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Gift Ideas For English Teachers

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English was always my favourite subject in school which is probably why I write for a living now that I’m an adult. These literary and English language themed gift ideas are something for your English teachers to write home about.

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Creative Gifts That English Teachers Will Love

These gifts make perfect holiday gifts, special thank you gift ideas, or something to give your favorite English teacher at the end of the year. So many fun finds for English language and book lovers on this list!

Jane Austen Coasters

Book covers, especially old ones, can be gorgeous. Your English teacher is going to love bringing these Jane Austen covers into her home to show off their literary tastes.

Black tote bag that says I'm silently correcting your grammar with red pen marks correctly all the mistakes.

Funny English Teacher Tote

This colourful tote can be personalized in your English teacher’s favourite colour. With a brutally honest message on the front, this bag is something an English teacher will definitely appreciate.

Punctuation Shirt

Help the English teacher you’re shopping for scare their class full of children with this important lesson in grammar.

Edit or Regret It Art Print

This would look great hanging in an English’s teacher’s office or the classroom. It’s simple, yet effectively gets the point across.

writers block of cards

“Writer’s Block” Block

A fun gift for English teachers. These blocks are designed to help overcome “writer’s block” in a practical way.

Shakespeare Pencils

To be, or not to be, that is the question. Now it becomes the question of which pencil your English teacher will pick up as well.

Bookmark Set

You’d be hard pressed to find an English teacher that doesn’t love to read. These bookmarks are crafted with perfect literary puns and come printed on cardstock for a budget-friendly gift idea.

Books Art Print

Another one that’s great for home or classroom. It says “Books are our passport to travel the world of knowledge”. Add a great frame for a wonderful gift.

The adventure of English the biography of a language.

Biography of the English Language

An interesting history of the English language written in biographical style. It covers the development of English and major linguistic shifts through the ages.

Comma Sign

Is your English teacher on team Oxford comma? Do they recognize the life-saving power of the comma? This sign is for them.

Mini Custom Book Keychain

This is an opportunity to get something really special for an English teacher. Get their book quote printed on this mini book keychain.

awkward storyteller party game

Awkward Storyteller Party Game

Probably not a great idea to send to school with your kids but if you know an English teacher with a sense of humour this would make a great gift. English teachers who enjoy storytelling will love testing their quick thinking with this hilarious Cards Against Humanity style party game.

Grammar Police Pin

It’s funny, but kind of not at the same time because proper grammar is important. Learn the difference between your and you’re, and while you’re at it brush up on there, their, and they’re. It will make your English teacher happy.

Punctuation Poster

Perfect for elementary or middle school English teachers. This can be hung in the classroom to remind students how to use punctuation properly.

Library Lovers Lanyard

Teachers have all kinds of things they need lanyards for: ID badges, keys, or to use around the classroom. It’s comfortable to wear and looks great!

Spell Check Mug

Ha! The reason spell check is no substitute for proper proofreading is written all over this funny mug. Your English teacher will get a laugh.

Famous Book Art Print

With a few options to choose from, these art prints are as unique as your English teacher’s personality. The first few thousand words of their favourite book are written on these unique prints.

Yellow bag shaped like a banana with wooden letters.


Teachers are always looking for new resources and fun games to play in the classroom so an English-language improving one like Bananagrams can be a-pealing.

Found Word Buttons

These handmade pins are a really interesting find for English lovers everywhere. Made from the pages of discarded novels, on the keywords are visible and everything else is crossed out in fun colours.

Book Purse

For the English teacher who carries a purse! It uses an actual book that’s been repurposed as a purse to hold all their important things. Lots of choices available no matter their interests!

Now that you’ve learned an English teacher’s gift giving language it’s time to venture out into the world and pick up that perfect “thank you” gift ideas for English teachers. Use them to show your appreciation that they you enough grammar to keep from looking like a fool on the internet.

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