & nerdy stocking stuffer ideas

Minecraft Bow Tie

Kids who have to dress up, especially for Christmas dinner, will find it much more agreeable with a Minecraft bow tie. Geeky adults will also love wearing this too!

GIANTmicrobes White Blood Cell Plush - Educational Get Well Gift, Learn How these Heroic Cells keep you Healthy, Includes Info Card, Health, Immune System, Medical, Biology gift and Learning Tool

Giant Microbes

Trying to find stocking stuffer ideas for a biologist or doctor? No need to get a microscope out to see these cute plush microbes. It’s also very cute when you give them to kids and they play with “the plague” or “white blood cells”, just saying.

Nerd D20 geeky & nerdy stocking stuffer ideas

Stealth Check Shirt

If you’re shopping for a Dungeons and Dragons fan they’re going to love anything DnD related in their stocking. This stealth check shirt should fit perfectly in any sized stocking and has a funny inside joke that fans will enjoy.

Zelda Can Cozy

For the beer (or soda) drinker! Perfect for handing them a support beverage and saying the quote every. Single. Time.

Paladone PlayStation Metal Drink Coasters - Set of Four - Slip-resistant Cork Base - Cool Coasters, Game Room Decor & Gift for Gamers

PlayStation Coasters

These drink coasters will fit nicely in their stocking and help show the world their geeky video game fantasticness. If you didn’t already know, they’re the buttons from the PlayStation controller.

Spaceballs Ornament

One of the best geeky parody movies out there! If they’re older sci-fi fans they probably love this comedy, which will be forever immortalized on your Christmas tree.

Geeky Tote Bag

This is another category of gift that makes great stocking stuffers and can be found with almost any nerdy reference you can imagine. For a generic gift idea (like when you have no idea what they’re into) a “bag of holding” bag is a great choice for nerds.

Walking Dead Magnet Set

You get a whole set of 2 magnets with this wonderfully geeky and nerdy stocking stuffer idea! If they’re a fan of the Walking Dead they’re definitely going to appreciate sticking these around the house.

Eevie Make Up Bag

This is especially great if you have some after Christmas travelling planned. Give them a cute nerdy make up bag like this cute Pokémon one to hold all their essentials in. 


Space Gun Ketchup Dispenser

You know what? Sometimes you have to save the galaxy. Let them live like the space hero they truly are with this gun shaped ketchup dispenser.

Hand Sanitizer Labels

Imagine them pulling this out of their bag whenever they need to get their hands germ free. It’s not hand sanitizer, it’s a polyjuice potion. Duh.

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Star Trek Captain's Log Passport Sized Mini Notebook

Captain’s Log Mini Notebook

This smaller sized notebook not only fits easily into purses and backpacks, it also makes a great stocking stuffer. Perfect for jotting notes, journaling, or keeping track of their space mission.

Paladone DC Comics Officially Licensed Merchandise - Batman Rubber Bath Duck - Rubber Ducky

Batman Rubber Duck

You can gift this one to kids and adults alike! Little ones will love adding this to their bath, while grown up geeks will appreciate having it on display in the bathroom.

All Caps Shirt

The best stocking stuffer idea ever for a computer nerd! Roll this funny shirt up and slip it into their stocking for a very happy Christmas morning. Bonus points if they have the kind of job where they can wear it to work.

wwheel of flames nerdy candle set

Wheel of Flame Candle Set

OK fine, you probably can’t fit the whole set into someone’s stocking, but these super nerdy candles are still great stocking stuffers. Perfect if you’re buying for a geeky group!

Golden Ratio Necklace

If you’re not familiar with the golden ratio then all I can say is this is definitely a geeky necklace. Give this stocking stuffer to someone who’s a math fan, or at least understands the significance of this formula.

Origami Earrings

They’re not actually made of paper, but they sure look like tiny folded animals! Made from sterling silver, they’ll look even cuter on.

Tyrannosaurus Lex: The Marvelous Book of Palindromes, Anagrams, and Other Delightful and Outrageous Wordplay

Wordplay Book

Geeky writers and word enthusiasts will love discovering new oronyms, oxymorons, anagrams, palindromes, puns, and other funny wordplay. Plus the book is tall and skinny so it should make a great stocking stuffer.

Geeky Hair Scrunchie

For those long haired geeks on your shopping list! They’re going to love the Legend of Zelda print featured on these scrunchies, which are perfect for anyone into this up and coming 80s and 90s throwback fashion trend.

Floppy Disc Notebook

Another great upcycled stocking stuffer idea for nerds! This notebook is covered with floppy discs because, let’s be honest, what else can you do with them nowadays?

Circuit Board Tie

Another computer nerd gift idea, this circuit board printed tie is going to have someone going back to the office in style after the holidays.

Sailor Moon Decorative Scepter Wine Stopper - Heavy Duty Metal Fits Any Bottle - Novelty Gift for the Anime Fan - Officially Licensed

Sailor Moon Wine Stopper

The 80s and 90s kids who grew up watching Sailor Moon are now old enough to enjoy a bottle of wine. Celebrate that fact by putting this cool, geeky wine stopper in your partner’s stocking this Christmas.

Geeky Peg Doll Family

This is one of those super sentimental stocking stuffers you buy someone you really care about. You can order the whole family, custom made into whatever geeky characters you like. Perfect to display around the home or to have as a family keepsake.

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They won’t be disappointed come Christmas morning with these wonderfully geeky and nerdy stocking stuffer ideas, that’s for sure! Whatever their fandom, there’s definitely some great gift ideas out there to delight geeks and nerds of all ages.

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