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20 Welcome Home Gifts for Mom

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When mom goes away for awhile and comes back again, a gift is definitely in order. She’s your mom! However, knowing what to get her is where it gets extra sticky, so try some of the following ideas. She will love the thought you put into it! Make mom feel special from the moment she arrives home!

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Special Welcome Home Gifts for Mom

“Believe” Double-Sided Porch Sign

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An inspirational double-sided porch sign, like this “Believe” one, will give her a heartwarming sensation.

Pineapple Coasters

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Pineapple coasters are fun and light, and also keep her tables in great condition!

“May you leave here feeling even more fabulous than when you arrived” Pillow

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You want your mom and your visitors to leave feeling better than when they arrived, no matter if they felt good or bad when they got there.

“Welcome to our chaos” Rustic Sign

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When your house is a bit of chaos, your mom probably feels the need to warn everyone who sets foot in it!

“Mom” Necklace

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This mom necklace is so simple, yet so beautiful!

“Welcome to my happy place, expect a bumpy ride” Distressed Wood Sign

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While it is your mom’s happy place, it is a bit chaotic and bumpy inside your house!

“Come back with Diet Coke & chocolate” Welcome Mat

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For those days that she has just had enough, someone bringing her a Diet Coke and some chocolate could make all the difference in the world.

“Chaos coordinator” Candle

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Your mom is a chaos coordinator, no doubt about it. She runs a crazy household!

“Home is where your mom is” Painted Wood Sign

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Home is always where your mom is!

“Today’s goal: keep the tiny humans alive” Tote Bag

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Her goal for today is to keep everyone alive, and this tote bag could end up saving her sanity.

“Mom bod” Tank Top

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She has a mom bod, and no matter what that looks like for her, it is a beautiful one.

“It is well with my soul” Prayer Journal

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Help her keep peace in her heart with an “It is well with my soul” prayer journal.

Mom Roles in the Shape of a Heart Coffee Mug

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Moms have so many jobs and roles, and do so much for their families. This mug is one way to tell her that you see and appreciate all that she does.

“If I ever go missing, follow my kids. They can find me no matter where I hide.” Shirt

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You guys will never truly lose her because you have this innate sense of where she is!

“Mommy juice” Stemless Wine Glass

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Wine is mommy juice, and sometimes mommy needs that juice worse than others.

Floral Journal with Name

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She can write out her feelings, thoughts, and frustrations in her floral journal that even has her name on it.

“I workout. Just kidding, I chase toddlers.” Water Bottle

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Chasing toddlers is a workout in and of itself, and it’s important for her to stay hydrated while she does so.

“Mama llama” Tank Top

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This adorable tank top is great for working out or running around after the toddlers during warm weather.

“Needs wine” Medical Alert Bracelet

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Sometimes she needs that wine as bad as someone needs medicine!

“Bra off, hair up, sweats on, wine gone” Coffee Mug

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Home is her happy place because she can take her bra off, put sweats or pajamas on, pull her hair up into a ponytail, and pour herself a relaxing glass of wine to drink!

Welcome home gifts for your mom do not have to be so challenging! These ideas are awesome and depending on what she likes, you will find something that fits her well!

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