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20 Gift Ideas for History Teachers

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It’s that time of year again, school’s over, and it’s time to find the perfect something for that favorite history teacher of yours! No matter the occasions, the unsung heroes of academia are deserving of some unique history-themed gifting finds!

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Creative Gift Ideas For History Teachers

These gifts are perfect for your favorite history teacher.

Comedic History Wall Sign

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This handmade cast iron wall sign says it all, or does it? Poking fun at the traditional historical landmark signs this one will have students and teachers alike chuckling!

Archaeological Set

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This archaeological classroom kit is designed with the up and coming young history teachers in mind! Perfect for class projects or the teacher’s family, they’re sure to dig this one!

Declaration of Independence Necktie

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This one of a kind tie will put your teacher’s wardrobe to shame! It’s sure to be their new favorite, featuring a portrait of George Washington over the Continental Congress you could say it’s one of the most inspiring out there!

Napoleon Leather Box

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If there’s one thing history teachers have got, it’s style! Give them the gift of practicality with this leather pencil case featuring a small Napoleon bust on the front.

Ankh Keychain

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The well known Egyptian hieroglyphic featured in a small portable keychain! Let your favorite history teacher show off their love for the ancient civilization on the go with this stylish and subtle keychain!

History Buff Tee

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This hilarious T-shirt features Abraham Lincoln, (yes, the Abe) with a pair of sunglasses rocking a set of buff arms! It’s sure to have the whole class howling!

Civil Rights Pendant

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This small pendant features a cameo of the legal heading for Brown v. The Board of Education of Topeka, a landmark case in the Civil Rights movement. It’s guaranteed to have any history teacher jumping for joy!

Julius Caesar Pen Holder

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This desk ornament of Caesar features a bust of the legendary emperor in all its glory! Here to hold all of your pens and pencils, it’s the surefire gift for the history teacher in need of some organization.

Vintage Historical Map of Greece

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Explaining the history of the Greek states isn’t for the faint of heart! Give your heroic history teacher the gift of knowledge with this full-size retro map of Greece!

Rosa Parks T-Shirt

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This activist T-shirt features the legendary civil rights hero Rosa Parks in the style of a concert tee! It’s the ultimate American history buff gift, perfect for your favorite teacher!

Anubis Hieroglyphics Decals

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Tired of the old stick figure family on the back of the old minivan? Give your history teacher the gift of the coolest Egyptian god in town, Anubis! These stickers show off their appreciation and style as the realist teacher around!

Antique Flask

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This genuine vintage flask features aboriginal art style that’s sure to compliment any formal outfit or mini bar! History teachers know vintage, give them something to remember you by!

Liberty Bell Broach

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Carved from a silver half dollar, this broach is perfect for a charm or necklace gift. It symbolizes the iconic Liberty Bell made famous in American history classrooms. Any teacher is sure to recognize it instantly!

Albert Einstein Magnetic Paperclip Holder

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This magnificent desk piece is a real work of art! Celebrating the genius Einstein, it collects all of your favorite teacher’s mess of paperclips with a hilarious facial expression!

Complete History of the Roman Empire Books

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This entire book set spans the decline of the iconic Roman Empire. Perfect for any history teacher to brush up their knowledge with, these gorgeously bound books are sure to go over well as a history-themed gift!

United States President Rubber Duckies

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This set of rubber ducks resemble some of history’s most iconic US presidents! Perfect as desk decorations or for a truly historical bathtime, these ducks would make an ideal addition to a gift basket or as a comedic history gift!

History by the Meter Ruler

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This folding ruler features a timeline of some of history’s most iconic eras. Perfect for the classroom, it displays facts and historical periods all in one unique package.

History Teacher Parking Sign

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This parking sign says it all, and it’s sure to gain a few laughs around the department! This history teacher parking only sign is an excellent piece of classroom decor, or for the professor’s study!

Presidential Slogan Mug

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This one of a kind coffee mug has a ton of retro campaign trail slogans! Perfect for the teacher’s desk, let them show off their US history know-how around the school!

Retro Wall Clock Book

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This repurposed Lenin biography is the ultimate handmade history gift! It consists of an old copy of the book with a working clock which can be displayed on either a wall or bookshelf! Add style to a theme with this one of a kind piece!

Hopefully, this history teacher gift guide has been a real blast from the past! Let us know which ones got you an ‘A,’ and check back for more unique, and one of a kind finds!

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