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20 Gift Ideas for Your Postie

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Oh when the weather outside is frightful…the chances are your postal worker is miserable because they’re shoving Christmas cards through your door. Show that you appreciate all their hard work with these 20 gift ideas for your postal worker.

20 Gift Ideas for Your Postie


When You Need A Letter Mailed…

They’re the guy! 

The Postman with Kevin Costner

This story about a crazy post man is perfect for gift ideas for your postal worker.

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It doesn’t really have anything to do with delivering the mail, and we can’t guarantee it’s good, but it should give your postie a tickle.

Stainless Steel Travel Mug

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Simple and practical. Tell your mailman who you think the best is at delivering letters and packets. It’s fourteen ounces, so there’s plenty of coffee to last his whole route. We have some more Christmas gifts for coffee addicts too! 

Postman’s Bar Sign

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Put it above the kitchen or above that home minibar. Either way, you’re giving him the best the start to his holidays with the ideal drinking companion.

Mailman Salt and Pepper Shaker

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Just better hope that your postie hasn’t actually had his behind bitten by the friendly neighbourhood bulldog otherwise this salt and pepper shaker could shake up some painful memories.

The Jolly Postman

This feel good is perfect for gift ideas for your postal worker.

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Despite its cover, this isn’t for kids. Give a fun holiday read from one fairy tale character to another. Who isn’t curious about what Mother Goose has to say to her friends?

The Jolly Christmas Postman

This book is a cute one for gift ideas for your postal worker around the holidays.

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And the sequel. The Jolly Postman makes a return with a holiday twist. You’ll be surprised at some of these real letters. It’s bound to light their faces up with a smile.

Postman Pat Special Delivery Service

This gift ideas for your postal worker will let their kids know their parents do for work.

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Your postie has a family and you can make their life easier by getting something they can give to the kids. The first episode of Postman Pat’s TV series will keep the kids away when mommy and daddy want some quiet time.

Postman Costume

Let them dress up their cutie in this gift ideas for your postal worker.

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No, this isn’t for your postie. It’s for their offspring. If you know they have a cute little bundle of joy, let them dress up as their hero this Christmas. What could be more adorable?

Delivering Your Mail: A Book About Mail Carriers

This gift ideas for your postal worker will let kids know what exactly the post man does!

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Sometimes the best gift can be educational. Parents sometimes struggle to explain what they do in the right words. This book will educate any young person on how the mail works.

Postman Glass Keepsake

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You don’t have to push the boat out. This simple glass keepsake will help your postie to remember that you’ve thought about the job they do this holiday season.

German Nutcracker Figurine

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Remember the postman from the Nutcracker? Help celebrate Christmas with this wonderfully recreation. It can go on the Christmas tree, around the tree, or just on the mantel.

USPS Mail Truck

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No, we’re not suggesting you buy your mailman a mail truck; although we’re sure they’d appreciate it. This little figurine is a nice little gift to send home to a little one.

Classroom Mailbox

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This classroom mailbox is the perfect for the kids. It’s also useful as a collection box for charity, or just as a place to store those treasured letters. Either way, it’s fun for all the family.

I’ve Lost My Sheep Again

This gift ideas for your postal worker will help them sing their heart out.

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This album from The Postman contains a range of Christmas gospel songs. Put it on during the present unwrapping or at dinner for a festive background ambience.

Watch Hat

This gift ideas for your postal worker will help them stay nice and toasty!

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It may seem simple. It may seem unimaginative. But something as simple as a hat is one of the most appreciated gifts you can get your postie in the winter time.

Winter Gloves

This gift ideas for your postal worker will help them deliver the goods in comfort..

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Part two to this mini series we have going on is a pair of winter gloves. These thermal-lined winter gloves enable them to continue to separate the mail without having to take them off.

Norman Rockwell Christmas Cards

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Remember that you can’t give your postie anything too valuable or they won’t be able to accept it. A box of post-themed Christmas cards with a personal message inside is low-cost and personable.

Fully Open Slippers

This gift ideas for your postal worker will be a real treat when they come home at the end of a long day.

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There are a lot of tired feet come the end of the year. These slippers offer comfort by opening fully and providing an extra thick cushion for aching soles. We have some more gift ideas for winter feet here

Mr. Postman Costume

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Another one for the kids. These Mr. Postman Costume come complete with hat, vest, and a mail bag. Now they can be like their hero 24-hours-a-day.

I’m the Mailman

If people always talk about them, this gift ideas for your postal worker could be a real chuckle.

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Sometimes funny is best. This gag gift can go in the back of the van or in the living room window at home. It is meant to be a joke, right?

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