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20 Gift Ideas for Friends Studying Abroad

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With many thousands of students traveling abroad each semester, a fresh wave of students will go on a long-awaited journey in the coming months. Consider giving one of these gift ideas to those particular friends studying abroad in your life that they will appreciate during their time away.

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Thoughtful Gifts for Friends Studying Abroad

Consider giving your friend studying abroad a gift that will be useful to them during their time away. Whether they’re going abroad for a month, a year, or somewhere between, the list below has something for every adventurous young traveler.

Personalized Study Abroad Gift Journal

Study Abroad Gift Journal

This one-of-a-kind, bespoke notebook is meticulously designed with space for photos and writing and pockets and envelopes to store the memories and souvenirs of their time abroad. Choose any map to go with their destination.

Packing cubes for preparing to study abroad

BAGAIL Set of Compression Packing Cubes

Your pal will thank you for gifting them a set of compression packing cubes. Every inch of space in their luggage will be needed for their time abroad, so compression packing cubes are an excellent start for saving space.

Quick dry towel set for international students

OlimpiaFit Quick Dry Towel – 3 Size Pack

Bulky towels have no place in a suitcase! These quick-dry, microfiber towels come as a set of 3 – in different sizes! Great for day-to-day use or the pool or beach. 

Travel organizer gift ideas for friends studying abroad

FYY Electronic Organizer – Travel Cable Organizer Bag

For travelers, these organizers are game-changers. These have a mesh zip pocket to keep a passport, SD cards, camera remote, and flash drives, plus they fit a variety of cords. Keeping everything electronic in one place is helpful, so they don’t panic when looking for chargers, etc. 

Portable solar power charger

Portable Solar Power Bank for All Phones, Tablets, and Electronic Devices

One of these could easily be one of the most practical gifts for a friend traveling abroad. These portable power banks can be charged by USB or via sunlight – which can be super helpful if they don’t have a suitable plug converter for the country they’re visiting. It’s also waterproof and has a flashlight.

Luggage tag for travellers

The Adventure Begins Luggage Tag

A luggage tag is perfect for helping them spot their bag in a busy airport baggage claim. These make bags easy to identify and get them out of the airport quicker. You can also opt for personalized luggage tags to give thoughtful gift ideas for friends studying abroad.

Hoodie travel pillow for students on long plane rides

Hoodie Travel Pillow

It’s a unique must-have for any travel! It’s literally a hood with a comfy pillow attached that cradles the neck and a soft hood that keeps annoying chatter from neighbors away. Funny and functional!

Combination lock case

BOMBER CASE – Combination Lock Box

Most student housing doesn’t have a safe/lockbox for a student’s valuables. As a result, students must leave them unattended in their accommodations. This little portable lockbox comes in handy in this situationβ€”perfect size for cash, jewelry, passports, medication, and other small items. 

Bracelet that says wander fearlessly on it

Wander Fearlessly Bangle Bracelet

For a more sentimental touch, a simple bangle bracelet with some thoughtful words on it can be a perfect touch for someone traveling. They’ll think of you whenever they wear it!

Universal power adapter for students studying abroad

Worldwide All in One Universal Power Adapter

Be a hero and make sure they can always charge their devices – no matter where they’re going! They’ll appreciate that you’re helping them stay connected from across the world.

Infinity scarf with hidden pockets

Zero Grid Infinity Scarf with Hidden Pockets Converts to Blanket and Wrap

This multi-purpose piece is perfect for someone traveling abroad! This infinity scarf has hidden pockets, plus it converts to a wrap or a blanket – a major bonus if they’re on a chilly flight.

Personalized leather laptop case for university students to take notes

Personalized Leather Laptop Case With Notepad

Although a laptop case may not seem like an exciting present for someone heading overseas, chances are they don’t have one or don’t have the time to shop for one. It’s the ideal farewell gift for their journey! It also keeps their computer safe while traveling – it’s a no-brainer!

Hanging toiletry bag for men and women who travel

Hanging Toiletry Bag for Men & Women

Have you ever been in that awkward situation where you don’t know where to put your toiletries because the bathroom has no counter? So just get your friend a hanging toiletry bag that they can hang on the bathroom door or outside the shower stall to prevent just tossing them on the floor. 

Packable rain jacket for travel

COOFANDY Unisex Packable Rain Jacket

Depending on where they are studying abroad, both Europe and Asia receive a lot of rain depending on the season. A raincoat that folds up and offers some protection from the elements would be an excellent gift for them!

Airtag pack of 4

Apple AirTag 4 Pack

AirTags are super helpful for keeping track of any items that could potentially be stolen while abroad. With an AirTag in a backpack or wallet, they could easily be tracked and reported to the proper authorities. 

Snack box care package for friends who's studying abroad

Snack Box Care Package

American snacks can be hard to come by depending on where they’re studying! Snack boxes like this that they can easily pack are perfect for making sure they get to take some favorites from home with them abroad.

Camera lens kit for taking pictures abroad

Godefa Phone Camera Lens Kit

If they aren’t taking a fancy camera with them, they’re likely taking a phone! This set of camera lenses is small and easy to pack to amplify their phone photos while they’re gone.

Study Abroad Planner for students

Study Abroad Planner

This Student Abroad Preparation Planner is specifically for students preparing to study abroad! The templates (12 pages) are ready to use, making it easier to plan, organize, and execute their once-in-a-lifetime trip!

Kindle e-reader

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition (32 GB) 

No one wants to carry around bags of books, and they’ll weigh down luggage. However, a Kindle can hold MANY books! Load up a few travel guides for their location to make it super special!

Travel guide card set for someone travelling

Anywhere Travel Guide: 75 Cards for Discovering the Unexpected, Wherever Your Journey Leads

Anywhere Travel Guide cards are meant to entice you to go somewhere new. Each card contains a fun or unusual task, making it ideal for study abroad weekend getaways. It’s a terrific approach to learning about a city by going beyond the touristy hotspots. Some challenges encourage you to interact with locals, which is a fantastic way to start a conversation!

If you buy these gifts for pals traveling abroad, I guarantee you’ll be the most popular person on the planet and that your gifts will be appreciated! Use this list of gift ideas early to start thinking about what you’ll get for friends studying abroad to ensure they’ll receive it before leaving!

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