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Our 20 Favorite Bear Pride Gifts

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Rawr. These bears aren’t scary but they definitely are proud. Whether you’re buying for someone else or yourself, these bear pride items are perfect gifts.

Bear Pride Gifts


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Simple, manly lego coloured for the bear pride flag and woven together.

Bear Pride Flag

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Nothing says pride like a flag waving proudly. What’s better about this one is it also has a paw print in the corner to help people recognize this less known LGBT symbol.

Mug Cozy

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So their coffee stays snuggly wuggly warm.

Beared For His Pleasure Shirt

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This shirt will make them do a double take. Loud and proud, that’s what it’s about!

Goat’s Milk Soap

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These soaps have an earthy, outdoorsy scent so they can get bear-y clean.

Bear Pride Vest

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They can add this patch to a hat, coat, bag, or whatever they want to show of their asexual pride.

Cub Cuff

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Cubs need some love too! These leather cuffs simply say “cub” so they can show their pride in style.

Bumper Sticker

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Another more subtle one – this bumper sticker has the bear pride flag in the background with bears in the front.

Pride Ring

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This simple ring pulls some of the colours from the bear pride flag. Classy and fashionable.

Feed Me To The Bears Shirt

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Perfect for the non-bears who still want to show their bear love.

Bear Pride Pendant

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This handmade pendant uses perforated holes to string the pride flag colours through.

Trinket Box

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This bear pride box is hand painted. What they do with it is up to them although the etsy listing seems to have a few ideas.

Leather Flag Bracelet

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A real leather bracelet that has each colour of the bear pride flag attached in strips. Masculine jewelry at its finest.

Pint Glass

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They can enjoy a pint of their favourite beer with this bear pride drinking glass. The glass features a decal of a bear paw with the pride flag colours inside of it.

Bear Pride Belt

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This custom leather belt will proudly hold up his pants while he dances the night away, hunts in the wilderness, or whatever his plans are.

Crochet Scarf

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Sometimes bears get chilly too – add an extra layer with this fashionable crocheted scarf. It’s nice and wide to keep even the strongest bears warm.

Love Photo Frame

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This handmade photo frame is the perfect gift for a bear in love. Put a picture the happy couple inside the heart for a nice, personal gift.

Metal Bracelet

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This bracelet uses the colours of the bear pride flag and weaves them together in an interesting and fashionable design. Cool!

Bear License Plate Holder

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Show your bear pride off everywhere you go with this license plate holder.

Christmas Stocking

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Now even Santa Claus will see your (or their) bear pride! This stocking is done in the flag’s colours with some bling added on. Stuff it with goodies for a great Christmas gift.

Hurray for showing your support, love, and pride for the bear community!

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