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Best Gift Ideas for a Chess Lover

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Do you have a chess lover in your life? These chess gift ideas will put them in check and might even be good enough to capture their hearts. At the very least they’ll delight an avid chess player during those times when they’re not working on their winning strategy.

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Winning Chess Gift Ideas for Chess Players and Enthusiasts

Whether you’re shopping for a king, queen, or any other chess piece (loved one), there’s something here for every chess fanatic! And your shopping will be as easy as capturing a lone pawn with your queen.

Chess Master Courses

These online courses from ChessMood can help improve the game of any chess player. Whether they’re just started out or serious about the game, there’s an online course for every skill level. Plus coaching from actual chess Grandmasters! How cool.

Good Luck Sock Men's Chess Socks, Adult, Shoe Size 7-12

Chess Themed Socks

They might just become a chess player’s new good luck socks! At the very least these chess-themed dress socks will add a little excitement to their wardrobe.

introvert but willing to discuss chess mug

Willing to Discuss Chess Mug

Sometimes we have to be honest. It’s nice when a coffee mug can do all the talking! Yep, “introvert but willing to talk about chess” pretty much sums it up.

Decorative Bookends Chess Bookends, Black Book Ends Heavy Book Supports, Unique Bookends Decor for Office Home Desk Bookrack, 7'(L) x4(W) x7(H), 1Pair/2Piece

Chess Piece Bookends

They can use them as decorative pieces or to keep all their chess-themed books standing tall. Either way, this rook and knight combo will look stylish in anyone’s home making it a great gift idea for chess fans.

Chess: 5334 Problems, Combinations and Games

Chess Book

If they need some books to put between those bookends start with something like this. It has some techniques for improving their chess game!

Big and Little Chess Piece Shirts matching for dad and baby gift idea for chess lovers

Big and Little Chess Piece Shirts

Are you looking for a baby gift idea for chess lovers? With this set the onesie has a pawn on it and the adult shirt features a king chess piece.

Chess piece earrings knight and rook Earrings

Chess Earrings

Give these as a gift for someone who loves chess, but also likes to look nice. They’re cute enough to wear every day but also look nice enough to wear out.

ThinkFun Brain Fitness Solitaire Chess - Fun Version of Chess You Can Play Alone, Toy of The Year Nominee

Solitaire Chess

Sometimes there’s just no one to play with. Help a chess player play with their only true adversary: themselves. This set has 80 solo chess challenges to hone their skills.

Chess Chalkboard Style Sign art print gift

Chess Chalkboard Style Sign

This would make a fun housewarming gift idea! “Live like a chess game, you won’t waste a movie” is written on this chalkboard-style print. Add it to a frame for a unique chess gift.

QuadPro Magnetic Travel Chess Set with Folding Chess Board Educational Toys for Kids and Adults, 2 Players

Portable Chess Set

For playing chess on the go! The board folds for storage with the pieces inside. Plus, the pieces are magnetic so they won’t fall if you need to move the game or are playing in the car.

Casual Men's Tie Necktie Gift, Chess Skinny Long Ties for Trade Meeting Conference

Chess Piece Tie

The simple chess piece inspired print on this tie makes it classy enough to wear to the office or a night out. It would be a great gift idea for a dad or husband who loves to play chess!

Chess Piece Planter

Chess Piece Planter

I mean, what else could possibly hold an plant or succulent as well as a rook? Fun decorative accents like this one make great chess gift ideas for a variety of folks.

A History of Chess: The Original 1913 Edition

A History of Chess

If they’re not already familiar with the history of chess this book is a must give! This is one of the most in-depth chess history books out there.

Chessboard Inspired Table Cloth

Chessboard Inspired Table Cloth

Not even the table is safe when it comes to chess fans! The next step is playing with the dishes and condiments at dinnertime.

Retro Analog Chess Clock Timer - Wind-Up Mechanical Chess Clock with Large Easy-to-Read Dials, No Battery Needed (Yellow)

Retro Chess Timer

There’s something so satisfying about hitting these retro chess turn timers that you just can’t get with the digital versions. If the chess fan in your life doesn’t already have one, consider an old school chess timer as part of your chess gift ideas.

Chess Fridge Magnet Set

Chess Fridge Magnet Set

This would be a fun gift idea for a spouse or roommate! Keep a game of chess going for when you enter the fridge, or just use the magnets to hang up important information.

Chess Board Art Print

Chess Board Art Print

This print is cool because not only does it look like a chessboard, it also has the coordinates for each square inside. Since you can print this one at home it would make a handy last-minute chess inspired gift idea.

Matty's Toy Stop Deluxe Large Chess (Indoor/Outdoor) Game with 6' King, 4' x 3' Game Mat with with Anchors

Giant Chess Game

A fun gift idea for kids or anyone who wants to play a giant twist on the classic game. The board is a mat that you could use as a décor piece on its own too.

Chess the queen goes wherever she wants funny t-shirt

Queen Shirt

Well, it’s true. The queen does go wherever she wants in chess. Give this shirt as a gift to a queen or anyone with a sense of humor.

Endgame: Bobby Fischer's Remarkable Rise and Fall book for chess lovers

Endgame: Bobby Fischer’s Remarkable Rise and Fall

You might not have heard of Bobby Fischer but the chess fan in your life likely has. He was a chess champion at 13 but descended into what might be described as madness in his later years.

Handmade Chess Set abstract modern pieces

Handmade Chess Set

If you really want to checkmate with chess gift ideas, consider something extravagant like this present. It’s a hand-carved designer chess set! It might be a bit pricey but this set is absolutely gorgeous.

Personally, I love to play chess, but I’m not very good at it. These chess gift ideas could easily be enjoyed by a casual player like me or someone who was a more devoted chess fan. Either way, you can probably cross a few people off your shopping list with some chess themed presents.

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