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20 Easter Gift Ideas For Daughters - Unique Gifter

20 Easter Gift Ideas For Daughters

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Looking for gifts to put inside of your daughter’s Easter basket? I have gathered some of the cutest items I could find that would be a perfect addition to a basket. You don’t have to fill their basket entirely with sugary sweets and chocolate bunnies, give them gifts that will last well after the Easter holiday has passed!

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Easter Gift Ideas for Daughters

Bunny Slippers

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Who doesn’t love seeing little feet slipped inside adorable bunny slippers? These are so cute, and would be a perfect and fun gift idea.

Wooden Blocks

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These are a classic toy but can be so fun and help them learn letters, animals, and even build. I think every kid deserves to have these blocks to play with when they are little.

Spring Themed Bottle Sleeve

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If your little girl drinks bottles, consider this fun spring themed cover, to help her grip her bottle with ease and add a fun element to her bottle.

Bunny Bib

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This bunny bib is just darling and would look darling paired with her Easter best outfit. Keep her clean and looking precious as can be with this bunny bib.

Wooden Bead Set

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Here is a really fun butterfly wooden bead set for your daughter to be able to make jewelry for her and her friends. This is for a little bit older girls, but still a ton of fun to be had.

Mermaid Dolls

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What little girl doesn’t dream of being a mermaid? Here is a 3-pack of mermaid dolls that will provide tons of hours of play time and be a fun piece to add some color to your little girl’s basket.

Owl Purse

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Here is a small little purse that is an owl design. Your little girl would look so adorable carrying this little purse around with pretend makeup, chapstick, or a few little toys.

Stuffed Bunny Doll

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This doll is so unique and different than a regular baby doll and fits perfectly with the Easter theme. I am sure her eyes will light up when she squeezes this plush bunny doll.

Bunny Necklace

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I know when I was little jewelry was always something I desired to have. This is a really simple and fun necklace that she can wear on a daily basis and comes in a cute bunny case.

Gardening Set

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Here is a fun spring inspired gift, if you like to garden together. Give her a fun set that fits her size and is all colorful and fun.

Shopkin Easter Eggs

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Shopkins are one of the most popular items right now, so these Easter eggs would be a perfect filler. She won’t know whats inside until she opens it for a fun surprise.

Ouchless Hair Ties

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These hair ties are full of pastel colors and will jazz up any pony, bun, or pigtails your girl rocks. Plus they are ouchless so they won’t snag in her hair and cause her pain.

Easter Shirt

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Snag this monogrammed Easter shirt for a personalized gift for your little girl. I love saving back clothing that has the child’s name on it as it makes a wonderful keepsake for when they are older and can look through an old chest filled with their stuff.

Bunny Nose Tumbler

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This bunny nose tumbler is just the funniest cup I have seen. Add your daughter’s name and she has a perfect little gift to use to make her feel extra special anytime she takes a sip.

Name Puzzle

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For younger little girls give them a puzzle with their name on it. They will learn how to do puzzles and work at learning the letters of their name and how to spell it.

Initial Necklace

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This is a really simple but elegant bunny with your child’s first letter initial on it. Great for those older girls who like to wear jewelry to make them feel extra girly.

Bird Earrings

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Another jewelry piece that is perfect for daughters who have their ears pierced. I always loved getting new earrings as a girl, because I could change them out all by myself and felt so proud.


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Nothing is more relaxing than heading outdoors and twirling around with one of these hand kites. Your girl holds onto the ring and runs or twirls and watches the ribbons whimsically float in the air.

Lip Balm

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Get this custom lip balm in tasty scents like marshmallow, bubblegum peppermint and more. Your daughter will love feeling like a big girl applying it to her lips.

Colorful Hairbrush

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What girl doesn’t like to pamper herself. Here is a colorful brush where she can decorate it with bling to fit her exact style! It is a really fun filler for the Easter basket.

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