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20 Gift Ideas for Gym Teachers

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You might find yourself running laps looking for the perfect gift for your favorite P.E. teacher. Look no further, this guide is the perfect source for all of your unique gift ideas for gym teachers from across the internet! Sit back with your favorite pair of gym shorts and tube socks and dive into this spectacular array of gifting goodness!

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Blow the whistle!

And snag some of these gifts. 

P.E. Teacher Parking Sign

This funny gift ideas for gym teachers will remind everyone to park somewhere else.

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This hilarious parking sign will have any gym teacher in stitches! Hang it in front of their office or even in the parking lot for a real laugh!

Funny Teacher Mug

Gift ideas for gym teachers include ones that will let them use their "teacher" voice.

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Phys ed teachers will appreciate this coffee mug for their desk, ‘keep calm of I will use my teacher voice!’ is relatable to any gym teacher! If they like coffee, check out this guide

Football Charm

This gift ideas for gym teachers is one they can wear close to their heart.

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This silver football charm is the idea gift for the P.E. teacher that has it all! Pick one up with a personalized letter to really add to its charm!

Personalized Coach Gift Basket

Gift ideas for gym teachers include ones this meaningful.

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Personalized gifts make for some of the most memorable and unique gifts out there! Surprise your gym teacher with this variety gift basket!

Funny Gym Teacher Shirt

This gift ideas for gym teachers will let everyone know who's boss.

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This funny T-Shirt reads, ‘Drill Sergeant School Dropout’. It’ll have your favorite gym teacher doing push-ups in joy!

Mesh Sports Bag

This gift ideas for gym teachers helps them stay organized.

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This sports bag is perfect for any school gym teacher! Spanning 39’’, it’s ideal for carrying and transporting sports equipment with ease!

I.D. Lanyard

This gift ideas for gym teachers will help them wear their badge in style.

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This sport themed lanyard is perfect for holding your favorite gym teacher’s school I.D. badge.

Personalized Coach Print

This gift ideas for gym teachers would look cool on their wall.

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This print is and excellent unique find that can be customized with your favorite coach or P.E. teacher’s name! Pick one up for a great decor piece for their home or office!

Vintage Gym Shorts

They won't know what their missing until they get this gift ideas for gym teachers.

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This is a real gem, a pair of vintage 80’s high school gym teacher shorts! With the classic high cut, these polyester gym shorts are just the unique vintage find you’ve been looking for.

Love to Lift Charm

This gift ideas for gym teachers would look cute anywhere.

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This charming little keychain or bracelet charm is one of the cutest finds out there! Featuring a tiny dumbbell, it’s sure to tug on the heart strings of any gym teacher!

Personalized Contigo Water Bottle

This gift ideas for gym teachers will help them stay hydrated for sure.

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This high quality water bottle comes equipped with a personalized message. Gift one to your gym teacher with their name, school or favorite saying!

P.E. Teacher Wall Clock

This gift ideas for gym teachers will require them to sweat!

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This wall clock is perfect for any gym teacher’s office or gymnasium! It lets everyone know they’re in for a workout!

Sterling Silver Whistle

This fancy gift ideas for gym teachers is one they'll keep for sure.

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This gorgeou silver whistle is perfect for that unique gift find, something truly special. Pick one up to use as an addition to a jewelry piece.

Personalized Notepad

If people are always running late from PE, this gift ideas for gym teachers is perfect.

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This notepad, featuring a sports theme is excellent for any gym teacher during class!

Training Set

Help them keep fit with this gift ideas for gym teachers.

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Help you gym teacher give his or her P.E. class the winning edge with this resistance training set! Including several different pieces of equipment, it’s a great addition to their locker room! If they are also a personal trainer, check out this gift guide for additional ideas. 

Phys Ed Teacher Tote

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If there’s any one gift that you can call versatile, it’s the tote bag. With it’s trustworthiness and ability to remain fashionably neutral. This Phys Ed bag is perfect for the gym teacher on the go!

IPad Remote Control

This gift ideas for gym teachers will help them control their power point game plays.

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Technology has not been lost on the phys ed classroom! This Ipad remote is ideal for controlling slides on notes and procedures in the gym!

Classroom Emoji Stamps

Gift ideas for gym teachers include these fun stamps.

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Any teacher could use this set of stamps for grading and notes! Add a touch of fun to the classroom with these emoji themed stamps!

P.E. Teacher Book

If they need some classroom management tips, this gift ideas for gym teachers is a good one.

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This self-help book on classroom management is a great tool for improvement for gym teachers!

‘Teachers Who Lift’

This gift ideas for gym teachers is a fun one.

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This tank top will make have any teacher strutting down the halls with joy! Let everyone know who the coolest P.E. teacher around is!

Hopefully you’ve got a real slam-dunk of a gift on your hands! If you need more ideas, we have a list of gift ideas for male teachers here. Come back for more unique gift finds right here at Unique Gifter!

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