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This is a perfect idea for a destination wedding gift or for a honeymoon gift! Wrapping up cash in customized luggage tags is going to be my next unique wedding gift! Pinning so I don't forget.

Creative Cash Gift: Luggage Tags

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This item seems to be a very common destination wedding favour for guests, so I would caution against it as a wedding gift in that case.  That said, very few people these days seem to own nice individual luggage tags.  This is especially good if the couple has luggage listed on their registry.  If you’re like me, you generally travel with a duffel bag or a backpacking bag (a rucksack to the foreign English speakers).  Then you show up to the airport and you scramble to find a pen, because they’re never located next to the disposable luggage tags, or you leave your existing “Communist Airlines” or “Cheap Charter Airlines” tag attached until it falls off due to the following characteristics:

  • it’s made of paper,
  • it’s free,
  • it’s designed to be disposable and free marketing.

Enter the solution:

A Cash Gift in a Luggage Tag

Ordering from etsy, monogrammed leather luggage tags can be relatively inexpensive.  As always, when choosing to add monograms or anything with names, make sure to check with the couple regarding their initials after the fact!  Perhaps you’ll be lucky and unless they are deciding to become the “Awesomes” or another total name change, their initials would stay the same regardless. Another thing which I would caution against: Tags which display personal information on the outside – many people are security and personal data conscious and would not like to have their name and address displayed for the whole world to see.  Additionally, ones with the address permanently written on won’t be useful should they choose to move later on, which is fairly common for newlyweds. If you do go this route, try to ensure that the gift is opened before any honeymoon trips, so that they can start using them right away :-)  This would also be a great way to give a cash gift, especially if you would like the cash to go toward a honeymoon or future trip planned by the couple! Here are some that I fancy, from etsy; some of which you could even make yourself, if you happen to be talented like that.

Etsy: Bettina Designs
Etsy: Creative Mama 231
Etsy: Betina Designs


Etsy: Endlessly Elsie


Etsy: Leather Made Nice


The #1 Rule – ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS give a card.
A card with more words than just your name.  Read our tips on How to Write an Awesome Wedding Card.


Do you already own a non-disposable luggage tag that you like?  Would you like to receive a nice one as a gift? To see our full list of unique and creative ways to give money as a gift, please visit the Cash Gift Ideas page.

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