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20 New Job Gift Ideas For Your Husband

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Your new husband is taking the plunge into a new job and you want to get the perfect gift so he’ll feel loved and supported. These gift ideas will send him off on the right foot, ready to conquer office politics and steep learning curves. Let your husband you know they are their biggest cheerleader and give them a gift to put a smile on their face.

Encouraging and Fun New Job Gift Ideas for Your Husband

New Job Book

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This is the gift you get before he starts the new job. It has tips on ways for someone to get settled in a new position easily.

Wireless Car Charger

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Having a phone doc in the car for hands-free use is really helpful during a commute, especially if your husband is starting a more demanding job. This one also charges his phone wirelessly while it’s on the stand.

Business Card Holders

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New business cards? New business card holder. This one is classy and can be customized with your husband’s initials.


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If he has a good sense of humour (or at least you do) then this makes a great gag gift. It’s just a potato that you can get to say anything you want.

Coffee Warmer

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I have one like this at work and it’s the greatest invention of all time. If, heaven forbid, you need to work for a bit your coffee will stay warm while it anxiously awaits your return to relaxation.

Stress Relief Putty

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Sometimes new jobs can be stressful – help your husband combat that with some stress relief putty to play with.

Wooden Desk Calendar

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A cool, but also practical, desk accessory. Everyone at his new job is going to be jealous when they see the calendar he brings to work.

New Job Gift Basket

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Food is always a good gift to give. This gift basket is filled with congratulations and tasty treats your husband will hopefully share with you.

New Job Mug

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You always need a new mug to take to your new job. How about getting him a new job mug? It’s official.

Grooming Set

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You know your husband best so get him something that he’ll enjoy. A gift like this beard grooming set is going to help him look and feel his best when he starts the new job.


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It’s important to look professional and organized, but especially so when starting a new position. This will arrange all his papers, cards, pens, and other accessories.

Desk Bowling Game

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Sometimes you have to take a break so you can be more productive. Help your husband hone his finger bowling skills by picking up this fun desk toy.

Custom Nameplate

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If the new job comes with a desk and a title a custom nameplate will make him feel even more important.

Collar Stays

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These collar stays can be custom made with any coordinates you want. Pick something special to the two of you and you’ll never be too far away. Especially nice if your husband has to travel for his new job.

Wine Bag (add wine)

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Nothing better says “congratulations” like getting a bottle of wine to share with your husband. Celebrating with loved ones is the best gift!

Funny Pen

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If your husband doesn’t like to share his stuff, or has problems with people stealing his pens, then this might be the perfect gift. It is for him, not any of those peasants, to use.

Satellite Radio

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Help make the commute a little bit shorter by getting your husband satellite radio to listen to in the car. This is especially great if the new job is a longer commute.

Personalized Desk Organizer

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The best part about this custom desk organizer isn’t that it will keep your husband’s things nicely organized. It’s that you can add a photo to it of the two of you so he can be reminded of your love while he works.

One Week Job Project

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Calm your husband’s nerves about the new job or give him something fun to read at the end of a workday. This book is about a guy who spent an entire year working a new job each week.

Smart Watch

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Sometimes the little luxuries can make life easier. This way he can stay more productive at work and at home, and look stylish at the same time.

Congratulations to your husband on his new job!

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