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20 Gift Ideas for a Sagittarius Woman

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We all have that one friend who is 100% into her star sign, constantly checking her horoscope. If she’s a Sagittarius, there’s good reason to be loving on her astrology. Sagittarius women are dreamers, adventurous, positive, encouraging, and still somehow extremely hard to buy for. But luckily for us, there are TONS of great gifts for that loud and proud Sagittarius woman. Without further ado, here are 20 gift ideas for a Sagittarius woman.

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So go ahead and get started. 

Gift Ideas for a Sagittarius Woman

This Gorgeous Bow-and-Arrow Ring

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Perfect for the proud Sagittarius who likes to be slightly subtler with her astrological sign.

Or for The Less Subtle Sagittarius, Try This T-Shirt

This fun tshirt is great for gift ideas for a Sagittarius woman.

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This shirt is not only a great statement of pride for your Sagittarius friend, but it also adds a “pop” of comedy to her wardrobe.

Sticking with The Comedic Vibes, How About Some Sagittarius Word Magnets?

Gift ideas for a Sagittarius woman for when she's feeling poetic.

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Perfect for crafting the perfect haiku or sending messages to her roommates.

Speaking of Crafting, A Paint Set Would Be Perfect for A Sagittarius

If she loves to paint, this would be great for gift ideas for a Sagittarius woman.

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People who fall under the Sagittarius sign tend to be on the creative side, so why not let their creativity shine with a brand new paint set?

Not Interested in DIY-ing a Painting, Here’s One That’s Premade

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And great for showing off how pretty their star sign looks in the night sky.

Is Digital Art More Their Style? Check Out This Gorgeous Sagittarius Skyline Poster

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It’s just subtle enough to show off their astrological pride in any room of the house!

Blown Glass Sculpture

Does your friend want to make a statement in their living room? Check out this blown glass sculpture.

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This sculpture is four inches tall and is made entirely of colored glass. Shiny!

Throw Pillows

To top off her zodiac-inspired house, check out these beautiful throw pillows. If she’s re-doing her home office, be sure to check out this list for fun ideas. 

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Perfect for a sofa or on top of bedding.

Sagittarius Travel Mug

Does your friend like a hot beverage in the morning? Try this Sagittarius travel mug.

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This travel mug comes in two themes: day and night. Both are gorgeous!

Tea Sampler Gift Box

Tea makes the perfect gift ideas for a Sagittarius woman.

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But you can’t just give her a mug without anything in it… try this tea sampler gift box.

Or This Hot Cocoa Gift Box

Gift ideas for a Sagittarius woman to help her feel snuggly!

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Sagittarius Tote Bag

This tote bag would be great for gift ideas for a Sagittarius woman.

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And while your friend is carrying their hot beverage of choice around outside, a Sagittarius tote bag is perfect for carrying everything else.

iPhone Case

Also perfect for your Sagittarius friend out on the town is this iPhone case.

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The paint spatter with the constellation looks so fun and artsy!


This necklace is a great accessory to any outfit

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Turquoise Agate Boho Bracelet

If bracelets are more her thing, then check out this turquoise agate boho bracelet.

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This bracelet is also said to have protective properties to it.

Adventurous Sagittarius Book

Gift ideas for a Sagittarius woman for the girl who craves adventure.

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Sagittarius’s are known to be adventurers at heart. The adventurous Sagittarius would love this book on adventuring around the world.

Sagittarius Zodiac Painting

Does she have a reading book? How about this Sagittarius zodiac painting over a dictionary page for some ambience.

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A great addition to any place surrounded by books of any kind.

Sagittarius Pixie Fairy Garden Kit

If she has a green thumb, this would be great for gift ideas for a Sagittarius woman.

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Does starting a fairy garden sound like something your friend would love doing this Spring? Then why not start her off with a Sagittarius pixie fairy garden kit. If you think she’ll be into gardening, here is a list for gifts for adult gardeners


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Want a funny gift for your Sagittarius friend? Check out this T-shirt.

Or These Socks

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Are you going to give your friend the best zodiac-themed present this year? Tell us what your favorite ideas are in the comments and let us know if you get one of these!

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