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Best Gift Ideas for The Jungle Book Fan

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20 The Jungle Book Gift ideas

Classic books and movies are older, but it doesn’t mean they are any less loveable. The Jungle Book was written in 1894, the animated Disney version premiered in 1967, followed (almost five decades later) by a live action Disney remake in 2016. Many other adaptations have appeared over the years, which is a testament to the timelessness of the story. Introducing our children to our favorite childhood books and movies is so fun. If your kids have gotten hooked on The Jungle Book, here are a few gift ideas for your animal-lover. These are the best gift ideas for The Jungle Book fan! 

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The Complete Jungle Book with Original Illustrations

the Jungle Book illustrated copy

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Perhaps a gift for you AND your child, a hard back book with the original illustrations is a gift that they (and you!) can enjoy for years to come.

Ornament with music

The Jungle Book Ornament gift idea

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Another gift to enjoy for years to come is a Christmas ornament. Everyone will enjoy pulling out this Mowgli and Baloo ornament and singing along to the “Bare Necessities” song it plays.

Throw Blanket

throw blanket Jungle Book gift idea for fans

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Throw blankets are great for any age. They fit well on a kid bed, they travel easily, and they are handy for building forts.

Little Golden Book

Disney little golden book Jungle book gift idea

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Child not ready for the original version? Start them off with a Little Golden Book! Classic versions of kid books, Little Golden Books don’t take out chunks of the stories, and the illustrations are fun and engaging for younger ages.

Alphabet Print

Alphabet print jungle book characters wall art

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Another room décor option, this one is also educational! A Jungle Book alphabet print is an adorable and creative addition to any room.


Jungle book care detail accessory

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Keep The Jungle Book with you always with a decal. You can place it on a car, wall or laptop and with the simple design, it won’t be too busy for any surface.

Backlit Clock made of Recycled LP

Backbit clock Jungle Book silhouette gift wall art decor

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If you’re in need of a unique gift, look no further. This Jungle Book clock is one-of-a-kind AND it’s backlit, so it tells the time and doubles as a nightlight!

Light Switch Cover

custom Jungle Book gift idea lighswitch cover

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What theme room is complete without a light switch cover? This cover features Mowgli and Baloo relaxing together and being BFF’s. A great addition to any room.


Jungle Book t shirt gift idea

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This cute “Bare Necessities” shirt comes in sizes from baby up to youth, so every sized kid can enjoy some Baloo gear! It’s not your everyday Disney t-shirt, either, so you’ll be sure to stand out in a crowd.

Character Socks

jungle book gift idea ankle socks

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Character socks are an inexpensive way to incorporate your child’s favorite characters into their everyday wardrobe without them wearing the same shirt all week.

Itty Bittys (Stuffed Animals)

Itty Bittys Jungle Book gift idea plush

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If you love tiny things, these Itty Bittys are for you. Stuffed Mowgli and Baloo are less than eight inches tall and ready for your kids little hands.

King Louie Playset

King Louie Jungle Book gift idea playset

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A little playset is a fun way to encourage imaginative play in your kids. This set is small enough for tiny hands and soft, too. Pair the playset with the movie or reading the book and it’s sure to spark their imagination!

Bagheera Playset

Bagheera jungle book gift idea playset

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Just like the King Louis set, if your child loves Bagheera, this is a starter playset that is sure to make them happy!

Deluxe Playset (with Baloo and Kaa)

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Round out the playset with the deluxe version that includes Baloo and Kaa! Some other characters are available without the playset. Put this set, the King Louie set, the Bagheera set, and the extra characters all together for a Jungle Book play day!

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Classic Disney movies will always hold a special place in our hearts. I would find it hard to believe if you can’t sing along to most of “The Bare Necessities.” The live action version did the original justice, which isn’t always the case, but it says a lot about the following of The Jungle Book! Encouraging your kids to love the classics will never let them down as they grow up. It will also allow you to relive some of your childhood favorites! hopefully you’ve enjoyed these gift ideas for the jungle book fan! 

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