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20 Cheap Engagement Present Ideas

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Don’t break the bank with these cheap engagement present ideas. A better name for this is “inexpensive engagement present ideas” because none of these gifts will make you look cheap. Perfect choices for getting a little something for the bride or groom to be to celebrate their new engagement.

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20 Unique Cheap Engagement Present Ideas

These thoughtful presents might be inexpensive, but pack a big punch when it comes to showing you care. 

Wedding Countdown

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What better way to celebrate an engagement than to set the happy couple up with a sign to countdown the days until “I do.” The wedding day will be there before they know it.

Journal for Couples

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As they plan to merge their lives help them preserve all those happy memories with this individual couples journal. Even if they’re not ready to travel yet, the first step is creating a bucket list of destinations together.

Romantic Coasters

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Budget-friendly but still a significant “wow” factor – these rustic style coasters are a perfect gift for the newly engaged couple. It’s also the kind of gift that they can use all the time and won’t just collect dust on the shelf.

Fiancé Shirt

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Great for the groom (or grooms) to be. Would I consider wearing this while I proposed? Absolutely.

Wedding Planner Checklist

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There’s a lot that needs to be remembered and noted and kept track of, and it’s overwhelming so here’s a wedding planner checklist. Super practical engagement gift idea.

Wedding Date Print

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If the couple has already announced their wedding date, you can grab them a personalized print as an engagement gift. It will be extraordinary as something to look forward to and later to remember their wedding day.

Wine Bottle Holder

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Get the celebrations off right by adding a bottle of the couple’s favorite (inexpensive) wine to this unique gift wrap.

Vows Books

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If the couple plans on writing their own vows (or even if they aren’t and just want a way to write personal messages to each other) personalized vow books are a thoughtful, cheap (low cost) gift idea. The seller will also customize them with a name which is perfect for queer couples.

I’m Getting Meowied

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Add to the pre-wedding excitement with this adorable stemless wine glass. Instantly the recipient’s favorite glass.

Ring Dish

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This funny ring dish is a perfect way to celebrate an engagement on the cheap but while also gifting something practical. The engagement ring can be kept safely in this cute dish when they’re not wearing it.

Engagement Date Ornament

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Perfect for those engaged around the holidays or who love to celebrate Christmas. This is one of those gifts that they will keep and enjoy year after year.

Bridezilla Putty

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For the bride to be to help them keep their calm during the wedding preparations. As long as she’s not already a bridezilla, this gift should make her laugh and not angry. Be cautious.

It’s About Time Candle

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How long have they been putting off this engagement? Celebrate that finally, they’re planning on tying the knot.

Gag Gift

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Gag gifts are always fun to liven the spirits of the gift recipient. This handy thermometer will help the happy couple communicate precisely how they’re feeling in the bedroom each night.

Engagement Print

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A personalized engagement gift that makes a beautiful keepsake for the couple. Giving something personalized adds that extra bit of charm to an inexpensive gift.

Groom Guide

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Don’t forget about the groom! For the man who’s not super engaged in the wedding plans this manual not only will guide him through the process but also help get him more excited for the big day.

Engagement Socks

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Great gender neutral and cheap gift idea. You can get them for both engaged parties!

Finally Card

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Maybe you don’t want to get an engagement gift but still, want to buy (or send) a card. There’s a lot of options on Etsy for engagement cards, but this one has lots of, um, personality.

Love Languages Book

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This book is one of the excellent resources for couples to help them understand each other better. Being aware of their love languages early on will make for a better relationship for years to come.

Date Sign

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This sign can be customized with either their planned wedding date or their engagement date. The rustic look will suit anyone’s decor, and the cost is very inexpensive.

Being cheap doesn’t mean you have to give cheap gifts! There’s so many high quality, frugal engagement gifts out there for brides, grooms, and couples of every kind, you have to know where to look.

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