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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Boys

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Little boys are hard to shop for, especially on a “girly” holiday like Valentine’s Day. Get away from the pink hearts with these uniquely boy Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

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Lego Cupid

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What boy doesn’t love Lego? Get him something Valentine’s Day themed like this set.

Mommy is my Valentine

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Perfect for little ones, this cute shirt is perfect for him to wear on Valentine’s Day.

Love Monster

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All kids love books but boys especially like it when they involve monsters. This one, though, is not so scary!

Bath Bombs

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These kid-friendly bath bombs bubble up and reveal a special prize inside. The best part? They’re really gender-neutral so your boy won’t be disappointed.

Gift Basket

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Kids love gift baskets so get him something Valentine’s Day themed. They get treats, a small toy, and best of all – a stuffy!

Valentine’s Day Grow Eggs

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Put these little critters in water and watch them grow!

Valentine’s Day Airplane

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These are great if you have a lot of boys to shop for because they come in a pack of 12.

Star Wars Toy and Candy

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If your boy is like most he’s probably Star Wars obsessed. This Darth Vader plushie has a few treats attached for a cute Valentine’s Day gift.


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This custom Valentine’s Day gift is a super cute way to give something as simple as crayons.

Grow a Little Love Kit

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This kit comes with everything you need for your boy to grow a little love. Just add water and wait – you’ll get some charming greenery in no time.

Valentine’s Color and Draw

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Keep little ones busy on Valentine’s Day with this coloring and activity book.

Disgusting Realistic Heart

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Hearts are a Valentine’s Day tradition so get him something that’s more up his alley. This disgusting, realistic heart model is definitely more exciting than your standard holiday model.

Valentine’s Day Mailbox

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What better way to receive and store all their little Valentine’s Day cards than with this customized mailbox?

Lego Rose

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Even boys like flowers but this one is made out of Lego and that’s even more cool.

Mini Rubber Ducks

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A perfect addition to his Valentine’s Day bath, these adorable rubber ducks are covered in hearts.


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It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without the classic holiday treat boxes. Get him one with his favourite characters on it.

Dinosaur Love

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Dinosaurs are a hit with most boys so get him this one with a Valentine’s Day twist.

Heart Stress Ball

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This red heart is one that you can squish, squeeze, and toss around for Valentine’s Day fun.

Puzzle Cube

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This Valentine’s Day themed Rubik’s Cube is definitely going to keep him busy.

Superhero Gift Bundle

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Pack a major punch with this pre-made gift basket. It has the Avengers, which most boys love, and is jammed with cool Valentine’s Day gifts.

It’s not easy finding something that isn’t super feminine on Valentine’s Day but these gifts for boys are a great place to start.

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