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20 Mother’s Day Gifts for Neighbors

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Do you have a neighbor who is a mother and needs to be shown appreciation for all she does for you, the other neighbors, and her own kids? You have come to the right place to find her a great Mother’s Day gifts for neighbors. Her eyes will light up when she realizes what you have done!

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Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Neighbors

Whether you and your neighbor are bffs or you’re just trying to be nice, these thoughtful gifts are a great way to spoil your neighbors this Mother’s Day. Something for every budget and every type of friendship!

Personalized Rolling Pin “______’s Kitchen”

With all of the baking your neighbor does, she needs a personalized rolling pin to add to her tools.

“I just want to drink tea, crochet, and cuddle my cat” Socks

If she loves drinking tea, crocheting, and cuddling with her cat, then she will love these cozy socks.

Personalized Family Cookbook

Everyone loves a safe and pretty place to put their own, as well as their family’s, recipes.

chocolate figs for mother's day

Chocolate Figs

Chocolate and figs sound like a sweet and savory, yet simple, Mother’s Day gift for your neighbor.

Mother’s Day Wine Glass

Why do moms complain? They don’t – they wine. Pair this with a nice bottle of wine for a thoughtful Mother’s day gift your neighbor will love.

popcorn sample pack assorted

Popcorn Sampler Pack

For many holidays, popcorn is a popular gift. This yummy popcorn is not like the tins of popcorn typically given as gifts and your neighbor will enjoy sampling each one of the flavors.

Chance Made Us neighbors Candle

You may have been neighbors by chance, but you are friends and rely on each other for all your complaining needs.

“Believe there is good in the world/Be the good” Shirt

Sometimes it is difficult to see the good in the world anymore, give your neighbor this simple reminder.

This kind of gift is both special and simple, a potholder and a cookie mix, but the potholder having their name on it makes it more special.

bath and body set

Natural Bath and Body Spa Set

As little as your neighbor has the chance to spoil herself, she needs a nice natural bath and body spa set that will help her give the push to do it more often.

Best Neighbors Ever Doormat

Another reminder that you love your neighbor. This is a funny way to show that you’re thinking of her and appreciate living next door. Get it in a color that matches their house!

Cat Mom Coffee Mug

Is your neighbor the one who has a lot of cats, she just might be the cat mama of the neighborhood, but she still needs the appreciation this Mother’s Day.

Good Neighbors Personalized Cutting Board

Neighbors are the best. When you need something, like some butter or eggs, they are there for you!

Personalized Wood Spoon

Cooking tools seem to be one of the biggest themes, but they can be one of the warmest gifts you can give at the same time.

“Home sweet home” Pillow

Their home is a sweet home to them, and this pillow is perfect to make it even cozier.

“Best. Neighbor. Ever.” Travel Mug

She is the best neighbor ever, and also the best mom you know besides your own. Let her know you think so!

“You’re the cheese to my cracker” Cheese Knife

You two are yin and yang, cheese and crackers!

“Get off my lawn” Shirt

If she doesn’t like people on her lawn, or just wants to be funny, this “Get off my lawn” shirt is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

“Like a good neighbor, stay over there” Wood Sign

A joke, or perhaps a serious notification to other neighbors.

Personalized Wine Tote

Every mom needs a personalized wine tote for their wine, right?

Mother’s Day is a touchy day of the year for some, and the biggest holiday of the year for others. Make sure your neighbor doesn’t get left out of the celebration.


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