10 Things You Should Absolutely Not Buy Your Boyfriend

10 Things You Should Absolutely Not Buy Your Boyfriend This Christmas

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Wondering what to get your boyfriend for Christmas? There’s plenty of gift guides out there full of things you should absolutely not buy your boyfriend, this Christmas.

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10 Things You Should Absolutely Not Buy Your Boyfriend This Christmas

Don’t worry; I’m not just going to tell you what not to buy. There are plenty of alternatives to these 10 bad gift ideas for your boyfriend that will make this the best Christmas ever. Just swap your bad gift idea for these.

Don’t: Buy your boyfriend cheap tech accessories for Christmas

It’s sweet when well-meaning girlfriends want to surprise their boyfriend with some video game or computer accessories. Unfortunately, if you don’t know the difference, what seems like a good deal is actually a cheap Chinese knock off.

Try instead: Go for the real, brand name thing

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If you’re not sure which to get, check with your local game or electronics store and avoid shopping online altogether. If you’re shopping online, make sure to read the reviews and remember that if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Don’t: Buy anything bacon-themed

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Yeah, yeah, guys love bacon, and it’s delicious. But this trend of bacon everything is so passé and lame. Your boyfriend doesn’t bacon-flavored anything, trust me.

Try instead: Unique or high-end seasonings

Instead of getting him some generic bacon stuff, opt for some excellent specialty seasoning blends. If he likes to grill, there’s plenty of high-end seasoning for meat out there in high-end grocery stores and mom and pop places. Or pick up something unique like this Japanese umami seasoning.

Don’t: Give him corny love books/keepsakes/memory books

Unless your boyfriend is really into this sort of thing, then most likely, all the money, love, and time you put into one of these is going to be tucked away and forgotten. Sorry, it’s sad but true.

Try instead: A picture of you both together

If he has a desk at home or work, then gift him a photo of you two together. Bonus if it’s a great memory for him. He’ll appreciate seeing you every day a lot more than the words you write in a book.

Don’t: Buy your boyfriend toys that are meant for kids

Yes, men are often kids at heart, but they’re not children. Even if your boyfriend is really into something (for example, Spiderman), don’t get him action figures made for kids unless he specifically collects them.

Try instead: Collectible figures made for adults

If your boyfriend likes to collect toys (figures), then this is what you want to get him. Even if he doesn’t, he might enjoy a statue or adult figure of his favorite comic book, movie, or anime hero.

Don’t: Give your boyfriend a phone case

Well, yet another example of “only if he says he would like one” here. Too many gift guides out there have phone cases, but really, once you have a case on your phone, you’re probably not changing it.

Try instead: Emergency phone battery pack

If you want to get your boyfriend a phone accessory that he can actually use, opt for an emergency battery pack. These things can come in handy, especially if he often spends the day out of the house. This would also make a great stocking stuffer!

Don’t: Get your boyfriend man scented candles

Or really anything that is a normal thing but aggressively MAN. He knows he’s a man. You know he’s a man. You guys can enjoy regular candles, and he can continue to be a man without these. Let’s be real here: if your man likes candles, he probably already has some.

Try instead: Some high-quality cologne for men

Rather than making his house smell like a man, make your man smell amazing with a nice cologne. Pick something he would like but also that you love because you’ll be enjoying it as well.

Don’t: Choose themed Monopoly for your boyfriend’s Christmas gift

On whichever side of things, whether he likes to think it’s themed after or if he likes to play board games, novelty games are not for him. In the case of Fortnite Monopoly, for example, if you like Fortnite, you just want to play the game, and if you’re into board games, you either own or don’t even like Monopoly.

Try instead: Themed “Euro” style board games

If you want to get your boyfriend, a themed board game, don’t just go for the “label slapped” version of Monopoly. Instead, look for dedicated board games that are designed for teens and adults.

Don’t: Get him a video game you


he’ll like

If your boyfriend is a gamer, you’re probably tempted to get him a video game. It’s pretty thoughtful if you know what he has and what he would want, but not so much if it’s not your thing. If you don’t know precisely what he’d like, pass on this gift idea.

Try instead: A new controller

Assuming you know enough about your boyfriend to know what console he plays (feel free to go check right now), you could get him a new controller instead of a game. Gamers tend to wear their controllers out, and it’s nice to have a spare when friends come over, or significant others want to play 2 player.

Don’t: Get him something


because a character he likes is on it

Yeah, that cutting board has Yoda and a quote on it, but does your boyfriend want or need a cutting board for Christmas?

Try instead: Something from the fandom he’d actually enjoy

If you want to run on the theme of his favorite series, show, movie, book, etc. then really ask yourself if the gift you’re giving is 1. Actually, a reference to the fandom and 2. Something your boyfriend would love. If you need some help, check out our geeky gift guides or ask online fandom groups.

Don’t: Give your boyfriend cheap car accessories for Christmas

I’m not talking about a new stereo he’s been eyeing off here. When I say cheap car accessories, I mean like those generic ones you see at gas stations and automotive stores or online. If your boyfriend hasn’t asked or hinted for a steering wheel cover/seat cover/coffee mug warmer for his car, don’t get him one!

Try instead: Satellite radio for the car

If your boyfriend spends time in the car often or has a daily commute gifting him a satellite radio system, and/or subscription, it is a great Christmas gift idea. If he’s not a satellite radio kind of guy, consider a Spotify subscription or car accessories that allow him to sync his phone to the radio.

I hope you have been inspired by these 10 Things You Should Absolutely Not Buy Your Boyfriend! Now you can get him something he will actually enjoy this year. 

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