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30 Gift Ideas for a PhD Graduation

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PhD students – how long have they been at school?  Too long to count.  During those final formative years, PhD students basically live and breathe their dissertation.  It’s a long slog and when they’re finally done – they deserve a celebration! That’s why we put together this list for gift ideas for a phd graduation. Celebrate their hard work in style with a gift that says congrats. 

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Gifts Fit For a PhD Grad

Not just anything will do, this person is a doctor now! Going through a PhD program is a huge endeavor, and definitely an occasion that should be celebrated. These gifts for a PhD graduate are perfect pick-me-ups after stressful school days and dissertation writing and perfect accessories to help them get started in their new career, whatever that will be. 

It’s Dr. Actually Personalized Mug

This personalized mug says “It’s Dr. Actually” on one side and the PhD graduate’s name and title (Dr. Name) on the back. Perfect for that first morning coffee after graduation! You can customize the interior color, too, to match their preferences.

PhD Wine Label

A PhD graduation is definitely the right occasion to break out a great bottle of wine or champagne. Make it even more celebratory by adding a custom wine label like this one; because this wine definitely pairs well with a PhD.

nespresso coffee machine

Nespresso Coffee Machine

Now I know the PhD graduate will probably be wondering why you didn’t get this during the program to help with the long nights. That’s valid, but at least now that they’ve graduated they can afford to buy the pods, so… Anyway, if you want a big graduation gift for someone moving into a career, anything to make mornings easier is a win.

Dangerously Overeducated T-Shirt

A hilarious t-shirt fit for a dangerously overeducated PhD graduate! What better way to show off all those painful years of higher education?

nice diploma frame

High Quality Diploma Frame

Not all frames are created equal when protecting important documents like diplomas. Especially if you want to hang them on the wall! This one has a business-style matting and frame style, plus preservation features like UV protection so the degree inside won’t fade over time.

Personalized Acrylic Sign

The PhD graduate you gift this to could display it at home, in their home office, or at work. Customize it with their name, specialization, and best of all, silhouette. This one has masculine figures, but the seller also offers a female version.

Scratch Off Bucket List

It’s well known that undergoing a PhD program is pretty much all encompassing. Chances are, a new doctor hasn’t had the time or spare cash to go on too many adventures. If your PhD grad loves to travel, help them start this new chapter with something to look forward to like this scratch off bucket list poster that features popular tourist stops.

the power of a phd book

The Power of a PhD Career Book

Not everyone who graduates with a PhD knows exactly how they’ll be using it in their future career. If you’re shopping for a doctor who’s still unsure about career goals, this book can help them find meaningful work by utilizing their in creative ways.

spa foot bath

Spa Supplies or Spa Day

Now that they finally have some time to rest, help the recent grad relax by gifting some spa or relaxation related gifts. You can’t go wrong with a foot bath, or go bigger and purchase a day at the spa gift certificate for some real R&R.

This mug is such a cute gift ideas for a phd graduation.

PHinally Done Mug

The huge relief someone feels when they finish their PhD dissertation?  This mug exclaims it. 

Gift ideas for a PhD graduate include this gorgeous paperweight!

Personalised Silver Star Paperweight

For a fun and unique gift, this silver star paperweight can be personalised with a congratulatory message. 

They're professional now so get them this nice set for gift ideas for a phd graduation.

Business Card Holder Gift Set

They’re a doctor now –  they’re going to need a business card holder.  This genuine leather gift set also comes with a fancy pen and a key chain. 

Gift ideas for a phd graduation include plenty of relaxation.

Deluxe Lavender Spa Gift Set

The feminine PhD graduate will love a long session of relaxation or two with this fragrant lavender spa gift set.  They just might never get out of the bath. And even if their not a mom, this list of gifts that promote relaxation has something on it for everyone.  

This gift ideas for a phd graduation helps them capture the memories.

PhD Definition Picture Frame 

Here’s something for their mantle.  A definition of PhD that will resonate with someone defending their dissertation. 

Gift ideas for a phd graduation for those with a sense of humor.

Funny Badge Button

There’s nothing like a pun to make people laugh – this funny ‘She wants the PhD’ button will do just that. 

T-shirt that says not that kind of doctor.

‘Not That Kind of Doctor’ Shirt

Yes, once you get your PhD you become a doctor, but let’s be clear on what kind. Funny t-shirts are cute gift ideas for a PhD graduation to lighten the mood. 

These cuff links make a great gift ideas for a phd graduation.

For something a bit more subtle and elegant, these stainless steel cufflinks are a perfect little reminder of all the hard work they’ve gone through. 

Gift ideas for a phd graduation include art they can put in their new office.

Folded Book Art Sculpture 

This unique art sculpture will be a neat addition to their bookshelf.  We guarantee that they’ll have nothing quite like this. 

Pens so they know who they are dealing with make great gift ideas for a phd graduation.

‘Achieve Your Dreams’ Engraved Gift Pen with Light and Stylus Tip

This stylish pen comes in a keepsake presentation case and makes a great graduation gift.  It is engraved with the words ‘Achieve Your Dreams’ as a gentle reminder of never giving up. 

This delicate makes a thoughtful gift ideas for a phd graduation.

Going Places Compass Necklace

This delicate necklace makes a nice gift for a girly PhD graduate – a reminder that there are so many places and so many possibilities to go from here. If you’re shopping for someone close to you high end jewellery that they can wear to a new job or enjoy as a keepsake also make great gift ideas for a PhD graduation.

one line a day memory book

One Line a Day: Five-Year Memory Book 

Yes we remember the big events, but it’s the little things that make a life.  This five-year memory book is a great gift to encourage record keeping and revisiting previous thoughts and memories. 

Wine is definitely gift ideas for a phd graduation appropriate.

Wine Gift Set

After a few long years (or sometimes more) of a PhD, the graduate deserves a good hard drink after their graduation.  This wine gift set coupled with a bottle of their favourite will definitely be appreciated. 

Help them celebrate with this gift ideas for a phd graduation.

Chocolate Fondue and Treat Maker

Fondues are something that people love, but that they rarely purchase for themselves.  Satisfy their sweet tooth with this chocolate fondue and treat maker set. 

Funny Doctor Graduation Candle

Sometimes you just have to commensurate a big moment with a funny gift. Becoming a doctor is no easy feat; remind them with this funny candle gift set.

A relaxing lily garden makes a great gift ideas for a phd graduation.

Indoor Water Lily Fountain

Indoor water fountains are a great gift for any occasion, but especially for a graduate.  It is something special that they will treasure in their home for years to come. 

Gift ideas for a phd graduation include things that help them get zen.

Tabletop Zen Garden 

PhD’s are stressful but once done it’s time for some in-home relaxation with this tabletop zen garden. 

gourmet gift basket

Celebratory Gourmet Gift Basket 

No one in their right mind would scoff at a gift basket, and since this graduation is a big deal – gift them a big one! 

A tile to help them remember is a great gift ideas for a phd graduation.

PhD Ceramic Tile 

For someone who likes to decorate their home with memories of their life, this ceramic tile is ideal and clearly states that a PhD was accomplished. 

Gift ideas for a phd graduation for the phd who has a sense of humor.

PhD Funny Graduation Card 

Know someone who graduated in English Literature? Get them this card, but only if you are familiar with their sense of humour! 

If they're a big shot, this makes a great gift ideas for a phd graduation.

Graduation Cap ‘Big Shot’ Glass 

As previously mentioned, a PhD graduate needs a stiff drink at the end of their dissertation.  Help them out with this nifty ‘Big Shot’ glass!

Hopefully you found the perfect gift ideas for the next PhD graduation you go to! Whether you’re shopping for a friend or family member there are so many fun ways to celebrate this amazing achievement in someone’s life. Don’t forget to address all cards to “Dr. Name” to acknowledge this new chapter (and title) in their life.

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