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Christmas Presents for 16-year-old Boys

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Teenage boys can be tricky to shop for around the holidays. Don’t worry, we have you covered! All of these Christmas presents for 16-year-old boys are perfect for holiday gift-giving and gift ideas teen boys actually want.

Christmas presents for 16-year-old boys

Hopefully, these unique gift ideas for teenage boys will, at the very least, spark some inspiration for your Christmas gift-giving and set you on the path to giving gifts he’ll love.


Noise-canceling headphones

Teenagers always love a new pair of headphones so make sure your Christmas presents for 16-year-old boys include a nice pair. If you can’t afford airpods, opting for nice noise-canceling ones is a safe bet. 

Best Christmas for 16-year-old Boys

ampr Battery Case

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We all know 16-year-olds are on their phones non-stop. This means if their phone dies, you can’t get a hold of them. This ampr battery case is a phone case with a built-in battery that keeps their iPhone charged throughout the day.

Book of riddles

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Riddles are fun to solve and an excellent way for 16-year-old boys to use their brains. It can also be something the family can do together!


Magic pennies

These magnetic pennies defy gravity! At 16, he might be too old for toys, but that doesn’t mean he still doesn’t want to play sometimes.


Funny t-shirt

There’s something about teenage boys that makes them gravitate towards funny graphic tees. Check online for choices and get something that’s really “him” for a great Christmas gift.


A nice bag

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What you choose here will depend on the 16-year-old boy’s interests. Maybe he needs a new sports bag, a backpack for school, or a nice overnight bag for family trips. 


The latest video game

Most teenage boys play video games even if they’re not big “gamers.” If you’re not sure what he would like, opt for a game store gift certificate and get the clerk to load it with the cost of a new game.


Hygiene products he’ll actually use

Christmas usually means department stores filled with pre-packaged bath gifts. They’re not awful, but make sure to get a teenage boy something that he’ll actually use and won’t go to waste.


Cool art

People overlook 16-year-old boys too often when it comes to buying stuff for their rooms. Get him some cool art for his birthday that he can display and enjoy.


Teen cookbook

It’s important that teenagers approaching adulthood learn how to fend for themselves. Part of that is cooking, so get him started with a teen-friendly cookbook. Make sure the recipes inside are things he’ll actually want to eat, so he uses it!



If he’s been dying to play a certain instrument, 16 is a great age to get started. Bundle it with, or ask someone else to buy lessons for an amazing teenage boy Christmas gift idea. 


Funny books

Sometimes it can be tough to get teenage boys reading. Getting him a funny book, like this one from a popular webcomic artist, is a great way to have some laughs and some reading time.



When it comes to Christmas presents for 16-year-old boys, you just can’t go wrong when it comes to snacks. 


Advanced board games

These “Euro” type games go further than your standard family board game. There are so many options out there, and it’s a great way to bring family or friends together with a teenage boy in a more “mature” way.


A winter hat

It is Christmas, after all! Give him a stylish winter hat so he’ll actually want to wear it. 


Hobby accessories

Find out what the 16-year-old boy you shopping for does for hobbies and pick up some accessories for it. Art supplies, guitar picks, and sports equipment are great options.


A great book

In some cases, you need to know a little bit about the teenage boy you’re shopping for to get a book. Most teen boys enjoy things to do with war and history, though.


Go Pro

This is especially great if he’s into sports or making YouTube videos. A go pro is a sturdy video camera that you can take pretty much everywhere!


Comfy chair

Does he like to lounge around his room or in front of the TV? Get him a cool chair to hang out in. This one is complete with a cup holder and footrest for maximum relaxation.


Educational books

Sleuth out that teenage boy’s interests and get him some books related to it. Some examples are books on writing or how to draw or pick something outside the box like this vinyl art book. 


Really awesome shoes

Being trendy and stylish is almost essential in today’s society. If you have that kind of 16-year-old boy on your hand, get him some cool shoes like these custom Vans.


Hopefully, these Christmas presents for 16-year-old boys just took one more person off your “need to find a gift” list and moved them over to the “done” category. 


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